Using Cayenne Pepper Capsules

A reader wrote in asking if it’s okay to use cayenne pepper capsules instead of mixing the cayenne pepper directly into the lemonade…

“Hi, I am wondering if I could take pure cayenne pepper capsules instead of putting the powder directly in my lemonade……. Please let me know! Thank you.”

While the master cleanse recipe says to mix cayenne pepper in with the lemonade, it’s okay to use cayenne pepper capsules if you have a hard time drinking the lemonade with cayenne pepper mixed in.

Just make sure you’re taking the capsules at the same time you’re drinking the lemonade, or a few minutes before and you should be fine.

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  • if you do not plan to do at least 10 days on the master cleanse….do not even waste your time! It takes that long for the ingredients to start to melt away the mucus and toxins…..and the salt water flushes are to expel the toxins (extremely important and dangerous if they are not expelled).

  • Hi! The MC cleanse recommends you use one tenth of a teaspoon per glass of drink…perhaps using a full capsule is just too much for your tummy to handle! Im assuming you are ingesting one capsule per glass but adding the cayenne directly to the drink is what is called for. Its really not that bad, just make sure you mix it in and dont let it sit too long because it does seem to get “spicier”.

    When i go to work i prepare my lemons & maple syrup in my drinking bottles and add half a capsule to it when i am ready for it, along with the water.

    I dont know if this will help anyone experiencing the discomfort from the cayenne but i hope so 🙂

    Btw, im on day 17 of my planned 21…I’m killing this detox! LOL! I feel great!
    Good luck!

  • I purchased the “Cool Cayenne” caps that were 100,000 units and when I took two prior to my lemonade it created extreme nausea. I did it twice, but won’t do that again. What unit value is recommended when you take the caps each drink? I can promise you it’s not 100,000!!! Please let me hear as I am starting day 3 tomorrow!

  • Hi, i have ordered the cayenne capsules and was wondering if i could take the capsule apart at put it in my food like regular cayenne pepper.

  • I hav been drinking plain cayyene pepper in hot water will that also work as a detox

  • I am on day 3 of the diet and I have been experiencing stomach irritations about 1-2 hours after I take the cayenne pepper capsule. I bought the capsules in the store called “Wild by Nature” and according to the bottle it says that it is 100,000 heat unit, serving size 2 capsules, amount per serving 600 mg. I take 1 capsule per mixture of 10 oz water, 2 table spoons organic grade A maple syrup, 2 table spoons of fresh squeezed organic lemons. As I mentioned above that I am experiencing stomach irritations about 1-2 hours after taking the capsule. Other than that, I have trained myself to stay on this diet for 30 days as I am liking it. Am I doing this right? Please help, how do I avoid these stomach irritations?

  • Gastrointestinal Side Effects

    Although people use cayenne pepper to treat gastrointestinal problems, the substance can cause stomach irritation in some individuals, according to Anyone prone to heartburn should talk to a health care provider before taking cayenne pepper capsules. Individuals with irritable bowel syndrome or stomach or intestinal ulcers may not be able to safely consume cayenne pepper supplements.
    Moisture Effects

    The body may react to effects of capsaicin stimulation by producing extra moisture, as noted by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). A person taking cayenne pepper capsules may experience sweating, flushing, watery eyes and a runny nose.
    Allergic Reaction

    Some individuals may experience an allergic reaction to cayenne pepper. This is more likely in people allergic to avocados, bananas, chestnuts, kiwi or latex, according to Signs include difficulty breathing, chest pain, tightness in the throat or chest, a skin rash, hives, and itchy or swollen skin. An allergic reaction to cayenne pepper capsules should be considered a medical emergency.
    Kidney and Liver Issues

    Consuming too much capsaicin can cause kidney and liver damage, according to the UMMC. People should not exceed recommended doses, and anyone with kidney or liver problems should not take cayenne pepper capsules.
    Breast-Feeding Considerations

    Breast-feeding women should not eat cayenne pepper or use cayenne supplements. The MSKCC notes that some babies have developed a skin condition called erythematous dermatitis after their breast-feeding mothers ate food flavored with cayenne. Erythematous dermatitis causes skin scaling and peeling.

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  • cuantas veces al dia puedo tomar la clasula de cayenne

  • I am completing day one and I have tried the diet before but could not do it with the cayenne pepper. I went to whole foods this time and bought empty pill capsules to put my cayenne pepper in! I take one full capsule of it with each drink. I am not hungry but the thought of eating something is always there! I can’t wait to be done! I love food! I already eat very healthy but miss food already! I will do 5 days max and 3 minimum if it comes down to it.

  • hello ,i tried to do my cleansing but didt not made it , but i liked drinking the lemon , cayenne and maple drink is this ok ? i eat ones a day only i have lost lbs and not hungry all the time !! i would like to know if this is ok or not good for my health? thank you

  • i take one cayenne pill a day is this o k ? i had a bypass 4 years ago

  • I just started the mast cleanse… if you don’t take the Sea Salt flush…. then you should be taking laxatives every night before you go to bed…. since your not ingesting any any food… you won’t have regular movements… so the point of the laxatives/sea salt water… is to get rid of all the stuff in your body thats bad… the cleanse cleans out your system…. but the laxatives lets you release the bad stuff from your body completely!

  • If you read the “cleansing or Surgery” book by Embassy of Heaven it says that you should take 1/10 teaspoon for every 10oz of lemonade drink. The 500mg cayenne capsule equals about that amount so for everyone wondering how much to take. Just take one (500mg) capsule with every 10 oz lemonade drink and just make sure you are drink 10 glasses a day so the cayenne pepper intake adds up to a tsp. So read the book, its really cheap to buy and its really helpful. The internet doesnt have as much info but this book does a really good job of explaining a lot of questions.

  • The vitamin shop has Cayenne Pepper pills that cool in your stomach. You can get a bottle of 90 for about 8 bucks ($7.49+tax), you can get more pills if you choose to do so. I currently have the Cool Cayenne by Solaray with buthcher’s broom added for artery health. I do not feel the burning sensation at all, it does what it says. You can purchase it from 40,ooo heat units (HU’s) to 100,000 HU’s your choice. I have the 40,ooo heat units, and it also comes in the Vitamin shoppe brand as well. Prices will vary acording to HU’s and amount of pills you want.

  • Chilies is available in different sizes, shapes and degrees of hotness or spiciness. The more mature the pepper, the hotter it will be. A sweet bell pepper measures 0 SHU however a habaneros or scotch bonnet, one of the hottest identified chili peppers, data at about 300,000 SHU. Not sizzling adequate? Then attempt naga jolokia, the hottest chili around the planet which holds one.04 million SHU.

  • My cayenne pepper capsules are more than 500 mgs each. How many should I take in one day?

  • On another website I read that the capsules are not as effective. If they are, I would love to try this option. The cayenne pepper is making it hard to drink my concoction.
    I am on day one too! I am way less hungry than I thought I would be. Another added bonus is I have way more time, time I would have otherwise dedicated to preparing food. I am thrilled so far.

  • This is day one. I have made to day three on two other occasions. I am pushing to make it pass three days this time.

  • Hey, I’m still having problems with my bowels? I took 8 pepper pills to cure my hemroids and it worked?

  • I was wondering if I premake my lemonade and don’t make it fresh everyday will I still get the same results because I really don’t feel like making a glass a day I would rather permake it and drink it through out the day.

  • I was wondering if I have the 515mg of cayenne capsules how many do I take per day? I was seeing that lots of people have only taken the 450 mg sapsules and they were saying that they take at least 2 per day so I was wondering how many through out the day would I have to take?

  • Im just done with my day one on MC hurrayyy!!.. I wasn’t feeling hungry or irritated that much by the cayenne capsules even though I felt a little burning into my stomach but nothing that I could’t bear.. the most difficult thing was keeping telling my friends NO to ..”common taste this or drink this”..but still got through happily!
    God Bless!!

  • I was also wondering do you have to do the salt flush in the morning or can you just skip over that because i can’t do the salt flush and if i don’t do the salt flush will it still work for me far as getting the same results of loosing weight?

  • I was wondering if I purchased the 40,000 h.u. capsules 515 mg of cayenne pepper capsules can i stilluse theses and how many do i take a day. I was thinking 0nly 2 per day one in the morning with a glass of lemonade and one in the afternoon since the mgs are more then 500 mgs or am i to take more then 2 capsules per day?

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