Losing Weight After The Master Cleanse

For most dieters avoiding their favorite foods is an epic battle of body and mind that you end up losing after a few days of fighting back the overwhelming desire to eat all those foods you know are bad for you.

I’ve got good news and bad news.

First the bad news. If you don’t get control over these urges you’ll probably never lose weight. If you’re forever at the mercy of these subconscious cravings for unhealthy foods then becoming lean and fit will never be more then an unfulfilled dream.

You might say to yourself – I’ll just workout extra hard to compensate for my poor diet. Here’s the catch. A steady diet of junk food you throw your body’s vital internal mechanisms into a state of chaos. The carbohydrate filled junk food sends your blood sugar soaring, which in turn triggers a hormonal dump to counter act the sky high insulin levels, and when your insulin drops like a stone you’re left with barely enough energy to pick of the remote and flip through the channels. That’s when you tell yourself you’ll just hit the gym extra hard tomorrow, which of course doesn’t happen.

If you want to succeed you’re going to have eliminate junk food from your life. You might think to give yourself a cheat day where you eat anything you want then eat healthy the rest of the week, but that cheat day usually turns in to 2 cheat days, then a cheat meal every single day, then it’s back to the McDonald’s drive through for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – and Taco Bell for a late night snack.

It’s best to just cut the garbage out of your diet all together.

And that brings me to the good news. You can do it without will power, or at least not the monumental amount of will power most dieters need to break a crippling junk food addiction.

On the sales page for my Master Cleanse Book I talk about how after you finish the Master Cleanse the real health benefits start to take affect, namely a natural shift away from unhealthy foods, and a natural craving for healthy foods.

This is a dream come true for everyone who’s suffered from yo-yo dieting, and as one Master Cleanse user tells us, you keep losing weight after the cleanse:

It’s me again. I still don’t have a scale but I weighed myself at my moma’s and I lost another four pounds since going off the cleanse in late February” and I am not even trying to lose! Someone told me the cleanses effects on your body change the way you process food. I seem to be proof. I have almost eliminated junk foods from my diet, so that is probably part of it. The Cleanse was one of the best things I ever did” even though I have to go buy new clothes now because mine are a size or two too big!! :) But who’s complaining!?


If food addiction has been sabotaging your weight loss efforts doing a 10 day master cleanse might be something to consider.

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  • Hi, I am on day 10! Although the first 3 days were hard due to cravings and slight headache, after that I felt energized, my skin soft, and my body lighter!! I decided to do the mastercleanse bc my coworkers were doing it right after new years and well decided to give it a try! And I love it! After I will continue with a more healthy diet, really do recomend it and wish everyone on it good luck.

  • Hello, I just completed 11 days of the Master Cleanse. Now I’m doing my 2 days of OJ! I lost 15 pounds even though I didn’t do this for my weight lost, but I do love it. I did this because of all the stress in my life I started having high blood pressure. After the third day of the MC my blood pressure has been normal and I feel great!

  • Hi, I’m on Day 3 of my second cleanse. I completed my first cleanse successfully in March of 08 and am looking forward to the same results.

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  • Today I am on day seven of the cleanse. I have lost 7 pounds and I have lots of energy. I had a headache on the first day and haven’t had any since. My skin is soft and but I am begining to develop a pimple on my face. This may be due to the toxins being released out of my body. I am so shocked that I have made it this far. I never thought I could have the mental courage to follow through. I started the cleanse to help clean my mind, body, and soul. I have achieved this. I am completely satisfied with my results. Losing weigh has been a bonus. I would not suggest that you do the cleanse for weightloss. That is not what it was intended for. It is to help cleanse the years of built up toxins in the body. Imagine what you have put into your body in your lifetime :(. It is a hard task but I am starting to not even crave junk food anymore. Day 1-3 was purely miserable for me. I kept thinking about food. It got better as the days went by but you still think about food. It is a mental challenge. Food takes control of our lives to often. I think that using Grade B Maple syrup makes a huge difference. I tried both Grade A and B and found that I had more energy on grade B. I highly suggest grade B! If you are thinking about doing the cleanse go for it! It is obtainable…coming from someone who loves food!

  • It’s my 6th day on Master Cleanse, I feel great and energetic.
    On my 3rd & 4th day I had headaches the 4 day was worse, if I coughed OMG or if I laughed my eyeballs would hurt. My friend and I started it together and we have motivations to keep on going. It is not that bad you just have to get a routine for everyday at the same time and everything will work out. I do not weigh myself, I feel it in my clothes I see it in my face, taste and smell. I vomited the salt water on the 2nd day, but I did not give up; you just have to drink it slowly thats all. The laxative tea early at night and the salt water at sunrise, by the time a go to work I am ready . You should try IT. You will not regret it. Lemonade taste good !
    Just to let you know I am 50 yrs. old.

  • Unfortunately, this would have been day 8 for me a few days ago. I developed a rash around my eyes, which from searching the web was suppose to be the bad toxins coming out my body. Well everyday the rash would get worse and worse. My eyes are still swollen and I look funny. I have a party to go to on Saturday so I decided to stop today and try to get myself back together. I’m a little upset because I let myself down by not finishing but I was close to it. I lost 6.5 lbs. Today I am drinking OJ and eating some crackers and it’s not irritating my stomach at all.

  • I am on the Master Cleanse right now and almost done with day 7. So far, I have lost almost 10 pounds which is very exciting and I’m starting to feel much better now that the toxins are exiting my body. I would recommend this to anyone. The only problem for me has been the hunger. Day 1-3 went very smoothly, but now that I’m so close to the end, all I want to do is eat. The plus side is that I’m not craving a hamburger and fries, I cannot wait to eat the brown rice and vegetables on day 13 of properly ending my cleanse. Day 14, I don’t even know what I’m going to eat. I’m just very exited to eat anything (with the exceptions of fast food and junk). 🙂 If you are on the cleanse, stay strong and believe in yourself! You can do it!

  • Today is the last day of my cleanse (10 days). It seemed to go a little smoother my sister-in-law and I did it together. We are really looking forward to using our teeth again. LOL! But seriously, I did not think that I was gonna get through the 10 days, because I am used to eating all day. The benefits are great my clothes fit better (I lost 15 lbs) my hair is shiny and so are my eyes. I am so glad that I did this. I will be doing it again in 3 months.

  • My last weigh in date was Halloween day, October 31, 2008. I was a solid 261lbs. Monday, November 10, 2008, I weigned in at 258.5lbs. I started the Master Cleanse Tuesday, November 11, 2008. Today, November 13, 2008 I weighed in at 251lbs. I’m certain this is mostly water weight. My goal weight is 180lbs. I haven’t seen under 200lbs since I was 15, I’m now 37 years old. I watched my boyfriend complete the Master Cleanse to lose his love handles. He was grumpy and locked himself in his bedroom for 3 days. I’ve been peaceful and excited. He had horrible bow movements and my bows have been pleasant and very timely. I take the laxitive tea at 8pm and it hits me around 5am the next day. Although, I’m not crazy about the “potion” (that’s my nickname for it), it’s not bad. Goes down smooth and very easy to mix. I’m more axious to get to the healthy eating lifestyle. I’ve recruited friends from work and at home to help me with my exiting process of the cleans. I know I’m only on my 3rd day, but I already see myself succeeding at finishing this 10 day process and kicking butt on my new life style. Check back with me next Thursday. That’s my last day of the cleanse. lol

  • I tried the MC just recently and only made it 2 days — I just could *NOT* stop gagging / throwing up. I prepared the drink correctly, and would drink a glass between 1-2 hours each. Unfortunately by the second day I was completely nauseous. With every sip I choked and gagged. Secondly, I hated having to drink so much — I felt completely waterlogged. This is my first day off the diet and I’ve had the worst runs all morning, and I still feel nauseous. My stomach hurts, my a**hole is bleeding, and I don’t even want to eat. I’m not saying this diet is bad, but it wasn’t for me, and I wish I consulted my doctor first. As someone of 18 years old and no health problems, I thought it would be alright — but I guess not. My only warning is to check with your doctor first!

  • I’m on the Master Cleanse right now. This is my second time on it. The 1st time i lost 18 pounds in 10 days (sept 1) i couldnt believe it! so now im back on it again and today is day 5 and i lost 9 pounds so far! Everyone can tell and i feel great! Its mind over matter, stay focus and strong 5 more day to go for me! Take care Elise

  • I’m doing the Master Cleanse right now. This is day 2. My friend is doing it with me this time. I’m feeling pretty hungry right now. I usually snack in the evening. My hubby bought me a food dehydrator so I’m going to make some dried fruit and veggies for when I’m done the fast. I can’t wait to go buy the cold pressed sesame oil and try that! Thanks for the great tip.


  • I did the cleanse for 5 day, but on the 6th day i was feeling weak, so I had some soup with veggies, OJ, hotdog,hambuger,and some granola, will I be ok.

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