Michelle Bybel has put together a massive Liver Detox private label rights package and I’m going to throw in some bonuses that have a real value of $7,000.

I also talked Michelle into letting me offer you a very nice discount.

We’ll get to all that in a minute, but first, let’s talk about liver detoxing and why it’s a business you want to get involved with right away…

Liver Detoxing Is Going Mainstream

More and more people searching for info on how to do a liver detox.

A big part of this is something called “fatty liver disease”. The public is waking to how widespread fatty liver disease is.


People are finding out that a lot of the health issues they’re suffering with are caused by a sick liver.

A slow metabolism, lack of energy, weak immune system, and many other health problems can be caused by a damaged liver and they’re going online to find a cure.

With this Liver Detox PLR bundle and my bonuses, you’ll be able to offer them that cure.

This Massive Liver Detoxing PLR Package Includes:

  • 7 books & reports
  • 2 goal tracking sheets
  • A 10-day email course

The only thing this package was missing is a sales letter. So I wrote one myself and I’d like to give it to you.

This isn’t a 9-page sales letter spit out by a piece of software, or some lame $500 copy written by a rookie copywriter.

You’re getting a 22-page sales letter written by yours truly.

I have produced a million dollar sales letter in the cleansing& detoxing niche. My other health and fitness sales letters routinely convert at over 5%.

I know how to sell to this market.

You’re also getting an upsell sales letter.

This PLR package has so much content that I was able to break it up into a main offer and an upsell and still have some left over!

You’re getting upsell sales letter also written by me.

We’re not done…

I’m also going to give you an email opt-in landing page.

The PLR package comes with a 10 Day Detox eCourse that was too good not to use. So I created an opt-in page so you can collect emails.

You’re getting a done-for-you sales funnel in the rapidly growing liver detox niche.

CLICK HERE To See Samples Of The Sales Letter, Upsell
Letter, And Opt-In Page You’ll Be Getting As My Bonus

Here’s a breakdown of what I would charge if you hired me to create this bonus package for you.

  • Sales letter  – $5,000
  • Upsell letter – $1,500
  • OptIn page – $500

The bonuses you’re getting have a very real value of $7,000

You’re Getting A Done For You Sales Funnel

This Is Important: Read This Carefully Before You Head Over To The Website

You will need to buy 2 things to collect this bonus. 

When you go to the liver detox PLR website you will see the main offer. Buy that.

You will then be taken to an upsell page. Buy that as well (I got a generous discount on the upsell – use the coupon code [Coupon Code Has Expired – But You Still Get My Bonus] to save $40)

There is a second upsell that is a fascinating type of recipe book. You do not need to buy that to collect my bonus – I did not use any of the content in the 2nd upsell in my sales letter bonus.

And just so you know what you’re getting into the main offer is $37

The upsell’s public price is $67 but I got you a $40 discount so you’re only paying $27. Use the coupon code [Coupon Code Has Expired – But You Still Get My Bonus] when you check out with the first upsell.


Here’s the link to the Liver Detox PLR sales page

You’re getting a complete marketing system with books, reports, goal tracking sheets, and an autoresponder course for $64.

If you hired me to write you a single email I would charge 3X that. 

$64 for a ready-to-run Liver Detox business is a pretty sweet deal.

Here it is one more time:

Go here and grab the main Liver Detox offer Liver Detox PLR

Use this coupon code and grab the first upsell > [Coupon Code Has Expired – But You Still Get My Bonus]

That’s all you’ll need to qualify for my bonus.

If you want to grab the 2nd upsell that’s up to you, but you don’t have to. (If you’re in the recipe niche I would highly recommend picking up a copy)

My Bonuses Will Automatically Be Added To Your Order

After you pick up the liver detox offer my bonuses will be waiting for you in the download area.

I don’t know how long the $40 discount code will stay active.

If you would like to own a ready-to-run liver detox business for less than what a mediocre freelance writer would charge you for a couple articles I’d jump on it now. Buy Liver Detox PLR

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