Is It OK To Eat On The Master Cleanse

Today I got a question from Lolaf asking if it’s OK to eat on the Master Cleanse..

I started yesterday but when it came to the evening I had a major migraine and ate small lean steak, steamed veggies and a small salad. I am on day 2 same thing this evening I ate lean chicken and steamed veggies. I was wondering if anyone has had the drink for breakfast and lunch and ate a small meal in the evening. I am doing the cleanse because I was told i could loose weight and benefit from the cleanse. Being that I am doing it primarily for the above mentioned reason what does anyone think about it? Thanks

Alright, this is kind of tricky question to answer. If you’re eating chicken and steak you’re not going to detox your body or get any of the other master cleanse benefits, but if your only goal is to lose weight then drinking the lemonade for breakfast and lunch then eating a healthy dinner is a great idea.

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  • There no longer is grade B maple syrup. It is all now grade A.
    You have to get the dark type which is the same as the grade B.

  • I’m on my 6th day and I lost 8 lbs!…so happy!

  • today is my first day on the cleanse
    any advice?

  • ive been on the master cleanse for three days and i havent really pooped at all!! does that mean that its not working?

  • I Can Find My book Had It The Last Time I Did The Master Cleanse. Wanted To Know What Are The Cheat Foods Again When On The /Ten Days?

  • Priscilla, I’ve done the cleanse twice so far along with my husband (whose done it several times). He told me that you have to drink the salt water flush within 30 min. otherwise you’ll begin to retain some of that water. One day it took me 2 hours to drink it and I found that I was still pooping water in the middle of the night after drinking the laxative. Hope this helps.

  • Hi, I am on the 7 day am have not lost any weight and to make it worse when I use the salt water flash I only got one small movement since then and not passing out anything. I was looking forward to lose my post pregnancy weight and cleanse and am not getting either, please help

  • I feel terribly bloated and I am on day 2. Will this terrible bloating go away?. I went on this cleanse to get rid of the bloating. Help!

    I also own the book and can’t find the cheat page.
    Where can I find it in the book?

  • Wow it is great to see that you now have a blog which allows for more interaction between us when trying this fantastic Master Cleanse diet. It is also great to see how others are getting on this diet. For me it is fantastic. Thanks. Aomos

  • I can`t find grade B syrup anywhere and i was wondering if i could just use grade A instead because its all i can seem to find everywhere i go..

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