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Colon Cleansing: How Long and What To Expect

If you ever changed the oil in your car or seen it done, you may notice something about the oil. When you pour oil into your engine, it is clear translucent tan color. When it comes out of your engine during an oil change, it is not so pretty. It is dark, carbonized, and opaque.

What happens if you don’t change your oil every few thousand miles? A buildup develops in your engine and can reduce its efficiency. Eventually, the engine will become so backed up it will begin to cause engine problems. Eventually, your engine will seize up and refuse to run any longer.

This example is pretty close to what happens in your colon. People do not usually think that they need to clean it out every “few thousand miles,” but that is exactly what colon cleansing is. It helps your body rid the colon of built-up toxins and waste.

Your colon is responsible for the transport of solid wastes from the body. While food is being transported through the colon, water is being absorbed for use by the body. If your colon slows down, toxins can actually find their way into your blood stream and cause a number of problems such as skin problems, nervous system disorders, obesity, and a host of other problems in the various organ systems.

For simple colon cleansing there are two popular approaches:

  1. Taking laxatives and herbs orally
  2. Doing an enema

Each of these can be used individually or can work in tandem. If you’re doing a colon cleanse for the first time you should try to use one or the other to see how your body tolerates it.

For this blog post I will be focusing on oral laxatives and herbs because that seems to be the most popular approach.

I would also add fasting and doing the Master Cleanse to that list, but those are full body cleanses, and this post only deals with colon cleanses.

If you’ve never done a colon cleanse heed this warning

If you recall nothing else from this article then remember this –stay close to a toilet. When the people are draining the oil from your engine, they have an oil pan to catch the oil. Your oil pan is the toilet so make sure you are close to one. Before you even begin a colon cleanse it’s best to set aside some free day to gauge how your body reacts.

If you’re using oral products such as laxatives and herbs, don’t take them right before you go to work or before any vigorous activity. Take them when you have some downtime during the day, and when you’ll have quick access to a bathroom. You might think I’m being overly dramatic about having a bathroom close by when doing a colon cleanse, but take my word for it – when you do a colon cleanse things really get stirred up inside you, and holding it is not an option!

How long does a colon cleanse take?

You’ll usually see an increase in bowel movements within hours of doing a colon cleanse, but to really to get the years of waste and hardened fecal material out of your colon and maze of intestines will take time. Remember you have 22 feet of large intestine, so it’s usually recommended you spend 1-2 months on your colon cleansing routine.

This sounds like a long time, but remember you’ll still be eating a normal diet while you’re cleansing your colon so things won’t happen as fast as they do with the Master Cleanse which can remove pounds of internal waste in just a few days.

What to expect when you do a colon cleanse

What comes out of your colon may not be like anything you have ever experienced, so do not be alarmed. It is natural, although the sight and smell of it may be anything other than natural.

If you can imagine food and waste, putrefying in your colon for years you can imagine it will not be pretty.

Once you ingest the colon cleanser (or do the enema) and the initial dumping of your bowel occurs, things may slow a little. You can expect that your body will continue to get rid of the waste that you have loosened up in your colon. This can take a couple of weeks.

You will slowly start to feel differently. At first, you could actually feel sick. This is because toxins that have been stored are being released for the first time. This will pass as the toxins are excreted from the body.

Once you are cleaned out, your body will begin to heal itself. You will have more energy, your mood will lighten and you will feel more energized and renewed. Your skin may clear up and pains that you have had for years will disappear. Miracles of people being relatively crippled and being healed after cleansing their body have occurred. This is because that the pain and joint swelling are often caused by an overload of toxins in the body.

Make sure you drink a lot of water

During this process, remember to drink a lot of water. You do not want to become dehydrated, as you will be going to the bathroom frequently. The water also helps flush the toxins out of your body and helps in the process of healing tissues that have been plagued with toxins.

Enjoy your colon cleanse you will be glad you did it. Just remember the advice –stay close to a bathroom.

Raylen :

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  • "The small intestine in adults is a long and narrow tube about 7 meters (23 feet) long. The large intestine is so called because it is wide in diameter. However, it is shorter than the small intestine - only about 1.5 meters (5 feet) long." Great advice

  • You've got the lengths of the large and small intestine mixed up.
    The small and large intestines not are called as they are because of their length. In fact, lengthwise, the opposite of what the name suggests is true. Small/large intestine refers to diameter.

  • I've been taking natural colon cleanse capsules for the past month or so - I'm doing a complete cleanse to rid me of build up. I feel great, my eyes and skin are so clear and flawless. It is well worth the effort!

  • I had a colonoscopy the other day and was told the right side was not clean enough and I would have to reschedule and cleanse again. Is this usual?

  • I tried every thing you can think of and all of the above does not work and the Gastroenterologist tech. is a Liar ! we all have fecal in the intestines, if we don't do a colon cleanse we have bile inside of us. the only way I found a natural and safe colon cleanse is with an stainless steel enema bucket along with a silicone enema hose, adding fresh organic mold free regular coffee beans, I use my mini food processor and grind it up in 60 seconds I have course ground coffee, I add 2 or 3 tablespoons of coffee inside a pot on the stove, then I add 5 cups of purified water, you can also use distilled water is available,

    never use tap all tap water has toxins in the USA. let the coffee with water boil for 15 minutes then I turn off the flame. once your coffee has cooled down to the status of Luke warm temperature I use a mesh strainer to transfer the coffee into a Measuring cup and then once its strained out completely check your enema hose clamp and make sure your clamp is on tight and closed so you may pour all the coffee into the enema bucket, the silicone hose would be attached and the nozzle and enema hose clamp, you lay down flat on your back or onto your comfortable side right or left and relax, don't forget to wipe a little of coconut oil onto the nozzle tip and a little on to your rectum, this helps you to insert it gently and slowly into your rectum, you only insert it in a little bit like 1/2 way in, where it does not become out of the rectum, then you turn on your enema hose clamp a little bit at a time, allow the flow of the coffee to go into you slowly not too fast you will feel very uncomfortable or in pain, If you have the urge to evacuate by going to the bathroom just get up and remove the nozzle slowly to your side lifting the hose up to the coffee does not drip from the hose and put it inside another bucket upwards, and get up slowly and walk to your toilet and just go.....

    rinse your self out with a container filled with water to rinse yourself when finished allow to sit on the toilet for 5 minutes or more depending how much was loosen from your bile ducts, the coffee enema is the greatest way to create the bile ducts to loosen up at the same time your liver gets a cleanse and become rejuvenated allowing all the toxins leave your liver, after each colon enema cleanse I drink a fresh juice of 5 Carrots and 1 Granny Smith Apple, I use a blender and use a mesh strainer to remove the fibers then I drink 1 cup of fresh juice 4 times a day after my 4 enemas between every four hours, believe me I never felt so much better then ever have in all the years I used myself as my own test human, it is remarkable, I've been under the care of many doctors & specialists for years taking prescribed Prescriptions for 31 years for treatments from my Kaiser Permanante primary Physician -HMO for my diabetes II, Thyroid, Hypertension, Migraines, allergies, obesity, Concentration issues, Stress, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, heart palpitations, chest pain, pain on my arms, legs, fingers and back pain, hair loss, Hemorrhoids, 2 benign tumors, food cravings of sugar & Carbs & processed foods & sodas & Drive Thru foods & Meats, no energy what so ever, always Fatigued, Slow Metabolism, constipation, swelling of my hands & feet and legs, nausea, numbness of my fingers, sometimes on my face too. it was scary after all the meds I was taking I finally stopped cold turkey, no more Prescribed or over the counter meds, etc.. I was desperate I, finally found the right regiment for me and I believe me, this can help many others that experienced the same discomfort, to start healing your body and feel so much comfort & joy in your life. Trust me I am a mother of 3 children, After a long search of research and using myself as a Guinea pig. I tried everything except for surgeries, I have always been afraid going under the knife, my children were always first! and they will always will be number one for me:)

    after doing this organic coffee colon enema therapy, my health has changed completely, I only take 1 tablet of a natural multi-vitamin, 2 calcium gel capsule and 6 capsules omega fish oil and that's it !! I feel a lot of energy at work at home and daily spending time in the kitchen cooking for my family's dinner, packing lunches for work, I feel happy & pain free it is amazing to feel no more pain, of anything my sugar levels are normal, I Exercise daily for only 1 hour of walking on the treadmill on speed number 2.8 and incline on number 1, when I first started my first enema I weighed 322 pounds last year in December 27, 2015 now today, July 9, 2016 now weigh 190 pounds and I expect to keep on loosing weight by following my healthy diet, walking one hour a day, 1 enema a day, eating as a Pescatarian, I eat fish 3 times a week, all kinds of beans, legumes, lentils, vegetables, fruits, fresh fruit & vegetable juices, water, herbal teas, barley, pearl barley, quinoa, organic rolled oats, organic honey or organic real green stevia, and fresh sugar cane juice to sweeten up my herbal teas or 100% maple syrup for my oatmeal or barley or Quinoa home made cereals cooked with water & eat it with fresh coconut water in my bowl of cereal. its delicious. my home made frozen pop cycles made with herbal teas & organic raw honey's

    I use many spices in my cooking, I never use any cooking oils or any dairy butters, I eliminated breads, wheat, wheat germ, all soy products including soy sauce & Tofu & Soymilk, dairy milks, no more diary ice cream, nut milks because of the tumors it would make the tumors grow aggressively, no sodas, no black teas, no green teas, no pastas of any kind!! no pizza no nan breads and no more buttermilk biscuits, no processed sugars, no rice's of any kind, no canned foods, no frozen foods & frozen produce, no Matcha green tea powder, no food chemicals, no food preservatives, no food coloring, no artificial sweeteners and no anti-caking chemicals, no aluminum baking sodas, or aluminum toothpaste I make my own aluminum free toothpaste & mouthwash & deodorant & body wash. I also make my own beauty cleansing treatment for my skin with no chemicals only the dead sea minerals & natural plants & flowers. I discovered a whole new way of living, my friends & family members are amazed of my new transformation in all areas, they see the change and they love my new recipes for vegans & pescatarians like myself.

    my cravings went away within 3 months I feel more confident and I feel great! my doctors at Kaiser are amazed, of course I don't tell them about my enemas because they document everything and report everything! I do not want them to remove the enemas off the market, because then many people will not get healed with a daily cleanse that is imperative for everyday living. you cannot trust doctors anymore all they want is to make money off you!! we are not important to them they do not care they only want more money & live beyond their means. doctors are only good for life support patients and emergency surgeries like car accident victims & burn victims. etc.. nothing else, just be careful what you say to a doctor. I only went to get blood work done to see if there was any change in my blood work since I started this journey on my own with out doctors, and yes there is only positive results of my health, which is optimal health.

    I want to help people around the world to know how to heal your body and how to take care of your body and appreciate life it self, my perspective has changed that even my children's lifestyle the way of eating healthy has changed for them and my husband too has followed my advise because the saw a huge difference in my weight loss they tell me I have knocked off 35 years literally off my physical appearance my age is 51. I just had a birthday I used look like age 65 or 68 because my health, I was so bad in the past and last year. I feel great now! I still have to loss 60 more pounds and I will I will loose it by the end of January 2017 of next year. so I may be between 120-130 pounds would be ideal & comfortable for me. Even my frenemies can't believe its me they asked my if a had any face lifts & liposuctions, smiled & said no, just eating the best food nature can offer, they were shocked, they thought I was my daughter, they were in just unbelief and they were so disappointed in my weight loss, they were even more envious of my appearance, oh well you cant make everyone happy :) LOL

    Remember if you want to feel great you need to make changes if not then you will suffer the consequences of your unhealthy lifestyle to live longer & see your loved ones succeed a great life you must take one day at a time to be the best you can be yourself and treat yourself with love & respect, and if you fail keep on trying until you get this right. I wish you all the best. I really hope that all of you will Succeed your optimal health & weight goal and spiritual healing,

    Remember forgive your enemies & yourself and you will be happy, No one is worth going to hell for. "I literally mean this. just keep going forward" have faith in yourself you can do this.

    if you need a friend to help you through this step by step you can always contact me.

    I will be more than happy to give you the to do list & and the do not list of foods & beverages to eat & drink. beauty treatments etc. good advise. but remember I am not a doctor of any kind. nor a holistic healer either, I am only a regular American women a mother of 3 who just shared her testimony to help others and encourage them to change into a healthy lifestyle.

    I hope to hear great news on your new journey to freedom & a healthy life. God Bless you all.

    I will check on my email messages every Saturday evenings, I work during the week allow me some time to respond to your questions. please no vulgar or disrespectful comments, I will not tolerate any bad behavior online,

    Thank you all for your time

    California, USA.
    Pacific Standard Time

  • I did a cleanse 15 later went to tje bathroom, stool was loose and dark brown. I use clove, garlic, power pepper, tumeric.

  • I did a natural one yesterday, do I repeat until I get results, hate to get myself so bad that I'm sick! Help. After that seems only quarterly or even bi annually?

  • Castor oil really cleaned me out and put me in labor, in the bathroom for 4 hours, praying it would get over with, 4 hours later, contractions, drove to hospital, and u know how that ends up...clean delivery table, and a brand new baby :-)

  • A colon cleanse is an effective way to detoxify your body naturally. It mainly aims to remove any accumulated feces from your colon and intestinal tract by using various methods. There are many treatments available for colon cleansing.I use bowtrol for cleansing my colon.