Stevia, The Natural Sweetener Banned By The FDA

steviaIn my last blog post 10 pounds in 4 days, a reader wrote in and mentioned she used stevia to make the salt water flush we use on the Master Cleanse easier to go down. I wanted to share more about stevia because it’s a rather interesting natural product that most people don’t know about because of a controversial move by the FDA banning stevia from being labeled and sold as a sweetener.

I would like you to voice your opinion about whether you think this is fair, but first let’s talk about the benefits of stevia.

Stevia is a natural sweetener that comes from the Stevia rebaudiana plant, and is 300 times sweeter then sugar. What’s even more exciting is that stevia has zero calories, and research shows that it’s safe for diabetics (there’s some conflicting opinions on this as I’ll describe below)

Here’s where things get strange. If you’re thinking of picking up some stevia you won’t find it next to the sugar and other artificial sweeteners in your local grocery store because the FDA will not allow stevia to be labeled as a sweetener of any kind.

Stevia has to be labeled as a nutritional supplement which means you’ll have to go to a specialty health food store, or order it online because most grocery stores won’t carry it.

Dangers of Stevia – What Are Stevia’s Side Effects?

The FDA says it’s not safe. Those on the side of stevia say it’s a political move by the sugar and artificial sweetener camps to keep stevia from moving in on their business.

Here’s some information I dug up:

From wikipedia

“A 1985 study reported that steviol, a breakdown product from stevioside and rebaudioside (two of the sweet steviol glycosides in the stevia leaf) is a mutagen in the presence of a liver extract of pre-treated rats but this finding has been criticized on procedural grounds that the data were mishandled in such a way that even distilled water would appear mutagenic. More recent animal tests have shown mixed results in terms of toxicology and adverse effects of stevia extract, with some tests finding steviol to be a weak mutagen while newer studies find no safety issues.”

Is stevia safe for someone with diabetes? That same wikipedia page had this to say about stevia and diabetes

“Other studies have shown stevia improves insulin sensitivity in rats and may even promote additional insulin production, helping to reverse diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Preliminary human studies show stevia can help reduce hypertension although another study has shown it has no effect on hypertension. Despite these more recent studies establishing the safety of stevia, government agencies have expressed concerns over toxicity, citing a lack of sufficient conclusive research.”

This is what had to say about using stevia if you’re diabetic…

“Stevia can be a part of a healthy diet for anyone with blood sugar problems since it does not raise blood sugar levels. If in doubt, ask your doctor. However, if they do say no, ask them politely for the current research to support their opinion.”

It sounds to me like stevia is perfectly safe, but like many natural products that can’t be patented and sold as drugs the makers of stevia don’t have the cash to pay off the right people in Washington. But that’s just my opinion.

If you’re not sold on the FDA’s view of stevia and would like a second opinion consider this,  stevia has been approved in Brazil, Japan, and China. It’s also being looked at for use in future Coca-Cola products.

If you’re ready to go ahead and try stevia you might have a hard time tracking it down. You’re mot going to find it in most grocery stores. It’s best to look for stevia in health food stores or order it online.

Stevia recipes and cooking with stevia

Cooking with stevia can be tricky. In it’s pure form it’s much sweeter then sugar, but most of the time you won’t be using pure stevia. This chart found here shows you how much stevia you’ll need to equal the same amount of sugar. It will show you the amounts for granulated stevia, liquid stevia extract, and pure stevia. has a list of some recipes you can try out for your self. Your first few dishes made with stevia might come out tasting funny as you get used to calculating the proper amounts to use. After a while you’ll get the hang of it and have no problems converting old recipes that used sugar over to stevia.

Do You Think The FDA Should Allow Stevia To Be Sold As A Sweetener In The United States Of America? 

I would like to hear your thoughts. I’m not a bombastic type person who’s locked in to an iron clad belief system, but I think stevia could help society. Let’s face it, American’s aren’t going to give up sweets any time soon, and if stevia can do the same job as sugar without the calories I think our government is obligated to allow Americans the option of choosing stevia by placing it next to sugar on the grocery store shelf.

Please leave your comments below…

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  • I have been using stevia for over 10 years. It is an excellent source of sweetening and has no side effects. I have discovered that you need to be careful of the brand you buy as some brands have a bitter taste and an after taste. The taste also depends on the form in which it was purchased and how much you use. I use it in all of my beverages and anything else that calls for sugar. It is more difficult to use bake cakes and cookies, then I will use honey or granulated fructose which give the same results as sugar. If the FDA was not run by the pharmaceutical companies and were more concerned about preventions and natural cures and foods, the people of this country would be much healthier. Now the government wants to control all of our health. What a disaster that would be!!

  • They should ban MEAT, dairy, eggs,etc.. Those are the Number one killers for our health.

    Factory farming should be banned! Breeding and killing animals destroys our precious planet!

    Animals are our angels, helpers and friends and NOT our food.

    Animals are NOT ours to eat, wear or experiment on.

    Go VEGAN! Be Green! Help save our precious planet!

  • I am a diabetic and I would like to know more about Stevia.Why do you recommend only two packets per day,is it unsafe to use more than two packets…some one please

  • I’m a diabetic and have tried Stevia. It has a very strong bad tasting after-taste. I’ve tried the Master Cleanse it definite works. But, in place of the Grade B maple syrup I use Sugar Free Honey of which can be found at your local Walmart on the aisle next to the regular honey. It works for me!

  • I have experienced immediate reaction – running to the bathroom within 15 minutes after eating or drinking anything that has been sweetened by any artifical sweetener. About 30 minutes ago, I had a cup of coffee with Stevia running! So now, I’m researching – if it really is safe…will it be safe if I grow it in sandy soil (or, will it grow in sandy soil). I’ll keep an eye on future comments.
    Thank you all for commenting, together we can make a difference in American’s taking bad pills to fix the bad drugs that have been put into our bodies.

  • Not to mention, Mr. or Ms. “Not Crazy”, if YOU really knew anything about other countries’ versions of the FDA & other government agencies, you’d realize their positions & laws actually contradict your arguments. Do you know that Proctor & Gamble convinced the U.S. government that they couldn’t make certain personal care & cleaning products w/out certain harmful ingredients, because they said it wouldn’t be cost effective? Meanwhile they removed those same ingredients to sell those same products in Europe because European governments BANNED them. Yet they still make HUGE profits in Europe. We’re just about the only country that allows ourselves to be poisoned for the profit of a few & our government helps them do it, for whatever reason, laziness, blindness, corruption, or a combination of the three. anyone interested in more info should read “The Hundred Year Lie” by Randall Fitzgerald, a well-known & reputable journalist. It’s very well researched, not at all inflammatory & he provides many, many sources for you to continue your research on your own, so you don’t just have to take his word for it.

  • It’s always interesting to read comments from individuals such as “Not Crazy Unlike You.” Where have you been living all of your life? There is nothing that involves billions of dollars that is left to chance! Although anecdotal evidence has its place, there is actually plenty of research that supports the position of every single person that has posted here. You don’t have to believe in some out of this world unbelievable conspiracy theory, dude, it’s as simple as plain vanilla old fashioned greed. Hmm, wasn’t there a little drug called Vioxx that made some company called Merck in the neighborhood of $2.5 BILLION dollars before they had to yank it off the market for killing people? It’s all about the money, & combined w/our fast fix-want a pill now-treat the symptoms not the cause culture, there’s a lot more money to be made & unfortunately a lot more damage to be done.

  • Hi Everyone,
    Once again we the people are suppost to be stupied. As long as we liisten is going to be as long as the FDA keeps telling us what is good and what is bad. Stevia for my part is a wonderful product. I found out about it only 6 months ago but have been using it ever since. Can we stop these lies will we can try and at least tell everyone we come in contact with. Thank you Raylen for this news. As long as I can get my hands on stevia I will buy it. Do you know if you try and import any thing that the FDA saids is bad they will stop it from coming in. We are really dud in this country and it is so sad we don’t know it. So keep the stories coming and stop telling others and giving what help we can

  • Wow!!!! I’ve never seen such a group of DIMWHITS, at least since I went onto a “9-11 Truth” or “faked moon landing” website. You people have me chuckling non-stop.

    “It is now known that Aspartame causes ___________” Uh, no it doesn’t. It’s the most studied substance ever know to human kind. No study, not one, in any country, EVER in history, has even hinted at a problem of any type, regardless of dose. Oh, maybe the health and science best and brightest in Spain and Ireland and France and Australia and Germany and Brazil and Sweeden and England and……… are all in on the big conspiracy!

    “Splenda contains chlorine and it should be banned” So does table salt and just about everything you’ve ever put in your mouth. Again, not one study on earth, ever that has ever found even a hint of a problem with Splenda. It’s 100% perfectly safe, in any dose. But, the sugar industry sure would like it gone.

    “Stevia is banned by the FDA, who is doing it to prop up other companies such as Nutrasweet and Splenda.” Ummmm, no. Stevia for some time was not approved as a sugar substitute. The FDA held this position, and SO DID MANY MANY MANY MANY other countries, stevia wasn’t shown to be safe, to their requirements! The FDA didn’t say that stevia “is dangerous”. Rather, it wasn’t shown to be, beyond any reasonable doubt, SAFE; and the burden was on stevia marketers to prove the safety to the FDA’s satisfaction. Therefore, it was not approved. Since then, it has been deemed acceptable.

    “The FDA wants to ban the secretly healthy things so that they can keep us at the doctor and in the pharmacy (in kahoots with big pharma)” Healthcare costs are the single biggest drain on our society. Medicare is 100x larger than the biggest Pharma. If you “follow the money” you will see how stupid an argument you have. Then, what about the FDA equivalent from EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH??

    You all are a bunch of conspiracy theory loving whackos. Trust me. Every word I have written is 100% accurate. You poor confused fools. Hey, did you hear? GM killed the electric car because they are in kahoots with “big oil”. You people are truly amusing. Watch out for that fluorinated water! It’s also a secret conspiracy and poison! Follow the money! hysterical

  • shawna,
    I picked a stevia plant up last week at Wal-Mart.

  • I have been using Stevia for over a year now and I have never felt better…I have also noticed that my son’s “ADHD” has subsided since switching him…very interesting…

    I was reading through the earlier posts and noticed someone say she makes skin preparations from stevia. I would be VERY interested to know more about that and/or be able to communicate with her. I am also interested in knowing where I can find the plant to grow here at home.

  • Hi everyone. Glad to see so many people looking after themselves.

    Have you watched Sweet Misery? Excellent documentary.
    It’s on Google Video.

  • I agree with sparkle lets with hold our taxes and let them tell us we are more powerful and they know it quit allowing your minds to be conditioned.

  • The politicians are not running things, corporations and the extremely wealthy are. I tried to buy red rice yeast as a control for cholesterol, and It is banned in Canada where I live, because the US FDA said so. RRY contains a similar natural chemical as Lipitor or Zocor and could have bad side effects. Recent studies in Los Angeles by a renowned doctor and scientist concluded no more risk, and most likely less risk, than Pharmacy chemicals. Why can’t my doctor give me a perscription for it like Zocor..? Heres why. A month supply is $5. Same with Stivia, which I have used and think is great.
    If the drug manufacturers can’t make a whoppin profit..we don’t get it..

  • Well I have ordered Stevia online since I have found out about it and I am growing Stevia or (sweet leaf plant) in my kitchen window and now I have found it at wal mart, I don’t gain as much weight with Stevia as I do with regular sugar. I am a big Tea and coffee drinker.

    What is strange is why if stevia a natural plant not approved by FDA but sugar beets and cane sugar are. It should be allowed is all I am saying and as long As I can find the packets for when I eat out I will buy them and I will always have the little plant in my window to pick off a leaf when I need a sweetness for my drink.

  • japanese researchers have done publications on the medicinal properties of Stevia rebaudiana, and there are strong benefits (in high dosages) to Diabetics and people suffering from high blood pressure, to give but an example.

    The FDA disgrace is explained here:

    And the medical benefits of Stevia are at

    There seems to be potentially serious side effects of Truvia as well. Truvia contains Rebaudioside A exclusively, made from gene-modified Stevia plants..

  • Interesting article related to Stevia and the FDA. I guess when Coke wanted to manufacture and use the product in their drinks, it became OK with FDA.

  • #78 – I find it strange you are worried about a natural substance popping up in the general diet. For years I only had to avoid drinks and foods labeled “Diet” in order to avoid artificial sweeteners (sucralose being very prevalent with the least offensive aftertaste). Today, many general cookies, chips, gums, mints etc contain at least 1, and nearly all OTC flavored drugs (antacids, chewables) contain fake sugars. Even children’s vitamins contain at least one. Often I only learn I’ve accidentally consumed them when wrought with a terrible migrane-style headache.

    I’ve watched the research on Stevia (thank you Coke and Cargill) and I cannot wait for it to hit the mainstream. I work in the food industry and I found it strange the recent trends in low-carb and natural foods. They just don’t match without natural sweeteners like Stevia. I for one would applaud any natural replacement of fake sugars (yes, splenda is fake).

    Also, fun fact: I believe it was aspartame that needed 3 changes in FDA leadership before one would agree to approve it.

  • 78colon cleansing is cherrypicking facts when saying:
    “Stevia causes a significant lowering of blood pressure and heart rate in a large enough percent of the general population to cause concern.”

    do some homework dude(dudette?)
    “After the administration of high doses of stevioside (250 mg thrice a day) blood pressure of hypertensive patients was lowered starting 3 months ofter the onset of the experiments (Chan et al., 2000). This effect is explained by an inhibition of Ca2+-influx from extra-cellular fluid (Liu et al., 2003). No effects were found on blood biochemical parameters nor on glucose level.
    It can be concluded that stevioside is absolutely safe for diabetics, phenylketonuria patients and slimming people. It is not suited for regulating blood glucose levels. High amounts (3×250 mg/day) will decrease blood pressure without negative side-effects. “

  • the latest in stevia research
    ..the European Stevia Association (EUSTAS)

    ..a non-profit organisation. The main aims of this project are the promotion and coordination of all activities focussing on research and health in relation to Stevia rebaudiana and related compounds, to show that they are safe for the human consumption and to place a new application for Stevia rebaudiana as a sweetener against the Scientific Committee on Food of the European Commission.
    The application for Stevia leaves as Novel Food was handed in to the SCF on July 2007.

  • There is another new Stevia product out called Stevia Extract in the Raw. It is a great form of Stevia in that it only has Stevia Extract and Dextrose. There are no sugar alcohols. It is actually less espensive than Truvia and Purevia. Check out their website

  • If anyone likes Stevia there is another comparable sweetener that is 100% natural as well, it is Agave. And you can find it next to maple syrup. I use it and love it and has the same thing like stevia.

  • Stevia causes a significant lowering of blood pressure and heart rate in a large enough percent of the general population to cause concern. If it is used in enough products those people will inadvertently get too much in their diets.

    What if a chef decides that stevia makes a great substitute for sugar in his latest desert? How many truly read the label of everything they eat?

    I have a milk sensitivity and I constantly miss whey on the label of prepackaged foods.

    Once in a while there really is a reason and not just some bureaucracy trying to punish you with its ignorance.

  • As of last week, it seems companies producing zero-calorie products will have zero excuse to continue using synthetic sweeteners aspartame, saccharin and Splenda.

    Following political pressure from industry giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi, The FDA gave a long-awaited nod to two stevia-based sweeteners developed by PepsiCo and the Coca-Cola Company. According to an article in the New York Times, the FDA now says they have “no objection to rebiana having GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status” as a general-purpose sweetener for food and beverages. It’s a huge switch in the FDA’s attitude. Previously, despite that Stevia is approved as a food additive in at least a dozen countries, including Japan and China, it could only be marketed in the U.S. as a supplement and was routinely suppressed by the FDA, reputedly because it threatened the profits of aspartame.

    The two new stevia-based sweeteners, PureVia and Truvia should show up on the consumer shelves in early 2009. Both use rebiana or Reb A, an extract from a South American

  • They actually sell a brand called TRUVIA now put out by coca-cola and sold in wal-mart and many grocery stores made from the stevia plant and it is wonderful it cost around 6$ for 40 packets but is worth it. and generally i only use part of a packet in a coffee or tea…

  • If you look at a recent article in Popular Science, you’ll see a claim that cows fed at a feedlot and furthermore fed some bitter chemical left over from wine production are supposed to be good for the environment, because they are supposed to produce less gas (flatulence) than the “old fashioned” cows that are actually allowed to eat grass. The gas, you see, is supposed to contribute to global warming. This is the same magazine, by the way, that published an article claiming that oxycodone is supposed to be a promising drug for our autistic children. … Oh and by the way, I am so sick of feeling like I’m being misled by the government media complex.

  • Raylen, you put the puzzle pieces out there, allow me to connect them. Charantea and Celestial Tea Co.’s have both been shut down and had product confiscated for “spiking tea with a drug” by the FDA…..yet you’re right, Coca-Cola has plans to use it in their products…but I guarantee you they will have no problems. In fact, imo, that is why these “competitors” were shut down…heaven forbid we should all live healthy lives. Stevia is the only sweetener I use in place of sugar or dangerous chemical sugar substitutes, and only add Erythritol, another great natural granulated sweetener that’s 70% as sweet as sugar, in my baking/cooking healthful goodies. I spent two years developing Healthy, Diabetic Friendly Chocolates, some with Nut butters and Coconut, etc. in them, and had all my R&D stolen in a burglary. I was doing so many great things with it, I can’t remember them all…but even if I did, I could not market them in the current Nazi FDA environment without going to prison. I can tell you to take organic cacao nibs, grind them in a Vita Mix machine (coffee grinder would work fine too), add Stevia and Erythritol to taste, experiment with healthful coconut and walnuts (high in omega 3s and more), but if I were to have a simple bake sale, and say they are safe for Diabetics, which they are (My nephew got his horrendous 500dl sugar levels down to 200 in two weeks with 4 simple added supplements, without changing any bad habits-Stevia for sweetener, Cinnamon, Chromium as Amino Chelates, and Bitter Melon), I’d be tossed into jail. Obama, our new President-elect has the current stance of undoing the FDA’s powers, but the fact is the Disease Care industry is HUGE, and Big Pharma is already putting hundreds of millions in Democratic coffers, and we all know Washington is for sale, so we must either suffer, move out of this once great country, or play their games until we frustrate them and wind up in an unknown prison for the rest of our short lives. Now, those are the facts…and with Dubya still in power, I could likely be jailed for this posting, as has happened more than anyone would care to know. God Bless America!

  • Hello, and thank you for the information. I am a die hard user of Stevia for years now. I love it, and the fact that there really is ‘something’ out there made by nature, that doesn’t have any negative side effects. What the FDA has done doesn’t surprise me….. its just one more thing that is being used to manipulate us for THIER benefit. Probably they have gotten a big payoff for this move by the artificial sweetner companies. I hate that it has come to this but to take care of ourselves we have to educate ourselves and seek out what is best for ourselves, because of all the greed and manipulation going on. Everything is so distorted with media, government and such, that we are forced to take control of ourselves or someone else will…..without our best interests at heart. The time is now that we stand up for what is right.

  • It took a long time to read all the replys..but it was so worth
    the time…I learned a lot..especially about the FDA and Stevia!

  • Stevia is good for you, plain and simple.This guy called Dan Quinn (MMA Fighter) has discovered a miracle, it is called Cold Fission and what he does, blends stevia with water which splits the h2O molecule, and turns the water and lil bit of stevia into a natural gas and in a few mins the renewed water will fall to the bottom and then you remove the soapy foam stuff at the top (chems) and what you are left with is pure, yeah thats right PURE H2O.Look It up.

    Oh and you can find dan quinn videos of this miracle on youtube.

  • I have type 2 diabetes can is it safe for me to do the master cleanse ? And should I continue My diabetes meds, when doing so.

  • Michelle in Austin you are sooooooooooo right. When aspartame was approved by the FDA there were only two studies they (FDA) used to do it. Coke and Monsanto. The two major distributors of aspartame. It works like a poison in your system and when I started drinking diet Cokes (before that I never drank anything diet) I also started losing my memory. After that a strange sensation on my left leg. Then I did some research to find organization that are trying to get it banned. So if there is something better (sweeter) the powers that be don’t want you to know about it. Some of the same ingredients in aspartame you find in shoe polish, floor wax, paint thinner etc. Also, if you find that you have problems you can’t get rid of stop using aspartame and withing 5 – 7 days you should start to notice a difference if aspartame was the culpret.

    In the beginning stevia left a not so good aftertaste but now they make it so that it doesn’t leave one. You use less and it doesn’t harm you like aspartame.

  • I have been using Stevia for about 2 years and I love it. Most of the Kroger stores sell it, that is where I get mine at and its cheaper than a health food store.

  • DANG IT!! A few months ago I found stevia at WalMart by the sugar. I went to get some last week and couldn’t find it. I guess this is why. Are they really thinking about putting it in Coke. I might switch from Dr. Pepper for that. 🙂

  • I sure would like to find out more information about the use of stevia for wrinkles. Also I have my own stevia plant and the leaves are deliciously sweet (who needs candy) but the leaves alone don’t sweeten my tea. What do I have to do to the plant to use it as a sweetener?

  • I have been using Stevia Sweet Leaf Plus for over a year now. They keep telling us that we need to get more fiber into our diets, so why not with Stevia Plus. I also use the liquid for cold drinks, and the powder for cooking. I carry a baggy with the packets for use in resturants. I think that the FDA needs to take an unbiased look at Stevia. Any side effects that you might get seem to me to be far better than using Splenda or the pink or blue rat poisons they now allow us.


  • This sounds like an awesome product and I can’t wait for my son and I to try it out. First I’ll try the Kroger in my area because they have a section filled with organic foods. If it’s not there I’ll be willing to travel, high gas prices and all, to any health food store to find this product. I to would like info on a recipe book that uses Stevia! Thanks for the mind blowing insight on this product and the deceptive reports made by the FDA.

  • Thank you Raylen, for this great article! I would be horrified if stevia was taken away from us. I’ve been using it for seven years. In all those years I’ve had maybe four bottles of soda pop that contained aspartame. Ugh! Equal, Splenda and all the rest of those chemical sweeteners – OMG! what poisons!! Here in Canada stevia is available in all health food stores and in many pharmacies it is sold in powdered form as a diabetic aid and it’s about $4.00 cheaper than in the health food stores.
    I have noted many comments here about the FDA. I can’t believe they can get away with what they do. If they don’t like something that happens to be really healthy, all they have to do is write a denunciation. Gee, they might lose a few dollars from the millions they rake in!

  • I have been useing stevia for 4 years . I use the pure because it cost less. I like it better than sugar. I am a diabetic and think it takes getting used to like any thing else.I would like to see it in drinks and able to buy in stores. We have been sold the bad stuff long enough.We need to put pressure on the food makers to stop putting harmful ingredients in the food we buy .We needn’t buy it if it has preservatives in it.Thanks for the listening ear.
    Robin, from Ocala ,FLA.

  • Where can I buy it!

  • Michelle,
    The booklet “The Master Cleanse” gives you so much more information than just the ingredients. I believe if you are diabetic you can use molasses. Not sure about hypoglycemia. If you don’t have access to the book in a local health food store you can order one on-line for about $7.00. It us well worth it…

  • Hi, can anyone here tell me what special provisions need to be made in the Master Cleanse if you’re hypoglycemic? Can the maple syrup be replaced with something else or is it an integral part of the process? I desperately want to detox after Aspertame poisoning and would love to get some feedback. Thank You! Michelle

  • If the general public were aware of what they’re doing to their health by using Aspertame they would be outraged! Like those of us who now live with the consequences of years of drinking diet sodas & using the packets of sweetener we thought were harmless. I started using Stevia after having realized I was experiencing many problems with my health, the most disturbing being severe memory loss, along with fibromyalgia-like symptoms & blurred vision. It is now known that Aspertame use leads to Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, diabetes, yes, diabetes, & many other health problems because it literally eats the brain, as it was originally designed as a chemical warfare! Yes, people, do your homework & take the time to inform & educate yourselves. Our government does not have our best interests at heart…it’s all about big business & big greed…the pharmaceutical companies profit heartily from people who are suffering from toxic poisoning & health problems solely brought on because of Aspertame use. The gov’t knows it’s harmful and yes you’re right, our govt, big pharma & big corporate america are all in bed together! Monsanto and other chemical companies that orginated as weed killing companies, now own the majority of the grain holdings in this country along with food companies like Kraft and are quickly gaining a manopoly on the food supply in this country. That way they can make big bucks by reducing our foods to nothing but chemicals & poinsons. Educate yourself before it’s too late! My memory & ability to learn anything and concentrate has forever been altered and it makes me so angry! On the subject of stevia, it’s an herb, completely natural & safe & yes, the reason the FDA says it isn’t safe is because they don’t want their buddies in the aspertame business to miss out, thereby affecting their own pocketbooks!

  • I’d like to know more about stevia!

    I also have a question about the lemon cleanse…. does the salt flush, flush out all the friendly bacteria as well as the bad ones in your intestine? Does it really flush out parasites? All the studies I’ve done so far say that only some herbal combination can do that?


  • Thought I would pass this along…I am able to find Stevia at Kroger’s Grocery Stores in the Houston, TX area.

  • I am in agreement with your comments regarding the lobbists for the sugar/artificial sweetner industry squashing the enterprise of stevia. I would like to see hfcs and regular sugar replaced by stevia and then we can watch the waistlines of our citizens decrease! Hey we should get the insurance companies on the bandwagon – then they wouldn’t have to payout so much for all the obesity related health claims and life insurance claims, right? Got to know who your friends are in this world. anyway good luck with it all. deborah

  • If stevia is not safe why not just use pure organic MAPLE SYRUP? Or maple sap? Sap is pure from the tree, organic of course and it is not in a pill and is very natural. There, no FDA involved. Simple solution

  • why does the government alway ban the good things. for example in 1902, the first car ford made ran on hemp oil which produces 3 to 4 crops compared to 1 crop of corn. people were required to grow it to support the war and it does not pollute because as it grows it consumes the fumes produced. however the right people sunk their cash in foriegn oil. so ford had to redesign the right people ould make money so that he could get approved+ backing to produce andmake available to public. now they say it is too hard for officals to distinquish from marjuana, but that is lie. it still grows wild [like dandilions] all across the USA and i am yet to have police or those helicopters come to take someones farm because wild hemp growing in the hay field.

  • why does the government alway ban the good things. for example in 1902, the first car ford made ran on hemp oil which produces 3 to 4 crops compared to 1 crop of corn. people were required to grow it to support the war and it does not pollute because as it grows jt consumes the fumes produced. however the right people sunk their cash in foriegn oil. so ford had to redesign the right people ould make money so that he could get approved+ backing to produce andmake available to public

  • The FDA doesnt want you using anything that is good for you …so of course they say it is not good for you. They would rather the public use ARTIFICIAL sweeteners that have horrible affects on the human body. Just like they GRANFATHERED (meaning it was NEVER tested) in Thermarisol which is Mercury into immunizations ..and we wonder why AUTISM is 1 in every 150 kids. My niece is autistic and she was not born with it so she accuired it by a MAN made source . People really need to wake up and realize what they are doing to us, and how we allow them to get away with it! We worry about the wrong things like the stupid war we should of never started or immigrants, when we should be concerned with how they are causing CANCER ,HEART DISEASE, OBESITY in both ADULTS AND CHILDREN, somewhere it needs to stop, and we are the ones to do it, but since we have become such a lazy and ignorant society we would rather say Well I only get one life so im gonna live how i want… that has got to be the most idiotic statement i have ever heard in my life. I tyr an educate as many people as i can , but most of them are to blind to see the BIG picture.

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