Using Hoodia to Control Hunger While on the Master Cleanse

Today I'm going to talk about one of the biggest problems people have with the Lemonade Cleanse It's dealing with the hunger pains of consuming nothing but lemonade for up to 10 days.

Believe me I know how hard this can be.

But the awesome feeling you get from completing the detox is totally worth it, but I have some secrets that I use to stop hunger in it's tracks.

Without this I would never be able to last more than 2 days on the cleanse.Here's my hunger stopping secrets.

There's a little know cactus that is grown in the Kalahari desert that is used by the natives to fight off the never ending hunger they face on a day to day basis while living in a part of the World where food is scarce. This cactus is called hoodia gordonii.

The extract from this little cactus tricks a certain part of your brain into thinking you're full, and all research shows there are no side effects. Until now 90% of the people going on the lemonade cleanse don't last 1 day because they can't stand the hunger, but thanks to this you won't be one of them.