The Master Cleanse and Weight Loss

The most common questions I get on this blog are about the master cleanse and weight loss so I thought I would take a minute and answer some of those today. If the master cleanse is something you would like to try I would encourage you to sign up for my free newsletter at the bottom of this post, when you do I’ll email you a free guide for doing the master cleanse.


I was going through these blogs. Suddenly a question came in my mind…I want to try MC specifically for the weight loss..but one of the blogs says that it is temporary.we really need to work out to loose it a reality that the weight loss is temporary in this case as i am not fatty i just want to loose weight from hip and the waist line as i have developed flabs….so please help.


While you can lose a significant amount of weight on the master cleanse, and keep most of it off (you’ll gain back some water weight) the real weight loss benefits come after you finish the master cleanse. Most people will find that they no longer consume as much food as they did prior to the master cleanse, and the food they do crave is usually much healthier.

Here’s some more info on losing weight after the master cleanse

Next we have a reader who wants to accomplish the opposite. They want to know how to do the master cleanse without losing weight:

I am interested in the cleanse for removal of toxins and NOT for weight. loss. I have always been thin with a high metabolism. I don’t want to lose wt. is the master cleanse still for me? I am worried about doing it for 10 days straight, not only for convenience factors but because my metabolism is unusual and i don’t want to lose weight or wind up feeling faint, etc., especially when I’m working.

This is a good question that doesn’t get talked about much. Here’s a post I made that will help you do the master cleanse without losing too much weight

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  • Morning of day 10 on the MC. So far so good I have lost 7.8 pounds, almost 8 pounds yea. I will say I wanted at least 10.0 pounds but I am still happy. I went skating and that went well. I also am still in the gym working out to keep my mussel mass good. I still plan on going all the way to 40 days. I really feel great I have so much energy have no idea where it’s coming from. I also work. Trying to walk as much as I can to help loose the pounds. I do believe that this will help me to form new habits for when I am off of the detox. I know I should drink more water so I will work on that starting today. I sleep well as a matter of fact I think I am sleeping better, since I feel more rested when I wake up. My skin has started looking clearer and more radiant it kinda glows “yea”. will check back with you in a couple of days.

  • This day six on the MC so far so good, I mean very good. I am feeling wonderful I have not gotten tired as of yet. I started excising on the third day. I find that is gives me more energy. I have lost 41/2 pounds in the first 5 days. SOOOOOO happy. Today I walked for one mile. I want to keep my muscles strong, so I do squats, leg lunges, as well as working out with weights for my arms and back. I walk on my elliptical for 20 minutes before I go to bed. Did I tell that I still go to work for 3 days a week 8-9 hour each day. I drink 8 10oz glasses on each day. I also drink water. I am finding that i seem to want as much of the lemonade for the MC as I did on day one. I have to stay near a bathroom or plan when I am drinking so I don’t have an accident. Will get back to you in a few days. I still have 34 days to go. I want to do 40 days If I can.

  • I am on day 3 of the MC. Today was a little hard for about an hour. I wanted to eat but I just drank some juice and did a light work out. So I am fine now. I plan on going 40 days. unless I REACH MY GOAL OF 25 POUNDS FIRST. So far I am loosing a little over a pound a day. I do plan on roller skating this week end not so sure how this will work out but I am going to try and see what will happened. I log my weight in everyday on Weight Record App and also My Fitness Pal. This helps me and encourages me to press my way that I can do this because you get to see daily your progress. Don’t forget to drink water in between the juice.
    Good Luck you can do this!!!!!!!!

  • Am starting the Mc tommorow.

  • I would like more information about detoxing.

  • I started the MC yesterday I was 161 and today I got on the scale and I was 158…… so far its been good.

  • Hi! To nicole…i don’t think its recommended nor safe to do back to back cleanses like that. I also don’t think its recommended nor safe to do it once a month! I believe twice a year is a good guideline…

    That being said, you didn’t say how long the first cleanse was? If you only did a few days, started eating and now want to rejoin the MC, i don’t think you’d have a lot of difficulty. It is hard and confusing to your little body tho! Not eating for a few days…then eating…then not…its not a healthy way to get healthy! LOL!

    Maybe try to pick a length of time, 10 days perhaps and get in a good motivational mindset and follow through the best you can. Give it a few months in between…4-6, then try it again if you enjoyed the benefits!

    I wish you luck! Be safe 🙂

  • Is it safe to do this cleanse back to back with a 3 day eating period in between or should this cleanse only be done about once a month?

  • Tomorrow is the BIG day for me & my Bestfriend. . . . . Yayyyyyy !

  • I’m starting the MC tomorrow, I hurt my knee, so the doctor has stopped all workout for 4-6 weeks so I decided to start this so I can continue my weight loss journey. I’m excited and scared to death of the results I will end up with. I’m shooting for 2 weeks, and a goal of 20lbs at least.

  • I haven’t started the MC yet but im looking for ways to help me lose weight. I hope this works out for me. Nothing beats a failure but a try

  • S.O.S.!! This time on MC lost only 6 pounds!!!!

  • Can you work out when your on this??

  • Tommorow is my FIRST DAY!! I can’t wait! I need to do this for my own health and reach out to my family to join!

  • Hi! I am interested of doing the MC! Please send me the instructions! Thank You!

  • I’ve done the Mater Cleanse several times. I love doing it because it helps me with my hot flashes, I sleep better at night and have a lot of energy during the day. Thanks to the cleanse I don’t have asthma anymore and don’t get seasonal allergies as before. Today is my fifth day on the cleanse and I’ve lost 10lbs. so far. Instead of using the salt flush, I drink the smooth move tea one in the am and one at bed time. I recommend this cleanse to everyone, as the name says it, its a Master Cleanse, which means it cleanses all of your organs. It even helps you get rid of any habits you might have like smoking, drinking, drugs, even addictions to a particular food like chocolate, soda, breads, etc… I hope you find this info helpful and encouraging to who ever is thinking on doing the Master Cleanse.

  • Today is Day 1 for me on the Master Cleanse. I have done it before, about 5 years ago. Since moving in with my fiance, I have fallen into the habit of eating like he does and have put on about 20 lbs! I’m really hoping this cleanse will help me to get back to my own way of eating which involves far fewer meats. I am also hoping it will help me kick my penchant for wine and beer.

  • Hey!!!!!! So I am starting the MC tomorrow. I am a non meat eating caffeine loving smoker.. hahahahah.. soooo.. this will be a huge change. I need to do this though, I need to feel better and be healthier. I am nervous about making it through the 10 days, but I am excited to come out on the other side!!! Good luck to you all!!

  • Thank you for the Master Cleanse recipe, I’m looking to forward loosing weight and
    will try as soon as I have all the ingredience.

  • I want to lose weight so willing to try the MC..

  • Is there any way I can replace the sea salt with some other laxative???
    I want to do the MCD a second time , but this time it would be nice not to throw up from the epsom salt…it is horrible…i literally threw up.

    Id appreciate any ideas 🙂

  • doing the cleanse for the 5th time. I usually do it for 12 days straight, drink organic Horizon brand OJ diluted with 50% water on the 13th day. That diluted OJ tastes so yummy.. I have lost anywhere from 18 to to 20 pounds during the 12 days. I have not gained back the weight except for maybe 2 or 3 lbs which was water weight. I don’t eat red meat or pork or any fried foods ever!! I eat gluten free bread when I eat bread.
    I love the MC. I feel so much better for months afterward. Also, important YOU CANNOT use any syrup but Organic GRADE B maple syrup. You cannot use Grade A-it has way tooooo much sugar.

  • Hello,
    Starting MC tomorrow – just had knee surgery and can’t work out for a long time. So I decided this is a good time to start a cleanse. Never did it before. I bought the Master Cleanse powder from Whole Foods.

    Any advice for a newbie to cleansing?

  • I’m looking to loose weight and get healthy

  • Day 1 complete… I plan on 12 days and will post each day.

    Weighed in yesterday am at 170.5
    Drank lemonade all day, herbal tea at night, senna tea before bed… And one ounce of apple cider vinegar.
    This morning weighed in at 167.9

    2.6 lbs in first day. My legs were sore last night & my tongue feels weird this morning. But other than that -feel ok.

  • Hi, I’m Lexie! I’m almost finished w/ my CPT (certified personal trainer) course through NASM and I’m REALLY interested in health, fitness, and exercise. Well, I’m trying to get my body in peak shape and would love the manual/recipe and whatever else you have to offer! Really interested in giving the MC a go! Thank you in advance and I look forward to getting started!

  • Day 3 and down 3.2 pounds. Going to stick with it until i hit my goal of 20 lbs lost. 16.8 pounds to go! Good luck everyone!

  • Hi,
    I am on the MC and now on Day 2. I need some inspiratjon and motivation.

  • Hi… I have a friend who been doing this MCD and she really recommended to try. Now I am planning to do it coz I want to lose weight at the same time to flush the toxic inside my body. I been drinking alcohol and eat unhealthy food. I want to be healthy and my goal is to lose weight on my bday next month.
    My question is, in the first day which one should drink first? The salt water flush or the lemonade juice first? And at night the salt water? Pls I want to know b4 I will start.
    Thank you very much…

  • Hi Taj,

    Good luck!

    We’re all looking forward to your progress updates!

  • Hi All,

    This is my first time trying the Master Cleanse, I started yesterday at 170lbs and this morning I weighed in at 167.4. That’s 2.6lbs for day 1 and pretty good. I will try to stick with it, it is really hard when all your family likes to do is cook so much good food every weekend…I think I will have to isolate myself during this time. I am gonna do it for 10days then possibly break and start again but that depends on whether I can make it to 20lbs. If I can’t lose 20lbs by June 14th, I will extent it out until I lose that then take a break and start again for another 20lbs goal. WISH ME LUCK! !! I will post my progress periodically.

  • Pls send the book so I can start 🙂

  • Hi fellow master cleansers! I am on day 5 of the juice, with the three days of ease in. There have definitely been times when it’s been easy, and times when it’s been difficult. But I am determined to do this for my health! I ate horrible and had a desk job which meant I was probably about 25 pounds overweight. My husband said he can already see the difference after just 5 days, and I feel better so looking better is just a bonus. I make a big jug every morning and drink it throughout the day. Caffeine withdrawl headaches were bad on the last day of ease in, then more mild the first day on the lemonade. Now they are gone and I don’t have that mid afternoon slump anymore! I hope to be able to keep the weight off by eating healthier and avoiding processed foods and my main bad food habit: nachos. It’s going to be tough but I feel stronger every day! Good luck everyone!

  • Hi! I am wanting to start this cleanse in the morning. I am also quitting smoking at the same time and am hoping this will remove all the toxins out of my body. What is the least amount of time versus max amount of time this can be done?

  • Hi , I’m about to start the master cleanse on Monday , I can’t get filtered water so can I just boil water an use it ( not hot ) but just get the water boiled instead of normal tap water ?

  • I just started the cleanse an hour ago and I am already hungry. Question: can I use hot water for the drink? I like it in the morning but am unsure if it kills any properties?? Is it un-beneficial to do it for just a day or two?

  • I just started the cleanse today. Question: Can I use hot water rather than cold water? I like it hot in the morning, but does this kill any properties of the lemons? How often should I drink? Can I make a whole gallon at a time for the day because I know that it is recommended to make it frech each glass. I am already feeling hungry and its only been an hour

  • Hello You Master Cleansers!
    I have just come off the master cleanse for the second time and for the second time, it has been an awesome success.
    In regards to losing weight, the first time i did the cleanse, which was 6 months ago in Oct 2012, i lost 9 pounds. i am 5’5” and weighed about 151 at the time. I kept off that nine pounds pretty easily, except for recently. I ate a LOT of ham around easter. Basically for a week straight, I just ate ham every day. Anyway, after the second time, which was just recently (April 2013), i have lost another 10 pounds, with a final weight of 131. It feels great, and i know going forward,
    My motivation for doing the cleanse was not, and has not ever been, weight loss. The first time was out of curiousity– what does a detox look like anyway?– and just to see what the fuss was about. It made me have more energy and i was sleeping better. I fell into a routine, too. The cleanse taught me an awareness of different sorts of food and what is needed vs what can be tolerated. I began to eat healthy after the cleanse, and i think that was the trick to keeping my weight down.
    Maintainging healthy eating habits, and while still indulging, not often.
    The reason i did the cleanse the second time around was to set me back on track with those eating habits. I had fallen victim to the convenience of fast food again and the cleanse, unless i want to ruin my digestive tract, forces me to make good eating decisions for at least 3 weeks after coming off it. Really, i have no choice but to develop good eating habits, which of course helps with maintaining the weight i have lost.

    In regards to working out- i worked out 7 times in the last 10 days on the cleanse and it was fine. Just drank more mix than usual and all was good.

    anyways, i wanted to wish you all good luck and onward to better lifestyles!! huzzah!

  • I start the Cleanse tomorrow. I am excited and nervous! Is working out still a good thing while doing the cleanse?

  • I started the cleanse in mid January I did it about 12 days and lost about 20 pounds. I was so excited that I decided to do it again is it to soon?

  • can you use grade a instead of grade b maple syrup?

  • Please send me the ingreadents on how to make the master cleanse by the gallon jug so i can take it with me on the go thank you theresa diana i wouid like to start asap you can send it to my e mail again thank you for your time

  • I prepped my juice for two days to start tomorrow. I was using a tap Britain filter to rind out it wasn’t working. So I will start with regular water then go to filtered water on day three. Wishing to kick start a spring inner cleanse and lose some weight is cool too.

  • This would be my first time doing a cleanse of any sort. I am a 26 year old male who has always been active until after I graduated college. I weigh in at 220lbs currently, 6′ tall, and am looking to jumpstart a weight loss (looking to lose about 30lbs) with this cleanse and will begin P90x after the conclusion of the cleanse! Really excited about everything I have read on this cleanse and if you would send me a guide to it that would be great! Thanks for the great info on this site!

  • Hi my name is Khadijah I haven’t started Master Cleanse yet but I want it to know do you have to do the salt and water

  • this is for me, as i find it’s somewhat encouraging and that keeps me going.
    day 3 easing in:
    -2 lbs
    126.5 lbs

  • day 2 easing in:
    – 2 lbs
    128.5 lbs

  • hi denise! that happened to me too on my last mc, a couple of months ago — i kept loosing weight every day til the 5th day, after i did the salt flush: i gained 3 lbs back! i guessed it’s water retention.
    i decided to go back to smooth move tea flush, as the taste was more pleasant.
    i made it to the end, but did not do the ease out properly, and since i have not watched calories – even though i’m on whole food and gluten free, i still have gained all back and more :-).
    i’ll be going on a vacation this end of the month so i’m back doing another one – this time, i will ease out as instructed.

    i’ve lost 15 lbs last time, looked and felt 15 years younger!

    my first day of easing in today. i’m 47 y/0, 5’4 height, weight 130.5 lbs.
    want my weight of 108-110 lbs back!

  • Hi, Im starting the Master cleanse tomorrow and I have done it several times before. I am not sure what the amount of lbs lost was but I went from an 18 to a 16 in two weeks the last time i did it. the only thing that helped me on occasion…don’t laugh…is to lick a chip or cracker or something salty on the 3rd and 4th day. I craved salt soooooo bad! LOL I felt so great after the 3rd day and I had so much energy. If you struggle, its normal Try to make it past the 4th day and its down hill from there, well, for most of us anyway. Good luck everyone!

  • Can we do the Master Cleanses more then 10 days

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