What You Need To Know Before Trying A Colon Cleansing Enema

If you want to purge your colon of built up waste fast an enema is your best option. Unlike other nutrition based cleaning programs as it goes right to the source- the colon.

An enema is essentially liquid that is injected into the colon through the rectum. This is done using a bag that is placed higher than the body.

After the liquid is injected it is held for a few minutes to allow it to loosen and cleanse the feces and toxins in the colon. It is then released and expelled back out through the rectum into the toilet.

How Often Should You Use An Enema

This procedure can be done once, or a few times in order to make sure that the colon is clean. You can tell when you've fully cleansed your colon when the fluid expelled is relatively clear. Sometimes the liquid only loosens the feces and it may take a few days for all of it to exit the body. The liquid used for an enema should be warm, at about body temperature. This is for comfort, and so it does not shock the bowel or damage very sensitive tissues.

The enemas can contain herbs, or other more exotic ingredients that are known to help the colon. These specialty enemas can enhance the process of cleansing and healing that water alone can not do.

If you're planning on giving yourself the enema there are products called colema boards which fit unto the toilet and have the rectal tip built into them. This is for comfort and safety, especially if you are doing the enema alone.

Tips for using enemas

1. Make sure you are healthy enough to use an enema. If you have ulcers, bleeding or an obstruction of the bowel an enema could make things worse. Consult your doctor before attempting to use an enema.

2. Make sure you use sterile equipment. Always make sure you clean all equipment thoroughly between each use. If you do not you can cause contamination, and you will be putting that directly into your body. Sterilize with extremely hot water and germicidal soaps.

3. Use clean water. Make sure you are using clean non contaminated water. If you are unsure, then boil it for at least ten minute fore using it. Make sure it is body temperature before use and allow it to cool off.

4. Make sure you are drinking everyday. Enemas can be used in conjunction with herbal colon cleanse's, but this can lead to dehydration so make sure you drink plenty of water.