Doing The Master Cleanse Without Lemonade

Tomeako wrote in with an interesting question about the Master Cleanse…

I just started the Master Cleanse today and I mixed the ingredients according to your directions. The problem I am having is, it taste awful and I am not quite sure I can continue on with it.

I would really like to continue this fast, is there a way I can complete the fast without drinking the Lemonade, I can do the salt flush, I had no problem with that this morning, it’s the Lemonade that I will not be able to handle. PLEASE HELP.

Without the lemonade it wouldn’t be the Master Cleanse so there’s no way to cut that out and still get the same cleansing benefits. But there are some tricks to making the lemonade taste better. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Mix herbal tea with the lemonade – you can find these teas in a variety of flavors
  • Use cayenne capsules instead of mixing cayenne powder in the lemonade – if the cayenne pepper is making the lemonade go down hard switch to cayenne pills and wash them down with the lemonade
  • Sweeten the lemonade with stevia – if the grade b maple syrup isn’t making the lemonade sweet enough try adding a few drops of stevia

I hope this helps makes the lemonade a little easier on your taste buds, and remember you only have to drink it for a few days.

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  • The owner of our local health food store periodically does the cleanse. She uses limes because she likes them much better than lemons. Apparently, these are the ONLY citrus fruits you can use. Perhaps limes would agree with you more. She held a weightloss seminar where she taught people about the Master Cleanse, so I put my trust in her.

  • Really??? i was surprised when I tasted my lemonade because mine taste awesome! i like sweets so i enjoy the taste of maple syrup with cayene pepper.

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