Steps you should take before starting the Master Cleanse

As one reader points out, there are a few things you should do before starting the Master Cleanse. By cutting back on caffeine and hard to digest foods like meat you’ll find the transition into the Master Cleanse is gentler on you body.

Thank you for your valuable information. I have been doing the Master Cleanser diet every second or third year for the past fifteen years.

For me, the preparation beforehand is the most important part, I gradually adjust my diet for the preceding week to exclude all meat and dairy, and especially tea or coffee. If I don’t do this, the headache that I experience the second day into the fasting process is a nightmare (approximately equivalent to a migraine).

As far as taking the actual formula, I use 100% organic maple syrup (relatively easy to get in Canada) and Santa Cruz 100% organic lemon juice that comes in bottles (easier to use than squeezing). I live in a small mountain town that has the best natural water sources in perhaps all of North America. There are three water companies that operate here. Where else in North America can you safely drink the water right out of the tap.

I am now four days into the fast and feeling great. My energy level is almost double what it was last week. Personally hunger doesn’t happen to me, I just have a mindset that accepts the fast and even preparing three meals a day for my son isn’t a problem. I actually like the bite of the cayenne (except when a grain gets stuck in my throat).

It’s interesting to me that almost all of your emails are from women. Are there any other men out there doing this fast.

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