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Some People Call It The Master Cleanse - It's Also Known As The Lemonade Diet, Or 10 Day Cleanse, And If You're Willing To Give It a Try I'm Sure It Can Work Wonders For You Just Like It Did For Me


My name is Raylen Sterling, I'm the publisher of the Master Cleanse Secrets newsletter, and author of the Master Cleanse Secrets guide.

Growing up I was not in the best of health. I was raised by a single mom who did the best she could, but often was so busy that at least one meal a day was take out or fast food. For snacks I would eat chips and soda.

As a result I was overweight as a kid. Actually I was obese. I remember my pediatrician telling my mom that if I kept gaining weight at my current pace I would likely not live to see 35 years old. As a result I was put on a diet, but after a few weeks of trying to keep me on a healthy diet eating in our house went back normal.

I was about 100 pounds overweight by the time I was 19 when I decided to take massive action, and finally lose weight. You might be wondering what was it that would drive a 19 year old to finally go on a diet. Was it good health? No. I was girls. It might not be the most noble reason, but for a teenager it was a powerful motivator.

I did the thing everyone tells you not to do to lose weight. I slashed my food intake to about 600 calories a day, and boy did I lose a lot of weight. 11 pounds in the first week. Close to 70 pounds after 3 months. But it was taking it's toll.

I was famished, sleeping about 11 hours a day, and I was light headed.

My current 600 calorie a day diet was not good for me so I decided to eat a healthy 2,500 calorie a day diet, which for a guy like me who likes to workout, and lift weights should be perfect. But the only problem was the 3 months spent starving myself had lowered my metabolism, so when I starting eating a "normal" diet I still ended up gaining weight (about 35 pounds).

That weight loss attempt taught me a valuable lesson. I learned to never jeopardize my health in pursuit of good health. It sounds like common sense, but every day I see people taking drastic, even dangerous measures to achieve good health. Even with the Master Cleanse there are people who stay on this restrictive diet for longer than a month!

Today, I'm proud to say that I have lost weight, and I am healthy. I did it by using the Master Cleanse for what it's intended for - to purge unhealthy waste from my body, and help break unhealthy eating habits.

The Master Cleanse can help with a number of health problems, but it's not a magic bullet, I like to think of it as the first step that can put you on the path to a healthy lifestyle

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I'll also share some other health tips including how I lost weight the "right way", and more.


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