Everything you need to know about the Juicero juicer

Juicero combines technology and convenience with the health benefits of cold pressed juicing. And best of all there is no cleanup.

For this Juicero review we are going to cover:

  • What is Juicero
  • How much does a Juicero juicer cost
  • How much are Juicero produce packs
  • How does Juicero compare to regular juicers
  • Where’s Juicero available
  • Is there a Juicero affiliate program

What is Juicero?

Juicero starts with a cold press juicing machine. You use an app to customize your juicing ingredients. The Juicero people source fresh, organic ingredients that they wash, chop, and ship to you in individual serving packs.

The packs go into your Juicero cold press juicer where they’re squeezed and the juice is extracted. Each pack will provide you with 8oz of fresh juice. No juice touches the machine. When you’re done you throw the used bag away. It’s similar to a coffee pod.

How much does a Juicero juicer cost?

The Juicero machine costs $699

How much are Juicero produce packs?

The individual juice packs cost between $5-$8 each.

How does Juicero compare to regular juicers?

The Juicero is a cold press machine. The most popular juicers on the market are centrifugal juicers – they use blades or grates that spin at a high-speed to extract the juice. The benefit of using a cold press is that it doesn’t heat up the juice the way centrifugal juicers do.

You’ve probably heard that vegetables are more nutritious when you eat them raw versus when you cook them. The same applies to juicing. Heating up your juice with a centrifugal juicer can lower the nutritional value.

The advantage goes to the cold press Juicero.

At just under $700 the Juicero is 2-3 times more expensive than a quality regular juicer.

You will also spend substantially more for Juicero packs than you would buying fruits and vegetables from the store.

You can’t use the Juicero juicer with store-bought ingredients, you have to use Juicero packs.

The two clear advantages the Juicero has over regular juicers is convenience and no clean up. The juice packs are delivered to your door, there’s no washing or chopping and nothing to clean up when you’re finished.

For some people, theĀ Juicero is worth spending the extra money. For most people a regular juicer is probably a better option.

There’s also a legitimate concern that, like a lot of startups, the company will go out of business leaving you with an unusable $700 kitchen appliance.

Where’s Juicero available?

Juicero’s service is currently available in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Is there a Juicero affiliate program?

Yes, you can partner with Juicero and earn a 10% affiliate commission on each sale you refer.

The Juicero is an interesting device and service. Personally, I would wait until they establish themselves nationally before investing in the product.

if you’re interested, this video will walk you through the setup and juicing process using the Juicero:

What If You Don’t Want A Juicero Juicer?

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  • Do you receive 10% of the one-time price of Juicero ($399 = $39.90 commission) or for the lifetime that someone subscribes to the weekly packets of organic juices from Juicero?

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