Why Pancake Syrup Is NOT OK For The Master Cleanse

This question comes from Maggie, and she’s wondering if you can use pancake syrup instead of grade b maple syrup for the master cleanse…

My husband and I are planning on starting our Master Cleanse in 2 days but today I came across a snag, the only Maple syrup available in our town has added sugar and is the syrup you would use on those pancakes. I found it in a alternative health shop and the sales girl assured me that this is the syrup they use for this type of cleanse. It certainly is not labeled group B and has 65g of sugar per 100g though it is organic and nothing added, what should we do, there is nowhere else I can get the syrup. Is there a substitute so we can go ahead with the cleanse? She said it was used purely to level out the blood sugars? Need your help asap, thankyou

Using pancake syrup for the master cleanse is a big no no. This type of syrup has all the vitamins and nutrients stripped out of it during the refining process, and won’t provide you with the health benefits you get from using grade B maple syrup. If you’re having trouble finding the right syrup in your town you can order it online, the cheapest I’ve found it is at Amazon.com. Here’s the link – http://www.amazon.com

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  • how about grade A syrup ….it is organic

  • same question as above. I live in a country where I can’t find the grade B maple syrup, I have loads of Manuka honey on hand, can I use that?

  • Can u substitute raw honey or agave nectar to grade b maple syrup? It’s hard to get grade b maple syrup in our country and would like to start the cleanse asap. Thanks.

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