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I’ve got another fantastic blog comment posted by Joanna. There’s some really good tips for more effective eliminations, and some products you can use in place of the salt water flush.

This is really great advice, and I want to thank Joanna for posting it.

Hello, I’m on my 9th day of the cleanse intending to continue up to 13 days. I do have energy, dropped 11 pounds, sleeping well and appreciating the calm, quiet feeling that I have inside my body.

I have spent much time watching my relationship to food during this cleanse and it’s like all compulsions you have to stop it to really see and feel it. People continue to ignore how they’re using food, it’s far from being about nutrition. So thanks for offering a place to get more info and support.

I live in Asheville, NC and there are many people doing the Master Cleanse here. I do have several suggestions for others. Do several days of juice fasting before the cleanse-particularly green juices to prepare the body for liquids-also do this after the cleanse along with the orange juice.

As far as elimination, the salt water is ok but what works best for me is a product called Oxypowder that you can get online. I had 4,5,6 bowel movements everyday releasing much toxins and even gallstones. Releasing is a must for any cleanse and I’ve read that many people were not pooping during the cleanse.

CleanseMore is another product that you can get at a health food store. This product contains aloe which is very soothing for the digestive system and does provide good elimination. Thanks and I’ll be doing this cleanse several times a year. Joanna

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  • My husband and I are going to start the MC in a couple days, the question I have is I’m on natural hormones is this going to effect them and is it ok that I take them?

  • Hello,

    Getting ready to start the Master Cleanse and was wondering if you could take vitamins while doing Master Cleanse.

  • My husband and I are now in our second day of the Master Cleanse and this morning I really felt good, I’m still waiting for the body aches and everything to start. I have had some aches yesterday and today. We are wondering if you can chew gum on this plan? Gum or mints?

    Thank you,
    Linda Eckhardt

  • Hi,

    I am about to try the Master Cleanse as i have heard good reviews about it. I have manaed to buy all the ingredients that I will need to start on this and I’m very positive on the results. Just one question, though. Is it ok to add decaf tea on the lemonade mix? Will it have an impact on the effect. I wanna do this right…


  • I just purchased the online guide for $27.00 on 8/29/07 and used my VISA but lost the file? How do I retreive the book?

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