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Besides hunger the biggest compliant I hear about the Master Cleanse is the salt water flush. Here’s just one of the many comments I get about the salt water flush daily:


yikes, I am a caffeine addict for sure, but I am contemplating doing the Lemonade Diet, my husband does it for 10-14 days from time to time, and I am scared of the headaches. I aim to do this cleanse while working 9 days straight rather than be at home cooking for kids etc…is the salt water flush absolutely a must? I commute and would hate to have to pull onto side of road to *flush*….

Yes the salt water flush tastes bad. And yes, it will make you have to go to the bathroom at the drop of a hat. That said it works like a charm when it comes to flushing out waste from your body. Is it “a must”? That really depends on you and if you want the maximum detoxing benefits from the master cleanse. You could do the master cleanse with just plain filtered water and lemonade and get some good results, but for the best results you’ll need to do the salt water flush.

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  • hI… Can i am having a habit of salt water flush every day (Sea salt) without that i am not having bowel movements ..wvey morning i have to do salt water flush ..please tell me is it good to do everyday any problem if done everyday or its okay to do..

  • are you suppost to do the salt water flush everyday?

  • I suffer with Gallstones and I wanted to do the salt water flush to clear my system out so I could drink olive oil and then do the flush again which is meant to help clear the stones. Yesterday I had bad diarrhoea so I thought I’d do the flush yesterday evening. At 9pm I drank 1 pint of warm water with 2 tablespoons of Himilayan rock salt. Nothing happened. when I woke this morning at 9am. I drank 3/4 of a pink of warm water with 2 teaspoons of salt. The only bowel movement I have had was small and normal about 10am and at 6pm I was constipated. I’ve drank about 2 litres of water / squash today and started eating this afternoon and nothing has happened. I’m worried why nothing has happened especially as I’m in chronic pain with the gallstones.

  • What does it mean if u don’t have a bowel movement after taking the SWC?

  • Im doing the swf since I started im on my 5day and no going to the bathroom yet to flush at all . Am I doing something wrong?? Help

  • I don’t think you have to,or should take the swf everyday, especially if you’re going regularly from the smooth move laxative.

  • I did not do the precleanse and today I started my 5th day on the MC.
    So far so good, as I have lost almost 8 lbs already. I have to admit however that my only ‘cheat’ has been my morning coffee when I get to work. I will try to eliminate the coffee during the next 5 days and then the 3 day of ending the diet.
    I still feel strong, workout every morning. Avoiding the food commercials is a must as seeing a cheeseburger would be difficult to endure.

  • Hey I’m on my 3rd day of the master cleanse, just wondering if I need to do a salt water flush in the morning if I’m having bowel movements still. Should I start the flush right away or should I wait till I don’t have bowel movements anymore?

  • If you don’t go to bathroom after hour what wronge

  • I tried my first salt water flush this morning on an empty stomach. I never went to the bathroom and in the afternoon had lunch. All day I felt very sleepy and then in the late afternoon i started vomiting and became really sick. I had a terrible headache and continued vomiting intermittently.

    It’s the night and i do feel a bit better now compared to how sick i was this afternoon.

    Did anyone experience this too? I wonder what went wrong.

  • I tried my first salt water flush this morning on an empty stomach. I never went to the bathroom and in the afternoon had lunch. All day I felt very sleepy and then in the late afternoon i started vomiting and became really sick. I had a terrible headache and continued vomiting intermittently.

    It’s the night and i do feel a bit better now compared to how sick i was this afternoon.

    Did anyone experience this too? I wonder what went wrong.

  • I have been doing the master cleanser for 10 days in addition to the saltwater flush each day and I still have stool coming out. I am thinking that I need to go longer than the 10 days to get my intestinal tract clean. Has anyone else had stool after 10days of doing the Master Cleanser in addition to the saltwater flush?

  • Hello!

    I am on Day 4 of the master cleanse and have followed it very strictly – aside from the SWF! I do the laxative tea at night. So far I’ve had a cup on the nights of Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. I plan on having another cup tonight! I don’t want to do the SWF during my work week so I plan on doing it Saturday morning.

    Does anyone know if I can use the Himalayan Institute Neti Pot Salt? It’s uniodized… I already have it so if I don’t have to go buy anything that would be great. Has anyone used it before??


  • Hello, I just started the cleanse this morning. I am very excited! But if I could get a tip on how to pass down the salt water without it being so horribly discusting, that would be awesome! Thanks

  • Hi, if I run for a good 40 minutes a day while on the master cleanse will this make me actually lose the weight? I know that once you’re done with the cleanse you gain the weight back since it was mainly water weight but.if you exercise as well will some of of the pounds actually stay off? Thanks

  • What if you cannot drink the whole half liter of the non-iodine salt. I drunk most and i felt SO FULL and felt like I had to vomit. So what should I do? Please HELP

  • I just have a simple question, how frequently do you do the salt flush in the morning? Once every two days? Daily?


  • Should I do the salt water flush everyday of the master cleanse? And how many times will I be using the bathroom? From what I have read the SWF is going to make me poop a lot but I have places to go in the evening and I don’t want to be having to go to the bathroom the whole time. Does it go on throughout the day? Or just within the hour or two after I do the SWF?

  • I put 1/4 tsp of unfiltered Himalayan sea salt on my tongue until it dissolves to get the benefits of all the nutrients, then drink 3 16oz bottles of water, in 3-4 hours, i have one burst of diarreah and that is it, i then feel reenergized, refreshed and full of energy. I only do this on weekends. Do not use table salt! Never, not even for food. Always use sea salt. Sea salt works great with edema and stablizing your blood pressure.

  • Hi
    Please can you advise me,I am starting the lemonade cleanse, how many time do I need to do the salt water flush?How do I make the salt water flush?

  • Hi I’m on day 2 of the MC I’m trying to attempt to go all 40 days but I was woundering if I need to do te salt water flush every day im on it or how would that work?

  • Hello everyone, I am starting the lemonade diet in the morning and I am very excited but I would like to know how many times a week should i do the salt water flush??

  • Will the salt water flush still work if I use plain non-iodized salt instead of sea salt?

  • hi i just paid to down load my book but i cant find it, i wanted to know if the lemonaid mix is the only thing i will be drinking for ten days i got the book because you said you can still eat some thing when do i stare instead of breakfast i drink that how much do i drink at a time one glass three times a day help me pls. what is every one talking about salt water can i have my book mail to me i am not too good with down loading thank you

  • O.K. I have done the salt flush in the past , without any problems. However, I tried it now, 2 days in a row and have not had any results other than a horrible headache and extremely swollen eyes. Is it dangerous to take in that much salt and not be able to purge it? I’m a little concerned. Please advice.

  • Leah,
    I work 7-4 everyday. I am on day 2 and I tried to get up at 5 and do the flush. It was working by 6. Then around 8:40 I had an accident at work!! Mortifying! Luckily no one saw and I live close to work so I could go change. I am going to look into doing it at night now…

    Other than that VERY unfortunate situation, I have haven’t had any problems so far.

  • Every when do I do the SWF? this is my seventh day and I haven’t done it because I’m sure if i have to do it everyday or what.

  • Hey, a friend of mine recommended me this cleanse and I’m worried about when i should do the Sea Salt drink. I go to college from 8-2 and work around 6-10, most days. I do not want to drink this concoction and have an accident in front of co-workers or friends. Around what times should i drink it and how long will it last? Thank you ahead of time for the answer.

  • @bonnie -you should retry it with different salt to water ratios.
    Are you using uniodized sea salt? Tablesalt won’t cut it. You should be measuring two teaspoons of that sea salt, and 32 ounces of warm purified water (not tap water due to the mineral content and impurities)

    If you drink all 32oz within 15 minutes…you should be up and running to the bathroom between 30-60 minutes later. If not, try again a little bit later. Maybe try a bit more salt this time, or a bit less salt. The book say you can do it as many times a day as you want. (but then i hope you have a lot of books to read since you will spend all day in the toilet!)

  • what happens if you do the salt water and then don’t move your bowels all day? should you do the salt water again the next day or wait?

  • Hey guys,
    I am on the 2nd day of the master cleanse. The salt water flush is absolutely essential. The whole elimination process for that matter. I have done the cleanse many times in the past and once for 28 days. It was not very easy, but after you get past 10 days it is much easier than the 1st 3 days. Here’s how to make drinking the salt water flush easier- just take 2-3 tsps of the salt and mix it with just enough water to dissolve the salt, heat for 30 seconds in the microwave to dissolve the salt crystals (cause who wants to drink those, yuck). After that, just add less than a cup of water to the mixture, stir, hold your nose and just chug it. Drink a glass or 2 of plain water behind it and it works just as good. It may be much saltier this way, but after chugging the additional water behind it, it does the job just as good.
    Hope this helps!

  • The first time I did the master cleanse the saltwater flush was the absolute WORST. Maybe not at first but after a few days of it, yuck. So I have a trick I have been using this time around. I put 1 tbsp of sea salt in a shot glass, and then I fill it with boiling water. The water dissolves the salt after about 5 mins. I fill a waterbottle with 1 litre of room temperature water. I make sure my stomach is empty. I chug a few gulps of the water, take the saltwater shot and then chase it with more water. I try to get the rest of the water down i n the next 15 mins and for me it works exactly the same. The shot of saltwater may be one of the grossest things I have ever drank but it’s down in one second and you dont have to sit there for 20 mins with saltwater in your mouth! Hope this helps some of you!

  • Hello the first time I did the salt water flush no problem but the last two times I retained the water is there a reason for that I remember reading an article if your body is low on salt it will retain the water is that true…..thanks

  • I really don’t see why people have such a hard time with the salt water flush?? I drank my salt water, with 2 tsps of non iodized sea salt in 1 liter of water, at body temperature, which seemed warm, so to me it was like drinking a warm soup broth and nothing more….And when the “eliminations” began there were no cramps or burning, just water pouring out…..My question is, now that I’m done with the MC can I still do the SWF in the morning on an empty stomach to further the cleansing process? I do not intend to drink the tea anymore.

  • I’m starting the master cleanse tomorrow morning and am wondering if it is okay to take a laxative pill before bed instead of the laxative tea? will it have the same effect? I have read a few blog posts about this cleanse and a few people have said they find the salt water flush causes them to gain weight, is this true?
    Thank you

  • I am starting the master cleanse tomorrow morning and am wondering if it is okay to take a laxative pill before bed instead of the laxative tea? will it have the same effect? I have read a few blog posts about this cleanse and a few people have said they find the salt water flush causes them to gain weight, is this true?
    Thank you

  • @Jenn Hi, tomorrow is my day 5 on MC. And I do not flash as well, I mean I do drink the salted water, but I do not have to run to the restroom. I thought maybe the salt water flashes do not work for everyone? I drink a laxative tee before I go to sleep as well. Actually, (sorry for intimate details) I do excrete but it is not like diarrhea, just a little bit… (I am really sorry 4 detail)
    Anyhow, I found out it is easier to drink the salted water if you add 3-4 small peaces of fresh ginger to it. I had to vomit as I drunk it first time… But it works with ginger. I imagine that I drink a ginger soup…

  • I really need help! I cannot hardly stand to drink the salt water flush. I gag all the time!! did you say that i can drink the tea in the morning also? and how many glasses? I also need to know if I put one teaspoon of the sea salt into 1 liter or 2 teaspoons? I have done the salt water flush for 2 days and have not really had a full bowel movement or had to run to the restroom? am i doing something wrong?

  • Hi, I have sea salt, how do i know if it is refined? I got it at Whole Foods. It is Hain brand. Please email me and let me know. My daughter and I are going to start on July 5! Thanks.

  • Hello~
    I am on day one of TMC. Here are some notes from my journal entries…
    5-3 Smooth move tea right before bed
    5-4 I think I put too much pepper in my lemonade. I put an entire tsp in the jug for the daily dose. Its a little spicy but I can hang.
    I should definately invest in a funnel and a juicer. I borrowed the juiceman from a friend and its AWESOME!
    1:00 pm I am at work while licking an envelope, I actually enjoyed it for once.
    4:14 pm Feeling a little spacey, not physically hungry but anytime food is mentioned I swear I can smell it!

    I do have one ? Is it ok to do the salt water flush at night? I don’t have time to hang around my toilet for very long in the AM.

    Good luck to all, and cheers to the lemonade…

  • i’m about to get started on doin the master cleanse for ten day,
    but i’m still confused on the whole sea salt subject. so far i know i’m suppose to use non-iodide sea salt every morning before drinking the master cleanser. how much sea salt do i need to drink everyday and how much water do I add to it?

  • i have a question… can i just do the salt water flush and not drink the lemon and maple syrup drink and still lose weight or do i have to do everything?

  • I would talk to your doctor before even attempting this on Blood Pressure medicine! Better safe then sorry. Some people actually do use the Herbal laxative teas instead but keep in mind the reason the salt water is recommended is because it actually does flush and rinse out your intestines and colon, it is not just to make you poop. And that is important on this fast, getting rid of the toxins that build up is your #1 goal!

  • I take blood pressure medicine…do I continue to take it while on the MC? Also, I worry about taking in so much salt with the flush. I have some wonderful Senna tea that works like a charm. Is it ok to skip the salt water and will I still lose weight?

  • I have a question. When I do a saltwater flush the effects last for 2 days. Everything I put in my stomache (even water) causes another round. What in the heck is up with that?

  • I have a question. how long do you have to be on the Master Cleanse before you do the Sea Salt Cleanse and do you reallly have to drink so much water. When doing the sea saltdo I do the lemonade two or just the sea salt I mean that is a gallon of water itself. I would love to buy your books but I cant afford to pay attention right now so can you help me with some advice here.

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