Almost 40 Days On The Master Cleanse – The Results!

Here’s a blog comment from sparklyglamgirl who went almost 40 days on the master cleanse that I wanted to share with everyone. If you’re new to the Master Cleanse and reading this please don’t try to go 39 days like sparklyglamgirl did, instead start out with a 10 day master cleanse.

Hi There,

I love your site and your suggestions. I just wanted to add my two cents to some of the comments above:

I’m on Ease out Day 3 after my first ever (39 day) Master Cleanse! People, please remember this isn’t a quick fix weight loss plan. If you ate crap/didn’t exercise before the cleanse and go back to the same way of eating post cleanse, you’ll gain it all back.

Personally, I started the cleanse to re-set my body. I’d been getting sick more this year than ever in my life. I had ZERO withdrawal symptoms (just a headache from not having my green tea for the first day or so) and it was a breeze! You can do anything if you put your mind to it. The first few days tend to be the most difficult, but if you’re going to ALL of the trouble to go through that and any detox symptoms in the first few days, then, please, KEEP GOING! The rest is easy going. Why stop when you’ve passed the hard part? Doesn’t make sense to me. Now, for me, the hardest part begins (then again, you stop craving things like fast food and sugar during the cleanse, and the sugar was my weakness before), I just need to stay on the ball and am only craving healthy food and wanting to exercise. How lucky are we to have something like Master Cleanse that can re-set your entire system!! : 0 ) You can totally do this! Happy Cleansing!!

I am looking forward to doing another one again in a few months.

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  • @Kate Plimmer the book I have says to do the salt water flush for the duration of the cleanse. It says to drink the laxative tea at night to loosen things up, and the SWF in the morning to wash away what was loosened up. Also, Stanley Borroughs says the SWF can be replaced with the laxative tea if you drink the tea morning and night.

  • I am on day 16,feeling great, tons of energy. mentally clear, skin soft. No side effects, sleeping better than ever, getting up earlier….have lost allot of weight started 225, 5 ft 6 in not getting on scale for my own piece of mind. I do know I was close to size 18 and just fit into size 12 dress!!! I plan on at least 30 days and hoping for 50….if I continue to feel this incredible. My only question is how long do I need to do SWF, if anyone knows please leave reply, bestof luck to us all!!!

  • The master cleanse is a fantastic way to get back in touch with yourself, regroup and regain focus. I have done this cleanse about 4 times over the last few years. The longest period being 18 days. I’m back on (day 9) and hope to go 28 days. I don’t think its for everybody, nor would I recommend it to someone looking for an easy diet plan. A lot of control and mind power has to go into it. The Master Cleanse does teach willpower and self realization. Its a temporary life plan and amazing to the ones up for the dedication. Good luck on your journey and remember there’s lots of help and support out there…xo

  • Hey guys– I’m on Day 19 of my first cleanse and I don’t seem to be having exactly the same type response as everyone else. I had done a 10-day juice fast earlier in the year and had more energy, glowing skin, less cravings, etc. After only 10 days.

    I feel like I must be doing something wrong because I constantly craving food and not breaking but almost sad because I miss food if that makes sense.

    I’ve beem doing the tea and SWF faithfully, and my tongue is Getting pinker, but I dont feel a hige emotional change. I guess the only difference I notice is that my total weakness before I started was sweets in any form. My cravings are more for meat and cheese, rice and beans–warm things (but that includes pizza and pasta which have a lot of sugar I guess.)

    Anyways, I would really like to see this through and I feel like 19 days is an accomplishment in itself. But wanted to know if there is any support or similar struggles.??!!

  • I’m so going to start the master cleanse first thing tomorrow. Wish me luck everyone!!!!

  • This will be my second attempt to the Master Cleanse. After I did it the first time I lost a significant amount of weight but gained it back because I was eating alot of things that a person with hypothyroidism shouldnt eat. Anyways, I plan to go longer than 10 days but not by much to get to my goal weight. Although I do enjoy what the master cleanse gives me physically and mentally, I really want this time to be it. THE FINALE. I have compiled recipes out of food that I can have afterwards to avoid the weight gain. Im ready bring it on.

  • I’m on day 5 of MS.. I never got a headache…just feel tired. I love what I see in the mirror. I have been battling adrenal fatigue & hypothyroidism for some time now, I gained 30lb in the last 2 years. I’m happy I found a cleanse that can heal me from the inside out. I dont feel bloating anymore around my belly, fingers or ankles. I looked at myself today in the mirror and actually liked what i saw (its been a while since ive said that). My hair & skin glows & I don’t have brain fog anymore..woohoo. Looking forward to what’s ahead..aiming for 10 day maybe 21 day cleanse. Let’s see!!

  • I am day 10 of the Master Cleanse! Yay! I, too, feel amazing. I completed a 45 minute Turbo fire workout, and had energy throughout the entire workout! My goal is 40 days. I have done the MC two times before, going longer each time – my longest period was 18 days. But this has been by far my best experience ever! It really has to do with my state of mind. Create and maintain a positive state of mind! recommended making a lists of reasons why you want to cleanse or what you want to accomplish (don’t hold back!), and make a list of consequences of not completing the cleanse. Also, write yourself a positive message that will inspire you when you’re tempted to succumb to craving. Type it all up, print, and post them around your house. This technique has done wonders to keep me committed and motivated. Then I watched the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” (free on Hulu) and that REALLY got my fire going. So far, I’ve lost about a pound a day, and my energy is through the roof! Yeah, the first 2-3 days were a doozie, but after that, smooooth sailing baby.

  • I’ve just completed day 10 and I feel amazing:) more in touch with myself and my surroundings than I have ever been. My tongue isn’t pink which I feel is a sign there are still toxins in my body so I’ve decided to continue with it for 5 more days and reassess where I am and how I feel. I want to stay in tune with my body and listen to what it wants…. If that makes sense.

  • I’m on the master cleanse. I’m doinng it every other day bkuz I’m. Dry fasting for ssiritual reasons which will make my ten days twenty days. I feel so wonderful I’m thinking of doing forty. If I do forty and if I’m cleaned out do I still have to do swf.

  • Hey guys,
    Its my first day on the master cleanse. I woke up at 4pm. Very very late! so i really didnt have a full day of the cleanse. I hope that dosn’t effect anything? I drank the laxative tea last night and i HATED it! It taste horribal! 🙁 I want to puke every time i take a slurp. It also didnt make me go to the bathroom when i woke up either? but im sure the first couple days it takes your body time to adjust. I also didnt do the SWF this morning either becuase i woke up to late. But ill be doing it tomorrow. I also make the drink by glass. I find it easier for some reason. To be honest. I do want to lose weight, and that is half the reason why i started this. But i did do it becuase i need to better my body, i put it through hell this last year. Gained 40 pounds in a year (becuase of the Depo provera birth contol shot) Long story. Im going for 40 days. This is my first time ever cleansing and i know its not the best idea to go this far for the first time. But i really need to make a BIG life change.

    Wish me luck! 🙂

  • hey all. I am finishing day 10 today and will begin to the two day come down from the fast. One of the thing i have have found most beneficial with that queziness from the swf is the following. I usually follow the swf with the following a 12-16 oz glass of lemonade along with a 12-16 oz glass of a mixture of peppermint and spearming tea combined.

    the brand i prefer is traditional medicines. I combined the two bags at once cause i dont want to miss out on the benefits of either the peppermint or spearmint along.

    Also i have found it essential to exercise while cleansing. Initially i thought i would not have the energy-NOT TRUE. There can be nothing more refreshing while on the cleanse than having a good sweat, plenty of peeing and of course hefty bowel eliminations. LIfe just does not get much better than this IMHO. Happy cleansing.

    I ended up drinking more liquied in addition to the salf water flush because i felt incredibly at least the first few days. I still get quezy but when i do i just take another 16 ounces of lemonade, peppermint/spearmint combo or all two. This will get you going. I work in the medical and it is normal to want to vomit after drinking that salf water cleanse. Make sure you are using some clean sea salt. Happy cleansing

  • i’m half way through day 8 of the master cleanse. this is my second time and i feel like it’s been more difficult this time, but then again, i have a pretty bad memory and perhaps the benefits have lingered and the misery has faded since last year. either way, the discipline alone is worth making it to 10 days. i started the cleanse this time because i became increasingly uninspired by food in general. i think i’ve cured that as i’m craving food like never before. i want to share some of the things i’m experiencing that didn’t happen last time. 1] i have had pretty sore lower back , buttocks and back of my legs. so sore it kept me up on nights 3 and 4. it has subsided since day 5. 2] i’m having trouble getting all 8 glasses down. i’m feeling quezy from the swf each morning (sometime late morning) and so i start later and don’t have the time (or stomach) to get it all down by a reasonable hour. i’m stubborn, however, so i stay up and make it happen. 3] the lemonade was not so horrible for me last time – i love lemons, maple syrup and cayenne – but this time i have to really force myself to drink this. i’m quite amazed that i haven’t vomited. i think this is mostly my head so i’m working through it. i really would like to end this today but i’m not the type to quit before meeting a goal so i will make it to day 10. i have noticed weight loss and feel pretty good. my skin is notably fresh and healthier looking. i’m not quite sure how the toxins are leaving my body…i don’t notice anything strange through eliminations from the senna tea or the swf – mostly just fairly clear. i think i may be pretty healthy to start. no rashes or anything else that people describe. and that’s all. hope this helps someone. and those of you that go longer than 10 days – i find that simply amazing and quite impressive. 🙂

  • I am finishing up day 3 of the Master Cleanse! I have to say this is the best thing that I could have ever done! I do did not suffer from any of the side effects until about 2 hours ago, and it just a slight headache. Even though it has only been 3 days, I have witnessed a LOT of positive changes physically and mentally!

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