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The Dangers of Vitamin Overdose

Are you taking more vitamins than your body need?

It's not talked about much, but you can overdose on vitamins.

While some vitamins, B vitamins for example, are water soluble, so whatever your body doesn't use will just come out in your urine - others are not so safe.

Too much vitamin A for example can cause liver damage, hair loss, blurred vision and headaches. This is just one of the many vitamins that came be harmful in too large of dose

The amount of vitamins your body needs is determined by your:

Most one size fits all multivitamins being sold in stores do not accommodate for these factors.

To find out exactly which vitamins, and how much of each vitamin you should be taking lifescript has a free online service that will give you a free vitamin profile for your specific nutritional needs. All you have to do is answer a few multiple choice questions.

Click here to get your personal vitamin profile

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