Master Cleanse Journal – Day 6

Good morning everyone. It’s Day 6 of the 10 day Master Cleanse.

Yesterday was an active day for me and I’m feeling it today. When I woke up this morning I was sore and had a headache. It’s not one of those piercing headaches that feels like a drill in one spot, but more like my whole head is throbbing. I took a hot shower which helped some, but I’m still feeling less then a 100%.

I’m just going to push through this and hopefully it will go away by this afternoon.

On a positive note I did receive two compliments about my skin yesterday. I’m surprised that more people don’t use the Master Cleanse to improve their skin. Especially those with acne. They would save a lot of money on skin care products if they did. Not to mention all those products only treat the existing acne and don’t address the source of the pimples.

I had acne into my early 20’s and tried every product in the skin care isle to get rid of it. After years of fighting acne I went on the Master Cleanse and in just a few days saw significant improvement in my skin. When I finished the cleanse I cut way back on my sugar intake and that completely cleared my skin. My friends and family were shocked when they saw how fast my acne cleared up.

Has anyone else used the Master Cleanse to get rid of acne?



This is just a quick update, but by reading through every one’s comments I think a lot of you will relate.

It’s about the funny things we crave while on the Master Cleanse. You would think after going a few days without whole food you would be dying for pizza, steak, or ice cream. Most of the time you don’t want any of that. After 6 days on the cleanse just the thought of big slab of meat or any other high fat/high sugar food makes makes my stomach churn.

What do I crave? A piece of whole wheat toast. I don’t know why but I’ve been thinking about it all day. Just thought I would share that.

Other then the toast cravings things are going good. The headache let up around 1:00 which is good. I’m also seeing solids coming out during eliminations which is really good.

I did see someone came along and posted “There is no way I’m believing this actually works.” in the comments.

You come across people like this once in while who no matter how many countless thousands people have personally benefited from the Master Cleanse refuse to believe it works.

Every one’s entitled to their opinion, but if you run into people like that don’t let their negativity get to you. If the Master Cleanse is working for you that’s all that matters.

– Raylen

70 thoughts on “Master Cleanse Journal – Day 6

  1. Joy

    I have not used the cleanse to get rid of acne, however, my skin cleared up so much that it looked as if I had taken a water hose and gone through my whole body washing out impurities. That shows you that what you put in your body shows on the outside (I previously had consumed a lot of sugar). People were complimenting me on “the new you”. Of course, I was flabbergasted. Yesterday was really my hardest day–I became so light headed while out shopping and I chewed a piece of sugar free gum–that did the trick. I’ve come too far to stop the cleanse now. Much success to eveyone.

  2. Martha

    It’s day 6 for me, too, and two people have already commented on how much better my skin looks! I’m not a big sugar eater–I suffer from low blood sugar, and refined sugar is a trigger–my low blood sugar episodes make me feel so miserable, it’s not hard for me to avoid sugary things. So, I’m not sure what impurities have contributed to my acne.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that my hot flashes have all but subsided–go figure! I’ve wondered for a long time if my acne was hormonally related. If so, I’m not sure how this cleanse is helping my hormonal balance or why–but, it doesn’t really matter! Any day without a hot flash is a good one.

    I woke up very light-headed this morning with muscle aches–the aches are probably due to all the weeding I did in my garden on Sat. and Sun. Even though I’ve been tired on this diet, I’ve been more productive.

    Hooray for all of us who are now more than half-way through the cleanse! And, for those who haven’t quite reached the half-way point, hang in there. Now that I’m on the “other side” and feeling good, I can say it’s well worth the effort. We can do this!

  3. Lisa

    Hi to all you Master Cleansers! Day 6 and feeling good… The weekend was a bit difficult as I had to bypass some nice dinner outings. I also have been craving asparagus, eggs and mushrooms. I usually eat very healthfully and am already looking for healthy recipes to prepare for my fridge when I will begin eating again. I love to cook so reading my cooking magazines might not be the best thing to do right now. I have lost about 7 pounds and feel surprisingly good. The salt water sure get things a movin in the am. Been pretty much fluid though throughout. Raylen, could you give us all an idea of how you come off the cleanse? I know the book said to have juices and soups and such but did not know if you have some stuff that you like to weed back in… Stay strong, only 4 1/2 days left to go.

  4. Jenny

    Day 8 for me!

    Still feel good and my skin feels wonderful. I am still pushing for 14-21 days, hoping I can make it. So far I am down about 12 lbs and hoping to lose a total of 20 before coming off the cleanse.

    Please know that coming off the cleanse is very critical. Last time I came of the cleanse after losing 16 lbs in 10 days, I gained 25 lbs. Ugghh! It was the worst feeling in the world. My body wanted to eat all the food that I deprived myself of for so long. This time I know better and plan on eating only healthy.

    Good luck on the rest of your journey, stay tough!

  5. kray

    Just found this website. I am on day 6 of the cleanse and feel fine. I lost 2 1/2 pounds the first 2 days and since that time I have not shed another pound. Should I cut back on the maple syrup? I know this is not just about weight loss but to go thru no food for 6 days and have so little to show for it is sad. I am also worried about starting back on real food and putting on more weight than I lost on the cleanse. Any suggestions?

  6. Joyce

    Day 6 and yesterday people at church mentioned how great my skin looked…….like alive!! I feel good today…….I skipped the salt wash yesterday (because of church) I usually do it first thing in the morning and I stuggled all evening due to hunger….today I’m back on it. I feel great!! I know I couldn’t make it without that. Hang in there!!

  7. Joyce

    I have cut back on the syrup to lose weight and it makes a big difference. I did this originally for health purposes. This “Diet” was designed by Stanley Buroughs to heal people not just for a diet…so people who don’t need to lose weight won’t lose…..I have friends that are very thin…almost too thin and they went on it and actually gained weight……………You have to read the book!!

  8. Lily

    Hello All – My Day 3 and I feel okay except for a little “blue” – I have cried this morning really for no reason, but anyway, I am hanging in there not really ccraving any food – have gone from 138 on Day 1 to 132 today – Im sure it was water weight – anyway, I am trying the drink today with limes instead and I actually prefer the lemons – oh well. Have a Great Day Everyone!!!

  9. Jasmine

    I just caught up to everyone’s blog. I am on day 1. I thought more people were going to start today, but I haven’t read anything yet. I actually am struggling with this already. I am usually consitpated and that has flared up some hemorroids (sorry to be so personal)and mentally fearful of the eliminations. I do know that this will be the best thing for me in the long run. I did the Master Cleanse back in December and lost 7 pounds, however, was only able to stay on it for 4 days. I wans disappointed, therefore, this time, I am shooting for the full 10 days. I feel fine so far. Already had 4 cups of lemonade and 3 cups of water. Didn’t do any laxatives yet. I have a long work day, therefore will take the “Smooth Move” tonight and the SWF tomorrow. I am rather sleepy this morning, but it could be just because it’s Monday. Hope all those Day 1 people write in soon….would love to hear how it is starting.

    1. Anonymous

      Hello :) I am just finishing up day one of the Master Cleanse! I have had 5 lemonades and 5 waters as well as a cup of tea. Just drinking my lax tea now. Day was good, I was very excited to start this cleanse, waited and researched almost a month before i started and I think that helped! I feel good, just a mild headache here and there. Anxious to see how day two goes :)

  10. Kay

    This must be a joke!!! There is no way I’m believing this actually works. All you are losing is water weight and muscle, and not to mention, your minds

    1. Rene

      It works and it isn’t just water weight. my first Cleanse was for 21 days and I was still eliminating and it wasn’t WATER–it was junk corroded on my intestines and colon for the last 50yrs in my life. Yes it is bloating and some water weight but at day 21 and I was still eliminating feces…. you’d think that that evening’s bowel movement gets rid of everything NOT!
      Know why you crave certain foods?? Because those foods are rotting in your stomach!
      ever wonder why you wake up wanting more of last night’s dinner…it is still in your stomach. Not until you Cleanse the top layer(usually the first 3 days) do you stop having cravings. My first cleanse was before Easter…. I wanted HAM but I didn’t have a clue what it tasted like. Those that have done a cleanse, do you do the same thing?
      Want something because you know you like it, but for the life of you, you can’t remember what it tastes like.
      And if you read Fit for Life not FAT for life on your cleanse or the Master Cleanse book, you will NOT want processed foods, meats, cheese etc.

  11. Faith2

    DAY 4! Starting weight 269.5lbs, 40 y/o BF Wow! I can’t believe I have gone 3 days without eating! The fact that I do not “feel” or look lighter indicates the amount of sludge / fat I’ve been hauling around. I am determined to stick with it tho! No change in joint pain, very minimal eliminations. I HAVE A QUESTION, Can I eat a lemon with some sea salt on it? Would it affect the process? I was not hungry the first day, even watched Food Network without temptation, but man, have I been hungry since then! I am taking hoodia and that does not seem to curb the appetite. Should my hunger pangs be gone by now? I want to go to Taco Bell and PIG OUT on a nacho bell grande’. Please, somebody respond about the lemon! I need to see this thru!

  12. T

    who is kate?…and why r u so disapointing. Just because this may not be for you, why would you voice your negative opinions on others. I feel GREAT!!!! and plan on continuing with what is making me feel GREAT!!. I have lost 5lbs and counting…what about you?
    Much success everyone!!!!!

  13. lkibler

    I’d like to know if and when parasites begin appearing in stools. I’ve not used any laxatives yet, as I’ve had no trouble eliminating however, I’m scared that I will quit if I see any worms in my stool. What do I do to address this before it happens?


    I disagree with Kay also, it is not a joke, my sister is living proof and I will be too as soon as my daughter moves out next week with her baby so I have more time to devote to this…also, you can lift the dumbbelle weights and walk which are weight bearing exercises as well as yoga, that is sooo gooood for stretching and strengthening stomach and other muscles….(every other day)ps. I have a book from the 1970’s promoting this….

  15. lkibler

    Today is my day 3. Hoodia is my life saver. I’ve tried this before without it and failed miserably. I’m excited to have made it to day 3. I enjoy hearing about everyone’s progress, it’s inspiring. I’m a 40 year old to (like Jasmine). I have only seen 5 pounds weight loss so far but I’m only drinking the lemonade 3 times a day. I just not thirsty. The 3 cups last me all day. I don’t think I’m drinking enough water though cuz I feel a little light-headed.

  16. Tammy

    This cleanse does work and I admit was skeptical too when I first heard about it. Usually anything too good to be true, isn’t true. Then I watched a co-worker do 10 days of the cleanse and could actually see the weight falling off her each day. I then decided to give it a try, mainly because I don’t have regular bowel movements (sometime 10-14 days apart) and I felt bloated most the time. I knew my body has to be full of toxins and I wanted to lose about 10 lbs. before bikini weather. I started the cleanse last Monday before I came across this website and read that alot of folk were starting it on Wed., so it has been nice to have others on board by the time I reached my 3rd day. I just came off off the cleanse. My original goal was to just stay on the Master Cleanse for 3-4 days but since the diet was making me feel so much healthier and giving me a bm each day, plus feeling more energetic, I continued on for 7 days and lost 12 lbs. I felt energetic and worked out with weights trying to tone every other day and alternated walked 30-55 minutes on the other days, plus I’d wake up bright and early raring and ready to do something, so I go so many chores done around the house while on the cleanse. That alone was worth the times that I was hungry and wanting to eat, especially when my husband and daughter was in the house eating whenever and whatever and I was actually cooking the meals for them. This is my 1st day off the cleanse and I feel wonderful about myself and not only do the scales show that this diet worked for me (12 lbs. lighter) I could feel the weight coming off each day and my clothes fitting loser each day. I had tried on a skirt the day before starting the diet and it was too snug in the waist. I tried it on yesterday (7 days of the Master Cleanse) and it is a couple inches too big in the waist now. All my clothes are fitting alot looser and some are too big for me to wear now. So whomever does not believe this, please just try it for yourself for at least 3 or 4 days and if you follow the directions and do not cheat whatsoever, I assure you, you will find out for yourself that it does indeed work. I warn you that it does take alot of determination, self dicipline and will power to be able to do it. You really need to spend days motivating yourself to do it before you begin or you will probably fail. I’m grateful for finding out about this cleanse. It felt great to have daily bowel movements, lose the weight and inches so fast, and to feel healthier. Plus, I have enjoyed all the positive comments that family and friends have given me the past couple days, most of them not even knowing I was on a cleanse until they gave me the compliments about looking great and I then told them about the Master Cleanse. Good luck to everyone that is still on the Cleanse and to anyone new that decides to try it. Now that I am off the cleanse, I have a different outlook on food and I don’t want to gain all the weight and inches back, so I am eating salads, fruits and veggies for the next few days and for the future, I plan to only treat myself occasionaly with junk and fattening foods instead of them being a MAJOR part of my everyday life.

    1. Emily

      Tammy, thank you for the nice things you wrote about your experience with the cleanse. I am on day 6 and really needed to hear that someone else out there has a husband and daughter they are cooking for every day – a lot of willpower required there. Good to hear that you got through it, I feel like I can get through it now that I am over the hump. Good luck to everyone out there, you can do it!

  17. Beebee

    Hello everyone,day 5 for me and still sticking to it. My co-worker was eating some pretze sticks I could smell them. I love starches but I am definitely not going to start back on them excessively after this cleanse. I am feeling better and I am not starving. I do want to chew on something just because I’m so used to eating. I switched from the raspberry zinger tea mixed with the lemonade to mandarin orange spice. It really taste delicious. Putting a twist on the flavor has helped me to stick with this. I encounter people who are negative concerning this cleanse all the time. Really they don’t know what they are talking about. Have no idea of how their bodies truly work other than what
    they have heard. People need to learn how to do research. Most of the critics have never read the mastercleanse book. Even before you start the diet you should read the book. Do the research so you can know what is happening to your body. Don’t just jump into something without proper knowledge. I have fibromyalgia and lupus(not the kind that affects my organs) Doctors don’t know what causes fibromyalgia, but I know it has to do with how the body processes toxins. I can say this diet works well with me when I do it. My skin is better and I feel lighter. We cannot allow negative and ignorant people to cause us not to do good for ourselves. We are going to feel so much better. Just compare ten days out of all the days we will eat(sensibly). Although it is hard at times I know we can do this. Keep up the good work.

  18. louis

    i’m thinking about doing the master cleanse. But i want to know the grossest thing that i may have to worry about during this cleanse

  19. Lauren

    Day 6

    I’m felling kind of down to day. I think its started whill I was auditing a store today and couldnt work without imaging myself ripping open a bag of whatever I was on the shelf.Even the candy bars and i dont eat sweets! So glad I have this site to turn to. Just 4 more days. I do fell good body wise. Well on my way to the gym. Hope to see all of you at the end of the rainbow!!

    We can do it!!!

    Kay – who ask you 4 your two cents? you are so negative. Makes me wonder how your everyday life is.. oh that right you have nun. That why you go around posting negative comments to happy clean, purified people lol
    Hope one day you find your happiness.

    Peace to all my MC people

  20. Jill

    This cleanse is exactly what it says, a CLEANSE.
    Sugar free gum is full of toxins people! ASPARTAME being the big carcinogenic (CANCER CAUSING)ingredient!

    We are cleansing our liver, kidneys, large and small intestines as well as our blood circulatory system. We are giving our organs a REST!

    Sugar is the culprit for a lot of disease processes beyond acne and hormonal flashes. SUGAR CAUSES INFLAMMATION. Inflammation is the precurser to the majority of the disease processes people have!!

    If it is a joke to be on this cleanse, according to smarty pants Kay, then it is a joke that people call disease genetic or hereditary. If disease wasn’t created by environmental factors including poor diets and lack of exercise, then how come the oldest population of people we have to study (hunter and gatherers) never had a case of heart disease, diabetes, excema, acne, ect.? Look at what they ate and how much exercise they had! They didn’t even eat GRAINS!!! Their elders weren’t in hospitals being taken care of by their children, they were the esteemed elders who would help pull the boats off the water. They were the leaders of their family offering wisdom and guidance. They weren’t on feeding tubes and 10 different drugs.
    I am fed up with ignorant people who have the audacity to come on a site like this with nothing to back up their arrogance. Shame on them, and PRAISE TO EVERYONE ELSE!!

  21. kray

    I am 170 and 5’7”. I could stand to lose a little weight. I can’t believe I am maintaining at 650 calories a day. I did cut back on the syrup on the batch I made for tomorrow. I feel good, just hard fixing meals for the family. It would feel more rewarding if after 6 days of no food I had lost more that water weight. I am going to finish out the 10 days. Just afraid that my body is in starvation mode and the pounds will come roaring back when I start back to normal eating and consume anything over 65o calories.

  22. Lily

    Hi All –
    Tammy –
    thanks for your words of encouragement!!! The reason I am doing this is to cleanse my system because of the constiapation problems that I have been going thru. I am hoping to be able to my regular health way of eating and be able to use the bathroom without problems after this cleanse. I recently made a major nutrition change and it worked for about a week and then I was back to the normal constipation, oh well, we’ll see what happend after this.
    Well, Have a good night all!

  23. Linda & Karry

    Well, it’s the evening of day 3 for Karry and I and we haven’t cheated at all. We both had a long work day and are at home tonight planning our Caribbean cruise that begins at the end of this month. All we can think of is all the food we will eat on the ship, guess it’s not a great time to do this cleanse but we can’t fit into our clothes so it was a toss up! I know we’re not supposed to do this primeraly to loose weight but we’re trying!Word of encouragement.. I’ve lost 10 lbs already and my skin looks great too!!
    Linda {Monterey CA}

  24. Sasha

    Day six for me too.I guesss I crave mexican food. I love this cleanse thou and I thank you for inviting me. I’ve lost 10 lbs so far. I have more to say but I’m soo tired I’ll catch up tomorrow

  25. Tamara

    didnt get to write yesterday, i was really busy at work and home. i wish i was craving toast!! but i am extremely proud of myself because someone at work baked homemade (by scratch) chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, my ALL TIME FAVORITE!! and i passed them up!! OH YEA!! later in the evening i had to take a friend to the fast food and i was real tempted to eat a french fry but i put it back!! I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! this is actually day 7 and i have never made it this far!! I am so grateful for this group to keep me motivated!!!! no movement yesterday. im not drinking enough!!:(

  26. Catrice

    I am on day 6 of the Master Cleanse and feel great. I am recieving compliments on how thin my face looks. I was worried that on about day 3 I would be very weak and hungry but I wasn’t. It was day 5 that I wanted some real food but I stuck it out and here I am. I am so proud of myself that I could do this. I am going all the way to 10. I feel lighter, cleaner, my complextion looks great and I honestly don’t want anything to eat like I did on day one and whatever that thing was I was going through yesterday is gone. For all of you on the cleanse…KEEP GOING and good luck!!

  27. Syd

    What is the ingredients and the porportions in the Master Cleanse Diet? I know it is Lemon Juice, maple syurp, and cayenne pepper

  28. Erica

    Ok guys. This is my very first day! It is going to be very hard for me, being that I have absolutely no will power at all. But I am determined to stick it through. Pray for me please. LOL. I will write and keep you guys posted. I plan on doing it for 12 days, hope I make it.

  29. li

    I read somewhere that the DR stated its a possibility that you can eliminate tapeworms, pinworms, and roundworms in the stool while on the MC pllleassee tell me that DIDNT happen to you?

  30. Anonymous

    WOW, I can’t believe there’s a bunch of other people on day 6 too!! I didn’t get to read everyone’s posts. There are sooo many! That in itself is inspiring to me :) I’m so glad to know other people are doing this too! I just read a tiny bit about the skin clearing up. I have noticed when I look in the mirror my skin has been looking a lot healthier lately :) My first 2 days were the HARDEST! I had the WORST headache because I was so used to drinking diet pepsi!! Ever since about day 4 I have been feeling energetic and GREAT!! I would have never imagined or dreamed that I would actually get a burst of energy. I figured I would be sooo weak and just sitting around. I’m SOOO glad I stuck with it. I almost quit last night :( only 4 more days to go right?! YAY! Good luck to you all! You can do it!!

  31. Nicole

    I have seen way too many different recipes for this cleanse and bought the ingredients to start. Can anyone help me find the way to start???!!!

  32. Lauren

    Day 1

    So far so good. The idea of staying on this cleanse for 10 days is so intimidating, but I feel I can do it. Earlier this year I completed the fruit flush, and loved the feeling after… I am hoping this is the same if not better. Wish me luck.

  33. Hillary

    Hi everyone! Me and a couple of my coworkers decided to give the MC a shot. I’m really excited about getting my body in order but scared because I eat when i get bored…now what am i gonna do? lol
    But im determined to stick to it with the help and support of my coworkers and hopefully some of you on the site!!
    Wish me luck…Day 1 is 5/14/08 and that’s when I’ll give you guys an update!
    **Much Love**

  34. Anne

    I am also on Day 6. Hallelujah! I feel great, however, my coworker started ahead of me and stopped at day 5. The recipe she got off the internet called for 8 oz. of water to 2 tbsp of each of the liquid ingredients. She was queasy from the start as the mixture was too sweet and finally quit when she vomited. I bought the book by Burroughs and read it ahead of time. I followed the recipe in the book and my only complaint(besides hunger)LOL,is that I have had accidents due to the proximity to the restroom to my office. I would have preferred to have 10 days off to do the Cleanse. I was 124.5, and have lost 6 lbs and I plan to continue for the full 10 days. I have not tried the salt water only the Smooth Move.

  35. Chirine

    I too am on my 6th day and yesterday I also received compliments on my skin. I was told my face looked brighter :)
    My energy is smooth (not crazy boost) but if I am doing something I enjoy, I feel my chest fill up with happiness. It’s a very pleasant feeling!
    I also feel much lighter. I wake up early in the morning and my eyes don’t feel heavy. I was very dependent on coffee to start my day and now I just need to wash my face and I’m up and ready.
    This Cleanse is really amazing and those who don’t believe in it just need to try to see.
    I did get into doubt at the beginning thinking I’m crazy to embark on such an adventure – what if I die? :p But truly, I live. And I live with much better quality that ever before!

  36. Laura

    I am so glad i have found this site!!! Need the support, I am on my 5th day (coming to the end now) and my plan is to stay on it for 14 days but every one around me is telling me to eat so hard!!!…………I really want to completely cleanse my body, and lose excess weight i have gathered from basically eating to much, one question well a couple

    what is day 10 like? day 7, 8, 9? Are they hard, just i seem to be getting worst not better?
    Also does ne1 take the sea salt flush? just am bit worried aint been the tiolet sorry for the detail in like 2 days? what can i do?

    I appreciate ne comment
    Good luck every one :)

  37. Bianca

    Hey Everyone! I’m on day 6 and its about 3pm. I’m feeling a bit sluggish today, perhaps its because I’m a college student and didn’t get much sleep last night! I feel much lighter and healthier however! Not to mention my whole mindset of food has completely changed. I have come to realize, from my random cravings, how much i tend to eat out of “want” rather than “necessity.” I definitly plan on changing my eating habits drastically (including not eating after 6pm). I have not weighed myself yet, but I fit into jeans and shorts that haven’t fit me in a over a year. My pants that i wear everyday (which were a bit tight on me) are practically falling off! I can’t wait to eat a fresh salad with veggies and avacado around day 13! Good luck to everyone out there! stay strong! :)

  38. Susan

    I love the Master Cleanse. Since I’ve been doing (at least once a year for 12-28 days since 2006) my once terrible allergies are gone and so is my asthma!

  39. Kate

    I am on Day 3 of the MC diet and I will not deny it…It has been extraordinarily difficult sometimes already. I don’t really crave food as much, maybe it’s a mind over matter thing when you go into something so heavy like this and you want to be determined, but I started feeling really sluggish today and my muscle have been aching so much. I have been doing work outs involving my muscles for the past two years, and now that I have no solids, I’m almost worried my muscles are dying and the only weight I’m losing is muscle mass and water. On the upside, My skin does look better already, and I do feel a bit happier for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’m doing a lot of good by getting rid of the toxins and keeping to something. Even though I’m already into day 3, I still have a long way to go. Hopefully I am doing the right thing..

  40. Rob

    I’m on day 5 and was wondering when will I see more waste come out of me I do the flush and the tea and I go about 3 times a day but I don’t really see all of the same waste that most people have described I was sure I would see some thick or solid stuff at some time so does it come later in the cleanse I’ve lost 14 lbs so far and I do sometimes add a afternoon salt flush I feel like I have a lot more to come out please let me know what to expect in the next 5 days thank you

  41. kara!

    Wow. End of Day6, in bed after hot shower and lathered in Nature’sGate TeaTree lotion (awesome4me 4 cleanse). This is my first time going to 10 – last time I chose to do 4 as a trial run. Remember the words of Yoda:

    There is no try, only do.

    Ok so just FYI, I’ve had two drinks since I’ve been on this, otherwise two the T; I get the feeling it has hindered me, but only with cravings (which I find devestatingly kathartic). Also, for the days when I’ve been close to passing out, have had Braggs Amino Liquids in some hot water. Tried to get info about this online, but nothing.

    I’m 5’8″ and although I haven’t weighed myself, def think I’ve lost about 15 lbs… I do have a lot of muscle mass already, which accounts for the loss, but have been walking in my MBTs and on the beach pretty consitently.

    I love eating more than many other things, but I’ll live to eat again. That’s the easy part: it WILL end. And the broccoli, romaine, hummus, avocados and fish tacos will be there. Thank christ.

    Thank you all so very much for your advice and encouragement! Checking this at night has become a little ritual for me each night.


  42. Rebecca

    Day 6 for me too, but it’s funny. My skin is actually breaking out really bad. I guess the toxins have to get out somehow. Normally I have really clear skin but I’ve been noticing new breakouts on my chin and forehead in the last 3 days.

  43. titi

    oh, guys i could not resist the inconvenience, and i took master cleanser before a year so, what do u think to stop tomorrow?

  44. SME

    Day 6: IDK y but I’m not feeling all the “great” stuff every1 keeps raving about…it makesme sad…I have not cheated AT ALL! And I’m not getting the results I had hoped for. My skin looks the same, I don’t have any extra energy. This is kind of tought ot stick with when I don’t see any positive results. Not trying to be negative this is just my experience. I’m going to hang in there though b/c I came too far to go back now.

    Not craving ANYTHING…it’s weird. I’m not really hungry at all. I’d say day 3, 4 and 5 were the absolute hardest!

    Also my stomach has been KILLING me! The BM’s are unpleasent (TMI! Sorry!)…

    ??? I have chewed gum pretty much everyday (sugar free) and I take my cayenne pepper on the side. Does any1 have any advice about this???

    GOOD LUCK EVERY1! We can do this! :)

  45. aracely roa

    Hi my name is aracely and this is my 6days on master cleanser let me tell you this great, for the first and second day i was so hungry, but thats is getting better and now i’m on my 6day and i feel great if i did it you can do it to dont see why not.

  46. Traci L Johnson

    I just came off of a 3 day fast and I still feel like I’m floating in the clouds. I didn’t do the salt water flushes at night or in the morning but I did drink my lemon/water elixir all day. I will definitely do a salt water flush today because of the incredible feeling of fullness I feel from a raw salad I ate last nite. To go 7 days on the Master Cleanse is remarkable and I am in awe of you. You have given me a new goal.



  48. Angel

    I really appreciated what you wrote. I am at the end of day five, and your comments about day six inspired me. My skin actually broke out pretty badly on the cleanse, but I figure that is just my body getting rid of toxins. Hopefully I will start to see improvements like you! :)

  49. Erin

    This is my first time trying the MC. I am on Day 6 and I’m miserable. I have lost 7lbs (female/ height 5ft 3 in/ start weight 134, today 127) and my skin looks great but I feel like I’m dying inside. I have no energy and my vision feels distorted. I am craving a turkey sub. I was aiming for 10 days but I don’t know if I can make it. I never realized my close relationship with food. Pretty sure it was my best friend, and now it’s gone. I really need some support here! :(

  50. Jon

    Also on day 6, and the cleanse has done wonders to calm my psoriasis. I did the cleanse 3 years ago and my psoriasis calmed then, too. Alas it came back. But at least I don’t have to deal with itchy skin along with the other detox symptoms.

  51. Becky

    On day three, bad headache this am! Even my teeth hurt, my neck is tight and sore. I am going to try to stay out o the house where there is lots of food and hungry children. My husband will have to help me with meals for kids. I didn realize how undisciplined I have lived my life. When I wanted something I had it, no thought, just to quickly satify. I want to take more charge in my life and direction! I need to get through the weekend!

  52. Anonymous

    Day 2, Im hungry so so hungry. Thanks to all of you for giving me the strength to stick to it. I really am not in it to lose weight, you see Im a heavy cigarette smoker. I really need to quit. My skin isnt as radiant as i’d like to be. If it werent for this blog I would probably be at Subway right now and the way i build my sandwich is about as unhealthy as eating at Mc Donalds. It makes me feel alot better. I guess i like being in denial lol

  53. kate

    Hi! I have acne problem and I am on day 9. My acne reduced while on the cleanse, but I am finding new cystic acne coming up today and am a little discourage. I am still using Carley’s clear and smooth acne solution while on the cleanse. I am hoping that after the cleanse, once I get my diet right and take total EFA oils and coconut oil that my skin will continue to improve. Thanks for the post!

  54. ene

    hi everyone,your stories are really encouraging.i am about to start master cleanse and am really hoping to get the in it for weight loss as well as detoxification.wish me luck.

  55. Stephani

    If you dont mind me asking , What Master Cleanse are you using ? I really want to do one im just not sure witch one to use, also does the one your using come with a manual or a book of tips and instructions? not sure how to mix the concoctions without it.

  56. J

    I know this is a two year old journal but I am here in 2013 doing the master cleanse. It’s my first time but I am pushing through I am on day 6 also and I just cannot wait till I get to day 10 almost there. It’s so great to see everyone on here supporting each other.

    1. Aiden

      Did you make it to 10? How have the results been afterwards and how much weight did you lose. I’m on day 6 and 1-4 were a breeze 5 was tough 6 is HARD. lol but i am too far to quite. I wanted to try for more than 10 days.

  57. Suzanne

    Day 1, 7pm. What do ya know, I’m pretty darn hungry. I’ve had 96oz of lemonade and 96oz of water today. I am in the middle of the 30 day Mlis candida cleanse and the MC is incorporated into the cleanse. (3 days starting on the 8th day and 27th day)

    Here’s some advice that may help:
    -First thing in the morning, drink a lot of water- say around 20oz or so.
    -Exfoliate your skin all over every day.
    -Take a salt bath once a day. (Himalayan or Epsom)
    -Keep your mind occupied and if you can do something physical (whether you are working or doing stuff around the house)
    -Drink plenty of water along with the lemonade. (Alternate)
    -Try to exercise at least 30 min, every other day.
    -Read success stories, those help!
    -Get at least 8 hours of sleep.
    -Do NOT chew sugar free gum! (The chemical sweetener known as aspartame will interfere with the detox process)
    -After cleanse, slowly introduce foods back in your diet starting with veggie juice the 1stday off, cooked fruit and steamed veggies the 2nd day off and lean protein (fish, turkey) maybe the 4th day off the cleanse.

    Happy cleanse everyone!

  58. Fig

    Hello all u MC’rs..=)
    I’m reading all your posts. Pretty inspired. Extremely nervous to try this but…With everyones comments on the healthier skin I’m willing to take the chance! I have a few questions if anyone can help me out please.
    1. What is this MC book your referring to ? Where do I find it?
    2. I’m reading alot of posts where people are on day 6. Is there some significance to this day ? (WHATS HAPPENING PRIOR AND AFTER THIS DAY!?LOL)
    3. Would you suggest starting it on a weekend?
    4. In your opinion what is the TOUGHEST part of the cleanse process?
    5. Is the salt water flush necessary? If so, Is it REALLY good for you to intake all that salt?!
    Congrats to all that have completed it!! Def takes alot of dedication/will power! I hope I can stand strong through it all!!
    PS..Regarding the elimination of tape worms etc. Wouldnt that be a good thing? I’m assuming you would only be eliminating them if you have them(correct? Ur not getting them from the cleanse I imagine!!). As creepy as it would be to see ur eliminating them..You also should be happy u ARE eliminating them..PLEASE tell me if Im wrong/missing something!!lol!

    Any input would be Greatly APPRECIATED! =)

  59. Gillian

    I’m on day 6 of the Master Cleanse reading this journal entry comforted me tremendously. thank you for telling me your experience.I also work late hours and didnt sleep til 6 am today. Im having major headaches. but I think after I do the swf ill be ok. I also am craving whole wheat toast with olive oil and tomatoes and some sea salt sprinkled lol. Thanks so much. Keep clean! Xo

  60. Olga

    hey y’all! Am considering starting the mc in a few day’s time and am slowly gathering momentum (and ingredients! Lol). Maybe will start after the Easter holiday! Will be using molasses coz cant find pure maple syrup in Zim. Jus the flavoured one for pancakes,icecream etc. Wanna try 14 days! Have acne to clear-up, a pot-belly to lose and a lifetime of toxins to flush! Wish me luck guys! Talk to y’all soon…when i’ve started….

  61. Anonymous

    hey y’all! Am considering starting the mc in a few day’s time and am slowly gathering momentum (and ingredients! Lol). Maybe will start after the Easter holiday! Will be using molasses coz cant find pure maple syrup in Zim. Jus the flavoured one for pancakes,icecream etc. Wanna try 14 days! Have acne to clear-up, a pot-belly to lose and a lifetime of toxins to flush! Wish me luck guys! Talk to y’all soon…when i’ve started…..

  62. Mélissa

    Greetings everyone,

    I started the cleanse today and I am hoping to clear my acne and get overall wellness. I appreciated reading all the great testimonials and hopefully I can come back on Day 10 to share my success story!

    We are indeed what we eat! Determination is all in the power of the mind! We can do it!

    Have yourselves a wonderful day!


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