Here’s What To Expect When Cleansing

Every once in a while I like to share a story about someone else’s experience with the master cleanse. Enjoy!

“Hi folks, I’m on the evening of my last day of the cleanse – whew, 10 days! I couldn’t get rid of any food, since I have to feed my 2 pre-schoolers 3x a day, and I cooked about half the days for my husband, without licking a finger or tasting a crumb! Even cooked for weekend guests who were very understanding. I’ve read NOT to make up a daily batch, because it should be drunk fresh, within about 15 minutes of making the lemonade, so I only made a batch on one day. Somehow I mistakenly got the impression that it was a meal-replacement plan, so I only drank 3 lemonades a day, instead of 6! until yesterday, which is when I re-read the material. It’s hard to make and drink it 6 times, but I’ll try to do that next time. I did the salt water and Smooth Move as directed; nothing else at all!

My carpal tunnel is much improved, as well as my plantar faciitis (severe heel pain) and I wanted to get back on my monthly cycle because I’ve only had 1-2 periods in the past year; and now I’ve been on my period for 4 days! Lost 11 lbs; thought it’d be more but that’s OK (from 173 to 162). At least my wedding band is not so stuck on my fat finger! I didn’t exercise much.

I can’t say I’ve felt better than I have in years, like some people, but I do feel very good. The afternoon of the first day, I only had 1 lemonade by about 3pm because I had run errands, and I had a HUGE headache, so I laid down, sipping my 2nd lemonade, and felt exhausted, plus very chilled, and my caffeine withdrawal symptoms culminated in vomit about 6pm, and slept the rest of the night thru. Zero problems after that! Day 2 and 3, took naps. Now I’m going to drink green tea in the mornings instead of coffee, and enjoy a cup only occasionally.

I think my cayenne pepper was stronger than average (McCormick Organic) so I didn’t use quite as much because it’s better to stay on the cleanse than quit just because of that. I worked my way up to the 1/10 tsp on Day 9. Definitely write your goals down and plan 2-3 days in advance, or more. An electric juicer was a big help to me.

The emotional/traditional aspects surprised me, such as when watching a DVD, I was dying and crying for popcorn (partially hormonal?) and when I come back home, I’ve been in the habit of eating something to welcome myself (because we live out in the country, it takes so long to run errands that it’s usually a mealtime upon my return, and I rarely get fast food). Most of your questions can be answered by reading the material. Food is EVERYWHERE so be vigilant. I told nearly all my friends and they were basically supportive! (even my ma, wonder of wonders)”

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