Some People Call It The Master Cleanse - It's Also Known As The Lemonade Diet, Or 10 Day Cleanse, And If You're Willing To Give It a Try I'm Sure It Can Work Wonders For You Just Like It Did For Me

Growing up I was not in the best of health. I was raised by a single mom who did the best she could, but often was so busy that at least one meal a day was take out or fast food. For snacks I would eat chips and soda.

As a result I was overweight as a kid. Actually I was obese. I remember my pediatrician telling my mom that if I kept gaining weight at my current pace I would likely not live to see 35 years old. As a result I was put on a diet, but after a few weeks of trying to keep me on a healthy diet eating in our house went back normal.

I was about 100 pounds overweight by the time I was 19 when I decided to take massive action, and finally lose weight. You might be wondering what was it that would drive a 19 year old to finally go on a diet. Was it good health? No. I was girls. It might not be the most noble reason, but for a teenager it was a powerful motivator.

I did the thing everyone tells you not to do to lose weight. I slashed my food intake to about 600 calories a day, and boy did I lose a lot of weight. 11 pounds in the first week. Close to 70 pounds after 3 months. But it was taking it's toll.

I was famished, sleeping about 11 hours a day, and I was light headed.

My current 600 calorie a day diet was not good for me so I decided to eat a healthy 2,500 calorie a day diet, which for a guy like me who likes to workout, and lift weights should be perfect. But the only problem was the 3 months spent starving myself had lowered my metabolism, so when I starting eating a "normal" diet I still ended up gaining weight (about 35 pounds).

That weight loss attempt taught me a valuable lesson. I learned to never jeopardize my health in pursuit of good health. It sounds like common sense, but every day I see people taking drastic, even dangerous measures to achieve good health. Even with the Master Cleanse there are people who stay on this restrictive diet for longer than a month!

Today, I'm proud to say that I have lost weight, and I am healthy. I did it by using the Master Cleanse for what it's intended for - to purge unhealthy waste from my body, and help break unhealthy eating habits.

The Master Cleanse can help with a number of health problems, but it's not a magic bullet, I like to think of it as the first step that can put you on the path to a healthy lifestyle

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