Master Cleanse Day 3 – First Hand Story

Day 3 of the Master Cleanse is a transtion day for most people. After three days you’ll typically notice your body has adjusted to the cleanse and hunger subsides.

A reader shared this in the comment section and I wanted post it becuase it’s a lovely write up of the important day three Master Cleanse milestone:

So far so good (knock wood).

So very much obliged for the SWF tips! I have been really stressing-out about my inability to get it down and I will follow your suggestions. Crossing fingers. I have been consuming Senna tea (am + pm) because the SWF made me feel so ill – I’m looking forward to it now!

I’ve had moments of hunger around (what would be) dinner time but honestly, it feels more like longing for the action of preparing something to eat vs. actual, physical hunger, if that makes sense.

It reminds me of when a relative was attempting to quit smoking. She said she missed the action of smoking vs. the nicotine: Reaching into her bag, holding the cigarette pack, holding the cigarette, flicking the lighter, tapping the ash into an ashtray…

Similarly I find that I miss the action of preparing my main meal for the day which has been easily replaced by the fairly time-consuming task of preparing the Master Cleanse cocktail for the day: Hand-juicing the fresh lemons, measuring the maple syrup into each bottle, measuring all ingredients and chilling in the fridge – I really feel as though this is an important part of the Cleanse.

Those that are making one jumbo batch in an effort to save time are really missing out on the fresh lemon nutrients as well as the action of preparing the bottles each day – this daily ritual has helped me quite a bit.

Re: hunger

If any / all pre-Master Cleansers out there are fearful of becoming overwhelmed with hunger just know that the fresh lemon juice / cayenne / maple syrup / water concoction is incredibly satiating. It REALLY is.

I’ve been using 24 oz. Gatorade sipper bottles (between 3 – 4 daily). 1bottle = 3 8 oz. glasses. The top can be opened / closed so that the mixture is easily shaken before each sip. Finishing 1 bottle and knowing that I’ve gotten 3 out of way makes all the difference!

More energy without a doubt.
Weight Loss: 3.5 lbs.
Face looks far less bloated (especially around the eyes).
Improved Focus + clarity.
Getting more accomplished.

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