Master Cleanse Journal

This is the main page for the Master Cleanse journal I’ll be keeping over the next few days I spend on the Master Cleanse. Each of the links below will take you to a page where I’ll be posting about that specific day on the Master Cleanse.

I hope you’ll join in!

Answers to Master Cleanse Questions

Tuesday 3/27 – The Day Before The Cleanse

Wednesday 3/28 – The First Day of The Master Cleanse

Thursday 3/29 – Day 2 of The Master Cleanse

Friday 3/30 – Day 3 of The Master Cleanse

Saturday 3/31 Day 4 of The Master Cleanse

Sunday 4/1 Day 5 of The Master Cleanse

Monday 4/2 Day 6 of The Master Cleanse

Tuesday 4/3 Day 7 of The Master Cleanse

Wednesday 4/4 Day 8 of The Master Cleanse

Thursday 4/5 Day 9 of The Master Cleanse

Friday 4/6 Day 10 of The Master Cleanse

Saturday 4/7 Day 11, First Day Off The Master Cleanse

Sunday 4/8 Day 12, 2nd Day Off The Master Cleanse

Monday 4/9 Day 13, 3rd Day Off The Master Cleanse

After You Finish The Master Cleanse, How To Keep The Momentum

3 thoughts on “Master Cleanse Journal

  1. febe gonzalez

    hello i am doing the cleansing diet and i have been doing it for 6 days now. the first 2 days i didn’t eat anything but the 3rd day i started getting light headed and headaches so i ate an organic breakfast. is that ok? or will it affect my cleansing. i also have been eating something small in the afternoon for the same reason that i get dizzy. i feel like it’s not working though and my face is breaking out. what can i do to not get light headed without eating and to fix my face that’s breaking out.

  2. Kathy F

    I have not eaten day six feel like hell in appearance, dragging a lot then I remembered that I was pushed yesterday to drive 200 miles to see my therapist and it would tire me out anyway the next day. And I get up early to be out of the house by 7:45 every morning. I am tired today. I’ve kept to the Master Cleanse, making extra mixes up in containers ready to go. As long as I keep liquids going in I am okay for hunger isn’t a problem now.

    Wondering if I will ever be able to pull myself together, this is drastic as a measure. Won’t know until it’s over if it was worth it. First time for me to do this and I am older 65 this month on the end of my fast I will have a birthday and no cake.

  3. Mercedes

    Hi, I’m on day two of the cleanse, and I barely go number 2. Except in the morning. But I’m used to going already 3x a day. My wisdom is, if I’m not doing number 2 like everyone is saying I should am I failing our doing something wrong.


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