Master Cleanse Secrets Private Label Rights

Private label rights to a product like this don’t hit the market very often.
This product has been in the top 20 of Clickbank’s super competitive Health & Fitness category and made over 1 million dollars is sales.
When’s the last time private label rights to something like that were made available?
The product is calledMaster Cleanse Secrets”.
Yes, it’s about that weird lemonade diet.
Unlike a lot of health fads, the Master Cleanse has stayed popular for decades and continues to excite the health and wellness market. You have the opportunity to own an evergreen product that can make you money for years and years.

The Master Cleanse Has Mass Appeal

When you look at the “Master Cleanse” and the different names it’s known by such as “Lemon Cleanse” Lemonade Diet” etc. you’ll find it’s searched for hundreds of thousands of times per month.
Then we take a look at how many people are searching for just “cleanse” “detox” and “fasting”… now we’re talking millions of people a month!
Add in “fast weight loss” “quick weight loss” etc. and “ 3-day diet” “5-day diet” 7-day diet” and so on, and we’ve got a ton more people who are primed for a Master Cleanse offer.
We’re not done yet…
The Master Cleanse is also used as a natural cure for a multitude of health problems. Each one of these health problems could be turned into a landing page with a laser targeted ad campaign.
There’s more…
The Master Cleanse is also popular in the lucrative beauty and rejuvenation market.
It’s specialized product with mass appeal. Here’s why that matters…

Generic Content Doesn’t Sell

Take a subject like “healthy cooking”.
Yes, it gets searched for a lot more than the Master Cleanse. But no one gets excited about a healthy cooking offer in their inbox. Unless it’s a specific type of healthy cooking, the offer is going to be a dud.
You can’t even give boring information like that away in exchange for an email opt-in. Nobody wants it.

The Master Cleanse Is Interesting

Most people have heard stories about how the Master Cleanse helped someone lose a ton of weight. How it helped someone look years younger. How it helped cure a nagging health problem….
Even the not so good things people have heard about the Master Cleanse benefit you because this book shows prospects how to overcome the side effects.

A Premium PLR Product You Can Put Online And Start Making Sales

In addition to the best selling Master Cleanse Secrets book you will be getting:
  • A winning sales letter. You don’t spend years in the top 20 of Clickbank’s Health & Fitness category unless you have a sales letter that converts. You’re getting a world class sales letter
  • Bonus guides that complement the main product and add value to the promotion. These are not fluff bonuses stuffed into the offer to boost the perceived value. Your customers will love them
  • Opt-in page and email follow up series with a nice blend of hard sell and informative emails that will keep readers looking forward to hearing from you
  • Banner ads tested with millions of visitors and proven to get clicks and make sales
  • Marketing Intel report about this niche. If you’re in the health & weight loss market you could be losing a lot of money by using pictures of gorgeous men & women. You could also be failing to persuade by telling prospects they won’t have to work to get in shape. Read that again. It’s not a typo.
Samples of what you’re getting as well as proof of the sales, Clickbank ranking, and Alexa traffic ranking are available on this page.
You might expect the private label rights to a million dollar product to cost hundreds of dollars.
When you check it out I think you’ll be delighted by the launch price (which is scheduled for a sharp increase very soon)
PS. The Master Cleanse is red hot in Spring and the sales boost lasts through Summer. Now is the time to get this offer online.

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