Tips For Getting Rid of The White Coating on Your Tongue

Today a reader asked about how to get rid of the white coating on your tongue…

“All my life I have had bad breath, a white coating on my tongue and a dry, terrible taste in my mouth. I am doing the master cleanse right now, in day 5 and I still have the heavy white tongue coating and a bad taste in my mouth. Will that go away with the 10day master cleanse. I go to the dentist often and do the Neti pod sinus irrigation so I can narrow down the reason for the bad breath. I thought that this might help my problem Please advise!”

I’ve dealt with the white tongue myself, so I know where you’re coming from, and I think I can help.

First off, yes, the Master Cleanse can help you get rid of the white coating on your tongue. The first few days on the cleanse you’ll be purging your body of the easy-to-get-at waste. After that’s out the way it will go to work on the more deep rooted pockets of waste that have built up in your body over the years.

It’s these later days in the cleanse that most people start to see their tongue restored to a nice healthy pink color.

Here’s some more tips for getting rid of the white coating on your tongue

Drink green tea: Green tea will help eliminate the bacteria in your mouth

Don’t use alcohol based mouth wash: Over drying your mouth with alcohol based mouth wash will only make the problem worse

Scrape your tongue: The master cleanse will get to the root of the problem, but in the mean time you can get rid of the existing coating with an inexpensive tongue scraper

Oil pulling: This is one of my favorites, and it can do more than just get rid of the white coating on your tongue. It can actually help detox your entire body, and it’s easy to do. All you have to do is take cold pressed, organic sesame seed oil (non-toasted) and swish it around in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. The results from oil pulling can be astonishing, but keep the following in mind…Don’t gargle the oil. You want to swish it around your mouth and tongue and pull it through your teeth. DO NOT SWALLOW THE OIL! It’s filled with bacteria.When you’re done spit it out, and rinse your mouth out with water.

Invest in a water filter: You want to make sure you’re removing as much bacteria as possible from your drinking water.

If you follow this advice, you should see the white coating on your tongue vanish in a few weeks.

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  • Brush your tongue with hydrogen peroxide. Then gargle with if for a few minutes.
    It will foam and bubble on your tongue. You may have to brush again and you may have to do it every day for awhile until the detox takes care of it.
    Obviously don’t swallow it.
    Works well and it’s inexpensive.

  • Use hydrogen peroxide mouthwash.

  • Good day, my husband was diagnose with Motor Neuron Disease 18 months ago. His hands, fingers, speech and swallowing get worse every day. Its difficult to swallow liquids and food. 8 weeks ago he had an operation to put a PEG in his stomach for tube feeding. His feeding include 6 x per day a Protein plus multi fibre and also a mix (home cook of meat/chicken/fish, potatoes, veggies, fruit, fruit juice, milk, olive oil, eggs, clucose power and a nutrition supplement. His weight drops from 82kg to 54kg – he is very weak after the operation and struggle a lot with mucus (flem/saliva) – he try not to swallow it. He suffer with white/yellow choating on his tongue. Can you help please

  • A white tongue is a sign of pathological dampness according to traditional Chinese medicine and bad breath stems from excessive heat or phlegm in the stomach. Scraping your tongue will only work if you have stomach yin deficiency which is the result of years of stomach heat. Investing in a water filter is unlikely to help and the master cleanse may assist but generally these things can only be averted by adopting an individual diet and lifestyle plan provided by a qualified homeopath, naturopath or with traditional Chinese medicine and herbs. There was a post about excess yeast and this translates directly to the tcm theory of dampness. The bad breath indicates that it is in the stomach organ.

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  • I start taking vitamins in the form of brewers yeast. I noticed after about a week of use that my white tongue was gone and my tongue looked normal again. I thought I might have thrush but that is only if you have “patches.” I had an even film of white coating that got worse after a night of drinking so my educated guess is that my white tongue is caused by either dehydration or vitamin deficiency. More likely the latter as when I drink a lot of water, I notice no difference in my tongue.

  • Is this diet safe for diabetics? I can see the syrup maybe what keeps your carbs up. But can a diabetic sustain on this diet for a week or so? Can this help me lose 40 pounds and restore my glycemic index to where I should be? I take pills will this interfere with my daily regiment?

  • Im 11 so I’m confused by this. All I wanna know is haw to get rid of my bad breath.

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