Questions About Warm or Cold Water, and Laxative Tea

by Raylen on July 8, 2007

Here’s a question about the water temperature of the lemonade, and what to do when the laxative tea isn’t working like it should.

Hey! Today is my first day of the master cleanse. I was just wondering, does the water have to be warm? The book recommends it but says you can use cold water. I know that cold drinks do not help your metabolism, but is that the only reason why it is suggested to drink it warm? I would rather drink it cold.

Also… I bought Yogi get regular tea, it tastes good, but I haven’t noticed anything different as far as movements. How’s the smooth move tea? What does it taste like?

It would take me hours to drink a quart of salt water and drink this lemonade.

The main reason to use warm water is it will do a better job of flushing mucus from your digestive tract then cold water will. If you have a hard time drinking the lemonade warm you should at least try to keep it at room temperature, and not ice cold.

About the laxative tea. Whichever brand you choose is going to work about the same. What I’ve noticed is that when I drink the tea while sitting down it won’t take effect. Try drinking the tea and moving around, that should help get things moving. Doing a few sit ups will also do the trick.

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