Is Kevin Trudeau A Victom?

You probably know who Kevin Trudeau is. He’s the “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About” guy you see on infomercials.

With his checkered past that includes fraud charges and numerous run ins with the FTC Trudeau is no angel, but what I don’t understand is how a guy who sells books gets constantly harassed by the FTC while pharmaceutical companies who’s products do much more harm then Kevin’s books get a free pass.

The way I see it if the Government wants to bring justice to people harming consumers they should start with the drug companies who’s products murder 1000’s of people every year.

What are your thoughts on Kevin Trudeau?

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  • Somnambulant, you hit the nail on the head. This guy is a total fraud. When you see how dumbed down this country has become you can see why so many idiots would buy into Trudeau’s bullshit.

  • By the way, it’s “victim”… It actually terrifies me that there are so many of you people out there, people that are too damn lazy to pick up a book, a “real” book, and learn about how drugs & human body work. No, instead you’ll take the word of a scam artist that has been convicted of fraud, censured multiple times for attempting fraud, and treat him like messiah to validate your sad, paranoid delusions of conspiracy. Please, use his “natural” cures, hopefully they’ll kill you off before you breed and pass your stupidity onto the next generation.

  • Kevin Trudeau believer = Retard

  • God does not put sociopaths like Trudeau on earth ‘fro a reason.’ Trudeau is a remorseless fraudster and it is amazing how many ignorant people buy into his unmitigated BS! Trudeau should be in prison grabbing his ankles for Bubba and Tyrone! He is scum. He is not a doctor but he tries to play on on tv.

  • God put him here for a reason and thats to help america become better.. its not about the money well im sure he loves the money comming his way but at the same time he telling the truth.. I feel so much better thank u so much Kevin I love you!!!!!

  • Kevin tredeau is a godsent!!!!

  • kEVIN TREDEAU is here to make America better not worse then it is Hes the Angel NOt THE Devil the devil is people putting toxins in are food so that it slowly kills us.

  • I had a yeast infection for years and didnt know about it till now.. I was always wonering why i felt like this.. its called the candida overgrowth in the body it can cause all sorts of problems in the body symtoms like weight problems, acne brain fog, vaginal yeast infection and the list can go on.. And let me tell you I took ThreeLac just what he said to do its to detox the body.. And let me tell you i feel so much dam better I have no more acne, brain fog or anything else YIPPI!!!!!!!! THANK THE LOARD FOR HIM!

  • Everyone wants to kill kevin Tredeau.. Wanna know why Because hes all real its not about makeing the money.. yeah im sure he does love makeing the money wouldnt you.. At the same time Hes telling the tuuth.. This guy travels everywhere to help us.. I just cant stand when people say stuff like that about him!!

  • Kevin you are a godsent… God put you here to help people become better…. People are so used to the prescription drugs that they think herbes wont help them get better and it will I just hope everyone follows what you say or they will never get beter!!

  • My sister has been following his book and let me tell you she feels and looks good and i mean good!!!

  • Yeah jeanne!! Hes all real!!

  • Why don’t you just “Shut-Up” Jeanne!!!

  • Kevin Trudeau is a fraud!!!! His books and cd’s are filled with everything,except good health advise. Very few pages actually say anything about getting well.He should have named his book ” Learn How To Blow Your Top,and Shoot Your Mouth Off”

  • I knew someone who once worked closely with Kevin Trudeau. They said he was one of the worst guys they ever worked with – money hungry and just down right mean. Although there may be “some” valid information in his books – it’s nothing you couldn’t learn on your own from “real” homeopathic doctors or natural living websites. He’s a sales man – trying to make money….he’s only allowed to sell books on tv now…hence all the commercials for health and money saving books.

  • I have read many things on several health sources and the FDA is one of the worst for giving honest and healthful information. Considering the FDA’s salary is paid by the pharmaceutical companies. I have read many articules on cancer treatments along, and because there seem to be some very strong herbal cures that are coming out of the rain forest but because the greedy pharmaceutical companies can’t patent it, they have chosen to ignore the good and not tell the public about it. I just hope ALL the CEO’s and people that hide these remarkable treatments die a horrible death from cancer.

  • I run a charity called Open Your Arms
    and after reading his book wrote
    the following letter to Kevin Thanking Him
    G. Gregory Akrey

    April 21, 2008
    Re: Donations for Open Your Arms
    “Trouble in Paradise”

    Hello Kevin,

    I am a convert! I believe! Your book “Natural Cures” changed my life! After over fifteen years of pain killer addiction you gave me the power I needed to see the light. 480 mg. of Oxycotin, 160 mg. of Methadone, Percocet, Morphine and the worst of all Lerica!

    I am requesting your promised charity donation located in chapter “How to never get sick again”, on page 173, for not totally believing psychiatrists should be avoided at all costs.

    Of all the things you have done and will do this may be the most important of all. At least it will be to the multitudes of young adults that will be living “The Trudeau Life”!
    Actually we were once almost neighbors. I have had several conversations with one of the security personal that watched your premises when you were living in Ojai. He had nothing but kind words about you. He firmly stated you have a charismatic personality. I suppose that and your passion drove you to where you are today.
    Below is a typical response that I have sent to many sites! A positive and educational true story of how my life changed after reading Kevin’s book.
    Sent to many website in praise and defense of Kevin!

    My name is Greg Akrey and I am not affiliated with your ministry but I got to comment, after reading your cabana talk, that Trudeau’s book “Natural Cures” has changed my life! Definitely for the better and then some. I had three spinal surgeries and 100% rated disabled by the Government (a tough endeavor) so I have issues with prescription drugs such as narcotic pain killers. I also was on anti depression, sleeping, anti seizure, and other medicines for the last 15 years. I could not even hold a steady job due to the surgeries and medications even though I had my Calif. general contractors and real estate licenses.
    Definitely without Trudeau I would not be as clear headed, driven to be the best I can be and so helpful getting others to de-toxify themselves as I have been doing. At the present time I am on a four day fast and a colon cleanse and feel better than I have in 15 years. Oh yeah I also stopped taking the massive amount of pain killers that were masking my true problems. Finally my kids are getting to know the real me, not the facade I was behind the drugs. Without Natural Cures my 14 year old, who has never known me without, has experienced my true self without my numb feelings. The fog of the “legal” drugs has lifted, only due to the fact of reading a single book!
    His dedication to the research and the truth about big business corporations is amazing. For the last decade and a half I have been looking for a cure for my situation. Which I would not of wished on my worst enemy. I have a severe spinal stenosis that makes my spinal cord twist and actually rub/lay against my vertebrae at C-6 C-7, there is no space for the spinal cord movement like there should be Together with the fact I had 3 discs taken out and have 50% less motion, I should not be able to do what I do. For years I have been in great pain and unbelievable discomfort! Along with years of physical therapy, pro-lo therapy, this and that therapy and every new therapy. Not to mention the side effects of all the drugs, it has been a literal HELL.
    And all through the years and the pain I was always looking for a way to beat it. Reading Natural Cures did it for me. It made sense. It put together all the pieces of everything else I have read and looked into. It just made good old plain common sense. Together with the fact that Mother Nature always knows best, which obviously is where we get our herbs from. At least for now until the big “P” companies take that from us in the name of better health and progress.
    Without Kevin Trudeau I would not be experiencing the natural wholesome vitality and the passionate drive I have to help change young adults for the better. Yes I may have accomplished some things while I was under modern medicines blanket of pharmaceutical perversion but now I feel I will accomplish everything! I feel emotions that were lost to me for many, many years. I look healthier, feel healthier and most importantly I THINK healthier.
    All I can say is more power to people like Kevin Trudeau! I would sure like to thank this guy personally. Heck I should get a commission from him as I have made so many of my friends and acquaintances get his book, ha ha.
    Since my family and I have gone through some very difficult and trying times that I would hope no else will experience I started a charity for kids called “Open Your Arms”. Originally it developed out of the pain and heartbreak I experienced. OYA is dedicated to making sure children of families that are experiencing severe problems do not witness the trauma that accompanies the problems. At times like this parents are under enormous pressure and negative emotions are flying everywhere.
    This emotional and sometimes physical pain can be with the kids for life creating devastating effects. I know I have been there, so have my kids. It is painful to experience and very painful to watch your loved ones go through it. Our goal is to take the kids for a day or two, the afternoon or whatever, to give them and their parents the space they need. To give the kids quality time enjoying positive and spiritual input. Sitting around the campfire or riding a horse or boating for the afternoon does wonders at times like these. We do the best we can with the funds we have. This is my passion! And since it has all been out of my pocket so far I could sure use some help!
    But a kid’s smile at the end of the day makes it all worthwhile!
    As all other charities we need financial assistance. Your donations of money, autos, recreational vehicles, etc will go directly to the kids!
    My motto is “Help Us Help Others Help Themselves”

    Please post on your site if you don’t mind. I have a tremendous amount of motivation and Ideas to help others! Contact me and I will Email them to you ASAP

    Thanks for your time,


    Also available at the same Email address are the “Diary of Pain” papers (unbelievable events of Greg’s medical trauma, a must read)

    At the present time I would like to help out Kevin with any and all of his worthwhile endeavors!
    I also have a resume for Kevin offering my rare combination of life and work experience
    Money for donor containers at business check outs.

    Start own sub-group of Trudeau’s group of kids
    Security guard at court knowing Kevin
    House in Ojai charismatic personality
    TV show promoting Kevin, corp. corruption
    More kids parents in area CEO of LA corps, wealthy!
    Rock stars in our local area

  • The government is not worthy of trust anyway; I don’t know when “we” thought it was okay to go back to such nonsense. I suspect that Kevin could be their secret ticket to abolishing and or change the first amendment; albeit, unknown to Kevin.

    Point in case: The line above your comment box states, “Speak your mind.” How long before officials figure out “legal” control of the internet and exploiting those who speak out.

    Personally, I have found that Kevin’s books have made a major impact on my life. My only complaint concerned the company handling the sales and promotion of his books: they are hurting him worse than the government. I cite the current refund hassle involving Missouri. I would not want to see Kevin banned permanently as he has a place in the field of healing that is commendable. The hours spent in research alone qualify and quantify him as a true advocate. Would you do what he’s done? Most people would not; look at the best seller lists over the years. Not since Dr. Adkins have I found sources that I am free to explore and use what’s for my best interest. And… once again my doctors are stumped!

    Thanks for taking comments. dcrelief

  • Forget spending hundreds of dollars on so-called cleansing books and products.
    My simple solution to do a full body cleanse is to buy 20 lbs of fresh, dried prunes. Also three large quart bottles of prune juice. and a large 16 oz. box of ex-lax (chocolate or unflavored). Gulp all of this down within 10 minutes. Wash down with plenty of water.
    Let the cleansing begin!

  • To: Teresa DePaula

    Harsh. And inaccurate. Whoever the author is of this question (is it Raylen?), I didn’t so much get a promotion of Trudeau (jury still out IMO), as a QUESTION of your thoughts on him.

    Did you even read the whole question?

    Sounds like you did not, which leads me to conclude that *you* are uneducated. (Wow)

    Finally, since you made a borderline non sequitur comparison of Trudeau to Hitler, I am going to have to invoke Godwin’s Law here.'s_law

  • I think you are uneducated.

    Kevin Tradeau will rot in Hell – One of the ten commandments “Thou shou not lie” – he does this and another “Thou shou not steal” he does this too. Stealing peoples money for his worthless books; people who are truly seeking help.

    I like to cleanse; however, I will not buy your product because you are promoting Kevin Trudeau.

    Kevin Tradeau is a sick man, so was Hitler and he had millions believe and follow him.


  • look past the illusion government feeds off value producers and will try to destroy anyone who exposes them wake up america

  • Reading his book changed my way of thinking and eating….I haven’t touched a soda since I read his book 2 years ago….like everything else you have to sort through it and follow your gut…but he does have a lot of good points. It made me rethink the way I eat and drink and listening to medical doctors

  • Well until finding your blog, I had no idea that Kevin Trudeau had settled anything. I didn’t know that he had been investigated and I’m glad that I read that information because of all the products that I’ve seen him hawk over the years, the calcium one was the one that almost got me.

    However, he’s a brilliant marketer and I think he’s a genius. I still remember him from his memory building product and his ability to rattle off stupid memory stuff.

    Good post!

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