High Dose of Vitamin C Being Used to Treat Cancer

There's a new cancer treatment involving Vitamin C. Some think it might even lead to a cure for cancer. It's Vitamin C.

The main stream medical community has traditionally shunned the use of readably available natural cures, in favor of evasive treatments and "patented drugs". That's not the case this time because a new cancer treatment called "Vitamin C Infusion" is now available.

Vitamin C Infusion works by taking a large intravenous dose of Vitamin C (equal to 500 oranges) and injecting it directly into the blood stream. The treatment won't work if the Vitamin C is taken orally because your body will pass most of it out through your urine.

You would think people like the The National Cancer Institute, with a $5 billion budget would be sponsoring studies of Vitamin C treatments for cancer right? Wrong! In fact most people are simply ignoring it all together despite the positive results people have obtained from the treatment. I think this narrow minded behavior is ignorant, and you would think if there's a new promising cancer treatment The National Cancer Institute would be obligated to look into it.

If you're interested in Vitamin C Infusion it's best to talk to your doctor about it. The price is around $100 - $110 per session, and as you would expect is not covered by most insurance companies.