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    7 Signs You Need A Colon Flush

    When your colon is not efficiently moving waste out of your body it can compromise almost every aspect of your health. Here's 7 of the most common warning signs of a plugged up colon.

    1. You're tired and sluggish even when you get 8 or more hours of sleep
    2. You struggle to lose weight despite eating a normal amount of calories
    3. Your skin is pale with dark spots, and possibly acne
    4. You don't have daily bowel movements, or your bowel movements are primarily liquid (diarrhea)
    5. Your bowel movements have the consistency of heavy paste
    6. You have bad breath and foul body odor even though you practice good hygiene
    7. You're frequently sick

    A poorly working colon cannot only affect your digestion but your entire body. The main function of the colon is to remove water from feces and then to excrete the rest of the feces out of the body.

    Without this excretion of feces, toxins can build up in the body and actually make you sick. These toxins seep back into the body and your body can have an allergic response.

    Overtime a slow moving colon can become damaged and lead to serious digestive disorders such as ulcerative colitis, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and Crohn's disease. It can also become a deadly situation in the case of bowel cancer.

    Fiber Is Your Colons Best Friend

    What are some of the common causes of a poorly functioning colon?

    Diet is at the top of the list. A diet low in fiber can cause blockage and slow moving feces. The reason is that fiber is not digestible; it moves through your digestive system and cleanses the bowel along with bulking up feces. The bulked up feces glide out of your bowels almost effortlessly.

    Diets that are fiber deficient cause internal sludge to build up in your colon. Eventually this sticky toxic material will no longer let anything pass and constipation occurs.

    Fiber goes through your system like drain cleaner and takes all that sludge with it.

    Why Diarrhea Could Be A Sign Your Colon Is Backed Up

    Sometimes people complain they have diarrhea when they are actually constipated. What happens is that there is a blockage in the bowel and feces moves around the blockage in the form of watery substance. If the colon is not properly extracting water from it then diarrhea can result.

    The bowel contains vital bacteria needed to break down food. When your bowel is not properly functioning, both beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria increase in number because they have a place to grow. The result is gas production as this the natural byproduct of bacteria and even yeast. In addition, these excess bacteria can make you sick, and can cause an infection in your digestive tract.

    The Dangers Of Leaky Bowel Syndrome

    Modern diets are full of meat, and not enough vegetables and fruits. Without enough fiber going through your digestive system, meat can sit in the digestive tract and putrefy. This can lead to leaky bowel syndrome. This is when toxins and food particles pass through the bowel wall instead of being excreted. You body reacts to these particles with an immune response, or allergy. This can also manifest through other organ systems such as the nervous system and even through you largest organ, your skin. Skin rashes and other skin conditions can be easily to connected to an improper functioning bowel.

    The solution is actually twofold. First, you must cleanse your system through detoxification, and then you must adopt a healthier diet full of high fiber foods.

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