Master Cleanse Reviews Of The Most Popular Master Cleanse Products

This review is going to cover the most popular Master Cleanse products.

The following books, online programs, to-go products, and kits are what we’re going to go over:

The Master Cleanser: With Special Needs and Problems by Stanley Burroughs Review

master cleanser book

This is the book that started a natural health revolution. And yes, there is an “er” at the end of “Cleanser” in the title.

Many are surprised that the original Master Cleanse was not intended as a way to lose weight. Stanley Burroughs was a naturopath. A naturopath is a person who “practices naturopathy, a drugless system of therapy based on the use of physical forces such as heat, water, light, air, and massage.”

During his lifetime, Burroughs wrote two books which have become popular manuals for those practicing alternative medicine. One of these books is called Healing for the Age of Enlightenment.

His next book The Master Cleanse Diet with Special Needs and Purposes is the book we all know him for.

Most people are more familiar with the plan for the Master Cleanse Diet because it was popularized by celebrities like Beyonce Knowles and Robin Quivers who used the Cleanse to lose extraordinary amounts of weight in a very short time.

In the forward of this book, Burroughs says, “I present this book so that you can help yourself and others make the most of this work and know that it is the finest of knowledge in healing.”

In fact, Burroughs goes on to explain he devised the Master Cleanse Diet as a way to heal stomach ulcers. He indicates in his book a close friend was a test case on the diet and indeed his ulcer was completely gone after 10 days on the diet.

While Burroughs does acknowledge the diet can hold the possibility of weight loss, this was never the sole intent of his diet plan.

As one reads his book, you will begin to notice the actual diet plan is only a small portion of the book. Most of the book is taken up in discussion about how toxins cause the majority of human sickness and the way in which to properly “come off” the Master Cleanse fast.

Burroughs provides meal plans to follow when you first start eating solid food again as well as recipes for healthy meals. While common knowledge of Burroughs’ Master Cleanse Diet can make you think he was a diet fanatic, the Master Cleanse was actually created by a doctor of alternative medicine who was looking for a natural way to heal stomach ulcers and other digestive disorders.

His original book does not claim to make one skinny or happy, only healthy, which he obviously felt was the best way to be. While Stanley Burroughs’ book is historically significant a lot has changed since he published it many decades ago.

It’s worth reading if you enjoy natural health history, but if you want to learn the easiest most effective way to do the Master Cleanse, you won’t find it in this book.

You can find the The Master Cleanser: With Special Needs and Problems by Stanley Burroughs on Amazon

The next review is The Complete Master Cleanse book by Tom Woloshyn...

The Complete Master Cleanse Book: A Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing the Benefits of The Lemonade Diet by Tom Woloshyn Review

This was one of the first books that tried to expand on what Stanley Burroughs taught in the original Master Cleanser book.

At the time it was published it was an innovative, but according to Amazon it doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2009. As someone whose life revolves around staying up to date on the latest health and wellness research, I can tell you a lot has changed since 2009.

The Complete Master Cleanse Book

There are innovative new ways we can use the classic Master Cleanse to lose weight even faster. We have ways of modifying the Master Cleanse specifically for anti-aging.

There are new techniques for reducing or eliminating side effects like hunger, headaches, and dizziness.

The Complete Master Cleanse by Tom Woloshyn also strays off the topic of cleansing and detoxing your body and gets into some pretty esoteric topics like “Spiritual Cleansing.”

As one Amazon reviewer put it…

“much of the book is devoted to other topics, such as parasites, using affirmations, and rambling condemnation of the conventional medical system in the U.S. (not that it doesn't deserve some condemnation). ;-)

You can find The Complete Master Cleanse Book on Amazon

Up next is a review of the Effortless Master Cleanse program…

Effortless Master Cleanse by Health Hacks Publishing

Effortless Master Cleanse covers

Effortless Master Cleanse is something I helped develop. After helping thousands of people complete the Master Cleanse I learned why some people succeed and others don’t.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking the Master Cleanse is an easy 10-day diet they can finish without much trouble.

They’re wrong.

If you don’t know what you’re doing the Master Cleanse can be very challenging.

When you know the tricks that are shared in Effortless Master Cleanse understand how to deal with aches, dizziness, and hunger you can sometimes experience on the Master Cleanse, then it becomes something you can relax and enjoy.

Effortless Master Cleanse has been completely updated for 2018. You might not think there’s anything new you could add to decades-old diet, but you’d be surprised.

The two most exciting updates are the “Weight Loss Cleanse” and the “Beauty & Rejuvenation Cleanse.”

After years of coaching people through the Master Cleanse I found more and more people were interested using it for weight loss exclusively.

The traditional Master Cleanse is great for dropping a couple pounds fast, but the high sugar content can be a problem - especially since many people hope to use the cleanse to break sugar addiction.

So I developed a Weight Loss Cleanse which is based on the Master Cleanse but tweaks it to help you lose the Maximum amount of weight.

Best of all hunger is even less of a problem with the Weight Loss Cleanse you’ll learn about in the Effortless Master Cleanse program.

There’s also a Beauty & Rejuvenation Cleanse that has people very excited.

Some many people realized after doing the Master Cleanse they look younger and more radiant. It’s not surprising. A build-up of internal waste eventually impacts your outer appearance.

When you use the Master Cleanse to flush out internal waste you revitalize your entire body inside and out. What you’ll find in the Beauty & Rejuvenation Cleanse are ways to enhance the anti-aging abilities of the Master Cleanse.

For example, you’ll discover ways a gently remove acidic build up in your pores that eats away at your skin. This can help firm up your skin and return your “glow.” Of course, you’ll discover how to complete the traditional Master Cleanse in the most comfortable way possible.

We occasionally offer a coupon code for as much as 30% off Effortless Master Cleanse. You can check this page to see if one is available

A Lemonade Cleanse To Go review is up next...

Lemonade Cleanse To Go Review

Lemonade Cleanse To Go is marketed as a hassle-free way to do the Master Cleanse using ready-made packets that contain:

  • - Organic Maple Syrup Powder
  • - Freeze-Dried Lemon Juice Crystals
  • - Organic Cayenne Pepper

The selling point is that you simply rip open a Lemonade Cleanse To Go packet, mix in some water, and you’re all set. I have three issues with this…

First, how hard is it to make the Master Cleanse lemonade from fresh ingredients? You squeeze some lemon, add maple syrup and cayenne pepper, then mix in some water and you’re done. You can even make an entire day’s worth at one time.

Second is the price. Amazon currently sells Lemonade Cleanse To Go for $39.95 for 18 servings. When you’re drinking at least 6 servings and sometimes more per day that can put the price of doing the Master Cleanse with Lemonade Cleanse To Go close to $200.

Third, I don’t trust freeze dried ingredients to do as good of a job at cleaning your body as fresh ingredients. Out of all the products mentioned here Lemonade Cleanse To Go is the worst in my opinion. Unless you’re in a weird situation in the middle of the Master Cleanse where you can’t take two minutes to make fresh lemonade, you should avoid this one.

You can find Lemonade Cleanse To Go on Amazon

The next review is LonoLife Master Cleanse Sticks...

LonoLife Master Cleanse Sticks Review

LonoLife Master Cleanse Sticks are similar to Lemonade Cleanse To Go. It’s another “no fuss” way to do the Master Cleanse using freeze-dried ingredients.

LonoLife sells for $18.99 for 15 servings on Amazon. So if you must use this type of product you should go with LonoLife over Lemonade Cleanse To Go simply because it’s more affordable, but if at all possible try to use fresh lemonade and only resort to these products in case of an emergency.

You can find LonoLife Master Cleanse Sticks on Amazon

The next review is the Maple Valley 10 Day Organic Master Cleanse Lemonade Detox Kit...

Maple Valley 10 Day Organic Master Cleanse Lemonade Detox Kit Review

Maple Valley sells one of the most popular Master Cleanse kits on the market. The kit I’m reviewing costs $91.64 on Amazon and comes with the following:

  • - 64 oz Grade A Dark Robust (formerly Grade B) Maple Valley Organic Maple Syrup in BPA-free packaging
  • - The Complete Master Cleanse book by T Woloshyn
  • - 8oz Organic compliant Selina Naturally Sea Salt
  • - Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper
  • - 1 Box Organic Traditional Medicinals "Smooth Move" Tea
  • - 1 Box Organic Traditional Medicinals Peppermint Tea

Most of the Master Cleanse ingredients are easy to track down. The one that gives people trouble is Grade B or Dark Robust Maple Syrup.

You can’t use a lot of grocery store maple syrup with the Master Cleanse because, frankly, a lot of it isn’t real maple syrup. It’s high fructose corn syrup with artificial maple flavoring.

When you buy a Maple Valley Master Cleanse kit, or a kit from another vendor you’ll probably pay a little more than you would buying the ingredients locally, but if you’re short on time and don’t mind spending a few extra dollars it’s a convenient way to round up most of what you need all in one shot.

The one thing you won’t get in a kit is fresh lemons. You’ll need to make a trip to the store for those.

A lot of people think $100 for a Master Cleanse kit is kind of pricey. The high-quality maple syrup you need to do the Master Cleanse is very expensive. When you subtract the cost of maple syrup the rest of your supplies only run about $20 bucks.

If you’re using the Master Cleanse to lose weight you should follow the “Weight Loss Cleanse” guide that comes with the Effortless Master Cleanse program because it replaces the syrup with metabolism friendly ingredients that don’t spike your blood sugar the way maple syrup does. Replacing maple syrup also makes the Master Cleanse significantly less expensive.

You can find Maple Valley 10 Day Organic Master Cleanse Lemonade Detox Kits on Amazon