Answered: Why did I gain weight on the Master Cleanse?

What happens when you gain weight on the Master Cleanse?

“Hi, I am feeling really depressed because i am on day 5 of the Master Cleanse and even though I follow it religiously, I GAINED WEIGHT! It is frustrating to see everyone all over the internet saying they lost weight and I look at the scale and see that my weight osculates between the same weight I had before starting it and even more. Can you guys point some reasons for this please? I am feeling desperate because I have been doing this to lose weight (obviously to detox is a big plus) but nothing seems to work. Before I started it my doctor checked to see if I had any thyroid problems that could affect weight loss results and seems like I was free from those, so I can’t see any reason for this to be happening ESPECIALLY AFTER I AM ON DAY 5 OF THE MASTER CLEANSE.
thank you all for the answers!”

It can be disheartening to do the Master Cleanse with the goal of losing weight, then end up not losing anything or even gaining weight.

It’s important to remember that the Master Cleanse is a detox cleanse and not a weight loss cleanse. Sure, most people do lose weight, often times it’s a decent amount, but the primary goal is to flush out internal waste.

Most of the time this internal waste is compacted fecal matter. When you have a lot of this built up inside you and you pass it, you’ll experience a noticeable drop in weight.

The other type of waste that gets flush out of you body is microscopic – things like bacteria and metabolic waste. You won’t be lighter after removing these but you’ll be healthier when they’re gone.

So the primary reason you don’t lose weight on the Master Cleanse is that you don’t have much built up fecal matter to expel from your body.

The second reason is the scale isn’t moving is that you consume a lot of liquid on the Master Cleanse. Many people are slightly dehydrated. They primary drink coffee, alcohol, and soft drinks which are diuretics, and very little water.

It’s common to gain a few pounds when your body rehydrates on the Master Cleanse. This is not something to be upset about. Being properly hydrated will improve every aspect of your health.

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