For Long Term Health You Should Practice Natural Colon Cleansing

If you have decided to do a colon cleanse and do not wish to use a kit, there are items in your home and local grocery or health food store that you can utilize for a good flush of your system.

It is not recommended that you use these for over thirty days before giving your system time to renew and heal. Just because you do not see results right away does not meant that a particular cleanse is not working. Try to use each of these either individual or in small combinations. If you use a lot of products all at once, you will not really know what is working, what is not working, or which item may be giving you unwanted side effects or results.

Make Sure You Drink Pleanty Of Water

Start slow at first so not to over tax your colon and body. Remember many of these items are laxatives so stay near a toilet and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help you body detoxify. Fresh water is one of the greatest detoxifiers you use to cleanse your body. It helps clean out your digestive system as well as other organ systems such as your circulatory, and lymph systems.

Here is a list of different items that are commonly used in a colon detoxification.

Alfalfa is a fibrous plant and the stems and leaves are a great source of fiber. They help bulk up your stool. It also provides chlorophyll and silicon to the body. You can take in tablet or capsule form. This can produce gas so be aware.

Apple Cider Vinegar. This helps flush the system and also helps restore your body's ph. It also helps your electrolytes come into balance again which is important for proper heart health. This can be drank everyday.

Apple juice can have a laxative effect. It also provides pectin which holds water in your system. Apple juice is a good source of potassium

Bentonite Clay attracts toxins in the body as it passes through your colon. It can absorb and hold many times its weight in toxins. This is usually in a colloidal suspension.

Cod Liver Oil has been around a long time as a cleanser. It makes the gallbladder contract and release bile which helps in digestion. It is also a colon lubricant. It contains good amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D.

Dulse which is also known as kelp helps in the action of the thyroid gland as it cleanses your system. This helps blood circulate better and remove and deposit toxins around the body more efficiently. Dulse usually comes in tablet form.

Flaxseed significantly bulks up your stool. It can also help health the colon from damage done by sluggish moving stool and is a soothing emollient.

Garlic is considered a blood purifier and helps rid the colon of parasites.

Psyllium seed is a great stool bulking agent. It can break up stool from the mucous lining of your colon and so is an excellent cleanser as well. No good colon cleaning is complete without a daily dose of psyllium. This can be mixed with juice or taken in capsule form.

Whole Beet Juice Concentrate is an excellent laxative and is a colon cleanser as well.

Remember to drink plenty of water and keep you colon well lubricated. A teaspoon of olive oil daily is a good way to keep lubricated.