Internal Cleansing Starts At The Colon


The colon is your body's waste processor. If it's not performing at 100%, or it's bogged down because you're diet is not "colon friendly" internal waste can back up causing your insides to be flooded with fecal material.


The colon has a tough job. It has to expel the majority of toxins and wastes from our body. During the process of digestion our colon absorbs water and nutrients from the foods we eat. Without a properly function colon your body can get stopped up and the toxins that are supposed to be removed from the body seep back through the colons lining. These toxins seep into tissues and the blood stream.

This is referred to as leaky gut syndrome.

These toxins can build up in the intestinal walls and make them even less efficient. In addition these toxins can build up in organs and organ systems. A sluggish or poorly functioning colon can result in problems such as poor digestion, body odor, bad breath, skin problems, nervous system problems, joint pain, hair loss, weight gain, sexual dysfunction and certain kinds of cancer.

An Unhealthy Colon Is Like A Clogged Drain

If you have ever had a clogged drain you know what a pain it can be. Sticky residue builds up and what ever particles pass through the drain are caught and make the clog even larger. This continues until no more water can pass through the drain. That's when you go to the store and buy drain cleaner to break up the clog and restore the flow of water.

The same thing can happen with your colon. Waste gets stuck on the sides of the colon and putrefy. This causes yeast growth, an unbalanced ph, and a reduction of helpful bacteria.

How You Can Cleanse Your Colon

You have a few options for "unclogging" your colon.

One is a colon cleansing kit. These kits contain herbal supplements, minerals, and vitamins to help cleanse the body and unclog the colon.

The herbs they contain usually are mild natural laxatives and cleansers that help clean out your colon and get toxic buildup to safely pass out the body. You have to be careful and buy the right kit for you and your needs. This will help you pick out the best colon cleansing kit

The next option is an enema. This consists of a bag of water (or some other liquid mixture) and a tube that is inserted into the rectum. The water flushes and breaks up stool and toxins that are stuck in the colon and help them to be expelled back again through the rectum.

If you don't want the discomfort of an enema, or the expense of a colon cleaning kit you can use natural products to cleanse you colon. These can work just as well as any colonic or kit, and I highly recommend you give these a try before using any other cleaning methods.

For a slower, but still effective, colon cleansing, try eating a colon friendly diet. Cutting down on meats and increasing fiber, fruits and vegetables, and drinking lots of water can help flush the colon and keep it healthy over the life span.

Any one of these strategies can be used to cleanse the colon and body of built up toxins. A Master Cleanse is another way to cleanse your colon and detox your entire body. It uses a lemonade fast along with salt flush and herbal laxatives to fully clean out your system. It's a great jump start to obtaining and maintaining colon health.

You can't have a healthy body without a healthy colon . One does not exist without being connected to the other. Start today to keep your colon clean and your body healthy.

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