Articles About The Master Cleanse, and Other Important Health Topics


Why beginners should not stay on the Master Cleanse more then 10 days - I wrote this because there's some confusion about how long you need to stay on the master cleanse to benefit from it.

Detoxing your body - Here's a quick article that deals the importance of detoxing your body

Master cleanse recipe - Here's the recipe you should use for making the master cleanse lemonade

Vitamin C used to treat cancer - Finally the medical community is waking up to the fact that natural cures are effective

Master Cleanse Side Effects - I'm sure you've already heard about all the good things that happen when you do the master cleanse, this covers the other side of the coin.

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review - Are you looking for a diet to follow after you finish the lemonade diet? The book will lay out a complete fat loss system that works

Vitamin Overdose - There's a lot of focus on the benefits of taking vitamins, but there's also a danger of vitamin overdose

Vitamins On The Master Cleanse - I get asked all the time about taking vitamins when doing the master cleanse, this article gives you the answer

Secrets To Succeeding On The Master Cleanse - What you do before you start the cleanse will determine whether you succeed or fail

Natural Health Scams - For all the good that comes out of the natural health field there are some scams you need to avoid

Raw Food Book Review - If you're looking for a new healthy way of living that can spark your energy and heal your body try the raw food diet

Rapid Detox - Your body is an amazing mechanism that can cleanse and purify itself, but there's some things you need to do to make it work more efficiently

Stanley Burroughs Biography - Stanley Burroughs is the man who created the master cleanser diet

Control Hunger With Hoodia - There's a South African cactus called hoodia gordonii that can reduce your hunger

How Long On The Master Cleanse - My advice is to stay on the master cleanse for 10 days at first