What To Do After The Master Cleanse

So you’ve finished the Master Cleanse, and you’re wondering where do I go from here? Here’s a few tips on what to do after the master cleanse.

How you break a long fast is extremely important. You need to gradually ease your way back to solid food after having completed a couple of extra days of juices. You need to come of the Master Cleanse properly. Here is a schedule that works.

Days One and Two After Your Cleanse

Drink several glasses of fresh orange juice (8 oz) throughout the day. The orange juice will prepare the digestive tract to be able to once again properly digest and assimilate solid foods. Don’t gulp it — drink it nice and slow. If you have any difficulties during the transition increase the amount of water.

During the afternoon of day two prepare yourself some vegetable broth. This should not be canned soup that’s full of preservatives, rather make yourself some fresh homemade soup.

Days Three and Four
Drink orange juice in the morning, for lunch eat raw fruit, and at night eat fruit and/or vegetable salad. No eggs, fish, meat, pastries, bread, milk, tea, or coffee. Milk causes mucus and creates toxins in the body, and it’s known to cause problems in the stomach and colon…

Day Five
You are ready to start eating normally again. This will be your first day of a regular breakfast with solids. You should have your glass of lemon and eat fruit, vegetables, berries, or seeds for breakfast — nothing else. If you have gas or other digestive distress go back to day two and repeat days two, three, and four. You may have to do this a few times until your digestive tract is ready to process solid food again.

It’s highly recommended that you begin to take Probiotics after breaking your cleanse. This will replace the good bacteria that was removed when you cleansed the colon. The good bacteria keeps the gut balanced and it also produces Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12, and K. Don’t take the Probiotics while you cleanse. They’ll just get pulled out of your body.

During your cleanse is the time to start to retrain your brain about your eating habits. You’ve got a fresh slate, why not take advantage of it, and begin to live a healthier life, and what you eat is the place to start.

First of all you should eliminate all processed, refined, and fast foods from your diet. Justify them how you like but the bottom line is that they are not good for you.

Increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables you eat. You should have a minimum of 5 servings a day.

  • Replace all white flour products with whole wheat
  • Restrict your salt intake
  • Eat lean protein
  • Limit your dairy intake
  • Drink plenty of water
  • No soda and other sweetened drinks. Remember the juice on the shelf isn’t much better than soda. You want fresh squeezed juices.

Eating a healthy diet will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. It also means that your body will be able to better hold toxins at bay. Eating healthy will also help keep the weight you lost off.

Coming off the master cleanse just takes a few days. Follow these steps and you’ll be set.

Discover the safe way to lose weight fast with the Master Cleanse

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119 thoughts on “What To Do After The Master Cleanse”

  1. I did it 10 days and oh how I miss it now it’s been a month and I wish so much I would of went longer , life was so simple no worries about what to eat and what not to eat life was simple , I lost 12 pounds and have since gained 2 back I work my butt off at the gym eat healthy and yet no weight loss probably muscle weight , but on the cleanse I did 20-30 min workouts and boom weight loss no problem I had so much energy and good deep sleep , now I don’t sleep well and have little energy , I wish I could go back on it but I know it’s to soon but I do intend to go on again maybe in a few more months

  2. i’m on thyroid medicine do you stop taking that medicine when you’re doing the cleanse does anybody know or have any info thanks

  3. This cleanse is amazing. I only did 4 days, but lost 3 kg. I did it to cleanse my digestive tract and stopped because I’m thin and don’t want to lose even more weight. I do feel more vibrant, and sticking to just the lemon water during the day was easy, but I found the evening / nights really tough because I did get super hungry and had crappy sleeps. Kudos to those who managed 10 days, and even 40!!!

  4. I just completed 40 days of the Master Cleanse! I agree with the post that it is 90% mental and 10% physical. It’s an exercise in self control and it’s good to prove to yourself that you can do anything that you set your mind to do. I’m looking forward to better health and better eating – with more raw food. It feels so good to get around without the extra 15 pounds and great to see my feet again.

  5. Hi to all 🙂 I’ve been on the MC 14 days I lost 16 pounds, I’m hoping that my weight loss continues after because I’m weaning off today. I have to tell you guys I feel fantastic, a ton of energy, and such clear thoughts, I recommend whom ever does this cleans, follow each step to the teeeee and you will achieve your goals. your life style will become so much healthier with a vegan diet guys Lets Do It! I’m so proud, you’ll be too 🙂

  6. It’s easy, not difficult in the least. It’s 90% Mental, 10% Physically Difficult. After day 3 your digestive system stops, and you lose old anchored down pieces from here on out. Even transitioning, just do oj, homemade broth (or light homemade veggie soup). Just heed my warning: Don’t go pigging out when you can eat again! All of our #1 problems are portion control. We’ve gotten used to stuffing our faces without mercy. Change that IMMEDIATELY. Eat less, eat only organic and non-GMO, and experiment for a change. Try vegan for a little while, see how long you can go without salt or beer, start a new exercise regime, change your lifestyle, and don’t go back to your old unhealthy lifestyle. Lots of Fruits, Lots of Veggies, Whole Grains only, Good Oils (Olive, Sesame, Coconut, Sunflower), Zero refined bleached sugars and corn syrups. Good Luck!!

  7. I am on my 10th day and I have lost 9 pounds. I didn’t do the MC for weight loss I did it to detox and cleanse my digestive tract. I have really bad digestive issues and the things that I have experienced while on the MC is muscle aches and gas pains. I have had an increase in energy and I feel great minus the previous statement. I’m a fitness trainer and I know you are not suppose to exercise while on the cleanse and that’s probably where my muscle aches came from, but the gas pains was the worst I’ve ever had.

  8. I recently did the master cleanse. For my own “journal” and for others, I posted what I did after the master cleanse. I wrote about what I did wrong and what worked for me. You could check that out and reference it if you wanted? I’ve only got 3 posts on the blog, and don’t intend on writing more….but it’s cool to read about what other people do and what works for them. http://master-cleanse-journal.blogspot.com/


  9. I am confused a bit by this article. I finished the 10 days. No problems but only down 10lbs. Did the orange juice the 11th day. NP, down another 2 lbs. 12th day OJ and vegetable broth with raw veggies, down another 1lbs. etc. But the article says on the fifth day you are ready to eat a regular breakfast with solids……but “You should have your glass of lemon and eat fruit, vegetables, berries, or seeds for breakfast — nothing else.” First, it’s not a regular breakfast but more confusing to me is “have your glass of lemon”????? Are you supposed to have you glass of the lemonade concoction (with maple syrup and cayenne pepper) after the 10th day? I have not seen that mentioned anywhere. Can anyone clarify this for me, even if it is a bit late for me at this point.

  10. I am on day 7 and feel great I have lost 15lbs and feel so good I plan to go another 7 days and wein myself off!

  11. I just finished day 4. Yesterday and today….severe pain from back of knees to neck. Can’t sleep because laying down increases pain severely.
    I have been advised to wean off the cleanse and maybe try again in a month.
    I have history of motorcycle accident and surgery yo remove fibroid and R ovary. I may be experiencing clearing of the energetics of this, but I am also concerned about my kidneys.

  12. Mi-me,

    I really wouldn’t recommend the master cleanse as a method of losing weight – it’s great for shedding impacted-fecal-matter-weight but apart from that it’s only meant as a detoxifying tool… stick to a vegetarian diet afterwards and the weight will healthily continue coming off 🙂

  13. Hi Angie,

    If you don’t mind me asking, how much weight did you lose? And how tall are you? The reason that I am asking is because I am currently on the cleanse and I have not experienced any aches or pain.

    I am 5.4 ft. tall and I use to weight 160 lbs. Now, I weight 155 lbs. I am currently on day 8 of my cleanse. My goal is to stay on the cleanse until I get to 130 lbs. (which should be right on Thanksgiving).


  14. I am finished Day 10 of the MC…was contemplating 4 more days….Issue is I have been experiencing severe abdominal back & uterine pain for the last 4…..one reason I started this cleanse was to attempt to shrink my 12 cm fibroid…I believe I’m experiencing fibroid degeneration….that’s good and bad….I wanted to do 14 days but think I have to stop the cleanse due to the intense pain….Has anyone experienced anything similar??

  15. I did it! Made my 10 days today n Im very proud of myself! I soooo love food but I was tired of being unhealthy. I can’t wait to start eating again bu I understand that I have to juice it a few days. I wrote the break in down so I could follow it. Im super excited to do it again later but for now I will let my body rest. twice a yr should be good. like some….I didn’t read the actual book n wasn’t doing it right the first 3 days. I didn’t know I needed a laxative in the morning n one in the evening. I for it down now so im good! the salt water works the best! osyllium made me constipated. Im so excited to begin a new healthy life n of course cheat now n then with some fries, coffee, chips, cookies, n so on. But now I know the cleanse can help flush all the bad….ima do it more. Oh n I didn’t do the precleanse diet so now I know. it was super hard at first but the will power is sooo much more. Thanx for sharing your I for. it really helped me out. aloha

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