Should I do the salt water flush everyday?

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Today a reader asked a question about the salt water flush…

Should I do the salt water flush everyday of the master cleanse? And how many times will I be using the bathroom? From what I have read the SWF is going to make me poop a lot but I have places to go in the evening and I don’t want to be having to go to the bathroom the whole time. Does it go on throughout the day? Or just within the hour or two after I do the SWF?

To get the best results with the master cleanse it’s important that you do the salt water flush every day, preferably twice a day.

The flush does start working quickly for most people so it’s best to plan accordingly and be near a bathroom. If you’re looking for something milder I suggest using a laxative tea. Any brand that’s caffeine free and has the ingredient “Senna” will work fine.

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