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I was reading through the comments and noticed a few questions that have already been answered on this blog. You’ll find links to the original post at the end of the questions.

You can also use the search box at the top of this blog to search for old blog posts, there’s a good chance that any question you have about the master cleanse has already been answered.

Hi! I am very new to this MC detox and would very much to give this program a try. I understand that there are three main ingredients that are required. a) organic lemon, b)organic grade b maple syrup and c) filtered water.

I am from malaysia and it is very difficult to get organic food here. especially lemon and grade b maple syrup. is there any substitution? and can i use R.O. water (reverse osmosis water) instead of filtered water. is there any difference between filtered water and purified water?

Please help. I want to start the program but difficult to get the ingredients.

Here’s a link to a post I made about not having to be perfect to benefit from the master cleanse

I am not interested in loosing weight (BMI 19.5) but want to detox my body. I am 45 yrs old and just a bit worried that after the minimum 10 days detox I will look haggard in my face because I will loose too much. How is this? Will the little sagging belly (fat) go away, too? And: Some people tell me that I will have a strong body odour because of the toxins getting out of my body. Any experience with that? Thanks!

Here’s a blog post I wrote about how to do the master cleanse and not lose weight

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  • Can I take my blood pressure medication while on the master cleanse.

  • When drinking the herbal teas like peppermint, is it ok to add a little sweetener like honey or maple syrup?

  • I’m very interested in trying MC. My only concern is that I have a very labor intensive job and wonder if I’ll be able to work and cleanse. I’ve done other cleanse’s that left me a little light-headed and weak. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thanks

  • Hi! Thank you for all the info, very useful. I once read that there are various master cleanses, there is one where you only drink the lemonade mix throughout and there is one where you can either eat a light breakfast or lunch. What I would like to know, is the one with the option of one meal per day any beneficial in detoxing the body?
    I am anaemic and I do not take any iron supplements, staying away from meat or any vegetables might be a bit strenuous on my body. How can I introduce iron filled foods, without hurting my body when I am done with the diet?

  • I was wondering if it was safe to breast feed while doing the master cleanse? Also if it is safe, what effects will it have on the breast milk as far as drying it up? Thanks for your reply in advance!????

  • Two questions…. I actually used 8oz of water, instead of the 10 oz for the last 2 days because I forgot the right amount. Corrected today. Any problem for the body in making it more concentrated? Secondly, when do you suggest using the sea salt with the cleanse and should we drink water with the diluted salt periodically in our regular diet?

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if sparkling waters with natural flavors or plan can be drank or decaf black coffee – nothing added?

  • Hello,

    I am wanting to start to do the MC, but I am not able to get the Organic Cayanne Pepper down in the water. I know somewhere you mentioned being able to take it in pill form. What is the does recommendation if you are taking in in fill form? Do I take it with each 10 oz glass of filtered water and fresh lemon juice?

    Thank you .

  • When I squeeze the lemons is it OK to leave the squeezed lemon in the container, and with the health benefits that organic lemons have to offer can I chew on the skins

  • I’m on day 5 of MC after I did the 4 day ease in and I have to say the headache I have is killing me. Is there anything spesific I can do to help eliviate it? Additionally, I have to add that I am a smoker (about 5 a day) but I haven’t smoked since i started day 1 of the ease in.
    Also, I get so hungry but haven’t eaten anything yet. I say yet because i get so close sometimes. Is there anything I can eat whyile on the cleanse.
    Please help me!

  • Can I do the master cleans for 3 days followed by the ease out plan?
    I am trying to loose weight & think the cleanse would be a good way to start.

  • Can I do the master cleans for 3 days followed by the ease out plan?

  • Hi..if i didn’t find any grade B mabel syrup can i use the regular mabel syrup (which used on the top of pancakes) or honey?

  • I have SLE, I take quinine, blood pressure meds., and a potassium supplement. Can I go on a cleanse?

  • how often can you/should you do the cleanse?

  • Not showing anything about also drinking water. Is this included in the lemonade? Is 60 oz, of the lemonade the daily consumption?

  • Can you exercise while doing the MC?

  • Is it OK to use well water on the master cleanse?

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