Tips To Help You Finish The Master Cleanser Diet

Finishing the Master Cleanser Diet is not easy. For some people it will be the most difficult thing they ever do. Because of this most people never finish the entire cleanse.

But I'm not going to let you do that, because I'm here to make sure you succeed.

So take note of this, and don't attempt to start the Master Cleanse without following these steps...

First you need to whip yourself into a white hot frenzy

This should start at least 3 days before you go on the cleanse.

You can think of this step as the pre game warm up. You want to psych yourself up, and put yourself in a peek mental state. If you follow this advice you'll be at the point where you can't wait to start the cleanse.

This is an absolute must, most people starting the lemonade diet skip this part - They roll out of bed in the morning and decide that this would be a good day to start a 10 day detox. This is a recipe for failure.

Here's what you should do, starting at least 3 days before you actually go on the lemonade diet.

1. Mark your calendar for the day you intend to start the diet.

Use a big red marker. Take up the entire calendar if you feel like it, this is an important day and writing it down will help cement it in your subconscious. This will also act as a countdown -- something to look forward to.

2. Get yourself a brand new notebook, and write down all the benefits you will receive by going on this diet. Do Not Censor Yourself.

This is for your eyes only so write down all the ways your life will be better by finishing this cleanse. It can be physical things like weight loss, or abundant energy. It can also be emotional things like self confidence, or perhaps attracting love into your life. It can be anything as long as it's positive.

3. Plan activities for the free time you'll have while on the Master Cleanse.

It's important to keep yourself occupied so you don't think about breaking your diet and eating so make sure you have a full calendar of low impact activities like reading, movies, spa appointments, or anything else that's not too strenuous to keep your mind occupied.

Another tip: if you're going to read or watch movies try make sure they're uplifting stories about people who were triumphant under dire circumstances. That is if you're into that stuff, you can watch slasher films or professional wresting if that's what it takes to keep your mind off food.

4. Rid your house of all potential traps.

Okay it's the night before the big day, you should be itching to start this diet and make big changes in your life. But first you need to go through your house and get rid of anything that might sabotage your diet. I'm talking about food.

You can donate it, give it away, or toss it in the trash, but do not keep it your house. If you live with people who are not going on the cleanse with you tell them they will have to go eat elsewhere because for the next 10 days your house is to contain nothing but the required items for the diet.

Do not skip this step. You might think you have the will power to not eat that package of thin mint cookies now, but 7 days into the diet I guarantee them cookies will be calling out to you in your sleep, and having to look at them every time you go into the kitchen will be maddening. Get rid of all the food in your house, trust me on this one.

Don't underestimate the power of these 4 steps. For many people It's the difference between success and failure.

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