How To Do The Master Cleanse Without Losing Weight

by Raylen on April 16, 2008

What do you do when you don’t want to lose weight on the Master Cleanse? That’s the dilemma Rachea, who posted the following question is in…

I am thin and about 105 lbs (5′2″.. I am doing the master clense to detox, and clean out my organs. this is my first time doing any clense or fast. I suffer from cronic urinary tract infections so I am hoping that will be helped too. But I am worried about losing too much weight. do you have any advise? also can epsom salt be used instead of sea salt?

Here’s my advice:

To keep from losing too much weight you can do two things. You can drink more lemonade, and you can add more maple syrup to the lemonade, I would suggest no more then 50% above what the recipe calls for. Here’s a link to the Master Cleanser Recipe in case you don’t already have it.

That will keep fat and muscle loss to a minimum on the cleanse.

As far as using epsom salt instead of sea salt, yes you can, just make sure the epsom salt is fit to be ingestible (check the label). Some epsom salts, especially those sold in the bath section have other ingredients that you definitely don’t want to drink.

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