Eating on the Master Cleanse – Does it Mean Starting Over

Here’s a question from Debbie about eating on the master cleanse, and if having something to eat means having to start the cleanse all over:

I am on the 5th day of the master cleanse, on the 4th night I was so hungry and weak so I ate something, then on the 5th night I also ate something but I was able able to sleep again.have I screwed up,do I have to start all over again? Can I continue to do the cleanse without starting all over again? thank you- need to know asap!

This is a good question. To start, there’s no reason to be down on yourself over a little slip up. We all have our moments of weakness when we do the Master Cleanse, and sometimes it gets the better of us. As for the effects of eating, it really depends on what you ate. If it was a piece of fruit or some fresh vegetables you should be fine.

However, if you ate a pizza or half a cheese cake, you almost certainly interrupted the cleansing process.

But regardless of what it was, you should put it behind you and keep going forward with the Master Cleanse.

You might also want to try the steps for easing into the Master Cleanse in my Master Cleanse Book if you’re having trouble getting past the first few days of the cleanse. It’s helped a lot of people get past those difficult first days, and adjust their body to the cleanse.

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  • So I did the master cleanse and I did things they tell you not to do but still lost a pound a day im doing it for 18 days today im on day 13. I have not worked out for the first 10 days and i am now incorporating working out. The first couple days were the hardest so I ate raw broccoli when I felt like I was gonna die and a whole pickle (only has like 10 calories) and because Im currently building muscle and didn’t want to lose muscle I drink 1-2 protein shakes a day that have only 100 calories and zero carb and zero sugar and I drink them with water only. -HOWEVER, the reason I think I’ve been able to get away with it and still lose 1-2lbs a day is because the master cleanse requires 12-14 tablespoons of maple syrup which means your consuming about 650 calories a day so your actually NOT STARVING YOURSELF your still getting 650 calories a day. & since im diabetic and didnt want that much sugar in my system I only do 2 tablespoons of maple syrup with is 200 calories.. and if you factor in my protien shakes which sometimes i only drink 1 and other times 1== thats 300-400 calories total a day. So im actually taking in less calories then master cleanse calls for. Blogs, articles, vlogs and comments say not to consume anything at all BUT the master cleanse because then you are NOT giving your digestive system a break and there fore not detoxifying your body. But Idgaf because im not on MC or my version of it to dexofy im simply trying to loose weight really fast so im taking these extreme measures and its working and iv been loosing fat and keeping muscle on this way. Also in the begining I chewed food I wanted and then spit it out it helped keep me sane the first 3 days 😀 ( they also frown upon this but hey it worked) also I still drink a cup of coffee everymorning with 2 splenda and 1 cream (20cals) and 1 tablespoon of almond milk (zero cals)

  • I am so upset with myself. I am on Day 4of the Master Cleanse, was hoping to do at least 10 days though was wanting to possibly go longer. I did the cleanse for 10 days 5 years ago and now overtime I do it I seem to quit, eat something crappy, like a whole box of Mac-N-Cheese, on day 4 or 5. I always convince myself–“Oh, I will just start it over tomorrow”. I started feeling a little sick and the first thing my head went to was, “I better eat”. There is a slight piece of me that is always thinking I am going to die in the night from not eating, even though the logical side of me knows better. Any suggestions on this?…… It would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

  • I ate a mini snicker will that affect my master cleanse?

  • i went to visit my inlaws over the wekend and i was on my 6th day of my diet so i ate super which was a peppa steak and greek salad day 7 i also had supper please help can i continue or i restart

  • hi,i went to visit my inlaws on the weekend and in the evenings we wud have diner together so on my day 6 and 7 i ate diner because it seemed rude if i did not eat and i did not want everyone knowing am on a diet just yet,should i restart and when?or continue? HELP

  • Hello I have a question regarding my occupation. I am a chef. So after I invested in all these organic ingredients, I realized I can’t not taste food. It’s my job to taste food all day. I work 6 days a week. I was hoping the small bits I taste won’t be a huge set back daily. I realize now this might not be the best diet for me but it’s exactly what I need. I hope I can still participate and that all is not a loss. Please leave reply.

  • I ate some crackers during my master cleanse did I interupt the cleansing process ?

  • I am on day 8 of the master cleanse and I completely broke out in tiny (not visible to the eye) bumps. I was told by a physician friend that that was most likely a reaction to the toxins being released and exiting my body. Thoughts or input? Also I had to eat something tonight. I’ve cooked dinner for my family every night and breakfast each morning and tonight I BROKE. lol. But I only had 6 cucumber slices with a tiny bit of salt and OMG it tasted like heaven. I think I’m still good to go. We’ll see how the salt water flush goes in the morning.

  • Reply to Laura – I’ve had the same type of experience. I lost 20lbs last year exercising and eating smaller portions and then this year I got a desk job and I gained all but 3lbs back. I started the cleanse on Monday so I am halfway done because I am trying the 10 days which so far has been tough. I’m hoping that when this is done I will feel refreshed and then I can start a better healthier lifestyle!

  • I’m only on Day 1- I lost 55lbs in 2013 from dieting and exercise. I’ve started a new position at work in January and I’ve gained nearly 25lbs back. I’m hoping the MC will jumpstart my dieting again. I actually love the taste of the lemonade. I was just wondering if everyone started off on trying for the 10days? I was hoping maybe to try 5-7.


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