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From the home of Raylen Sterling:

The Master Cleanse is both a trying and rewarding experience. When you've finished your first Master Cleanse you'll not only feel incredible, but you'll be so proud of yourself for achieving such a worthy goal. I would like to help you get through the cleanse by offering you my free digital guide that will show you...

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  • What you'll need to finish the Master Cleanse - There's only a few key ingredients, but a lot of people slip up on this important step and lose most of the benefits of the cleanse
  • How to control hunger when you're on the Master Cleanse - HUnger is the number 1 reason people never finish the cleanse, with this advice you'll know the secret to controlling hunger (this works great for any diet)
  • How you can speed up the detoxing process so your body is eliminating toxin filled waste as quickly as possible
  • Why the most important part of finishing the Master cleanse happens 3 days before you start - Readers have told me they would have never made it through the Master Cleanse without this advice
  • Why staying on the Master Cleanse for more then 10 days could be dangerous for certain people - If your current health is questionable you'll defiantly want to read this
  • The things you need to avoid when you're on the Master Cleanse
  • How to exit the Master Cleanse - there's a proven process for exiting the Master Cleanse, and if you don't follow it you could be in for a very uncomfortable experience

Most of you won't believe until you experience it for yourself... Everything people are saying about the Master Cleanse is true! Right now people just like you are using the Master Cleanse to:


I feel better than I've felt since I was eighteen years old. I've just completed the Master Cleanse for the first time.

I'm not sure how I missed your program, since I've undertaken almost every diet/cleanser available. But this is definitely the best. Never weak. Never hungry. Never miserable.

On the second day I was on the Master Cleanse, I called my daughter who also began the program. She feels the same. We both plan to incorporate the Master Cleanser into our lifestyles.

~ Thank you. Dr. Venetta Whitaker

  • Flush away years of internal waste - Over time your body can store 20 pounds or more of this waste, with the Master Cleanse you can safely eliminate this waste and feel lighter and more energetic
  • Reduce or even cure chronic pain, even if you've suffered with it for years - If you have arthritis, sore joints, or other body aches the lemonade diet can help you
  • Lose fat, and crank up your metabolism - When your body is cleansed and healthy it will burn more fat. The lemonade diet can also help break even the worst junk food addiction in 10 days or less
  • Look younger and rejuvenate your appearance - wrinkles, dark spots, acne, and other skin conditions vanish
  • Restore your vigor and lust for life! - You'll sleep less and be bursting with energy


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The Master Cleanse only takes 10 days or less to work. It's helped people with everything from losing weight after pregnancy to sexual dysfunction. The Master Cleanse can even help with serious health conditions doctors have labeled "untreatable".

When you sign up you'll get my Feel Great in 10 Days guide, and receive the free e-course that's helped over 7,677 people with the Master Cleanse.

Author of the Feel Great In 10 Days guide

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