How To Do The Master Cleanse Without Losing Weight

What do you do when you don’t want to lose weight on the Master Cleanse? That’s the dilemma Rachea, who posted the following question is in…

I am thin and about 105 lbs (5′2″.. I am doing the master clense to detox, and clean out my organs. this is my first time doing any clense or fast. I suffer from cronic urinary tract infections so I am hoping that will be helped too. But I am worried about losing too much weight. do you have any advise? also can epsom salt be used instead of sea salt?

Here’s my advice:

To keep from losing too much weight you can do two things. You can drink more lemonade, and you can add more maple syrup to the lemonade, I would suggest no more then 50% above what the recipe calls for. Here’s a link to the Master Cleanser Recipe in case you don’t already have it.

That will keep fat and muscle loss to a minimum on the cleanse.

As far as using epsom salt instead of sea salt, yes you can, just make sure the epsom salt is fit to be ingestible (check the label). Some epsom salts, especially those sold in the bath section have other ingredients that you definitely don’t want to drink.

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  • When doing the master cleanse lemon how often do you drink it
    And do you feel weak because you don’t eat at all and taking latex twice a day how much weight will I lose

  • Hello,

    This is the second time I am doing the master cleanse lemonade diet. The first time I did it for 10 days and I did not consume any food, just lemonade mixture and water. I did not loose as much weight as I would have liked but I definitely detoxed my body.

    This time I am doing the lemonade mixture for 2 meals and eating fruit & vegetables for my 3rd meal of the day for 10 days. I also plan to exercise this time.

  • Can I do psyllium and bentonite while on the cleanse. The maple syrup will feed my Candida, is there any way around that?


  • I have a question.. If I’m wanting to start the cleanse but I take medication for depression and migraines daily will cleansing affect the absorption of my meds into my system? I’ve taken them for many years and I really want to try the cleanse , I’m just nervous it’ll make my meds not work , or flush them out of my system… Mostly worried about depression/anxiety med. any input would be helpful thx! Dana

  • Hi im gping to start my master cleanse tomorrow please can you suggest what I shuld do to stop my hunger in the evenings after 8 pm. Thank you

  • I’m just starting the master cleans today. I need to know if I should continual with my prescribed medication? My meds are for HBP, arthritis and cholesterol, which requires I eat before taking these medications. Can you help?

  • I’m on the master cleanse and ran out of the maple syrup. Can I continue without it? Thank you.

  • Hi is it ok if I use Golden Syrup?

  • Can I take an appetite suppressant to help curb appetite while on cleanse?

  • can you workout while your on the mc or should you wate

  • Hope this helps; elimination is crucial! Drink laxative tea at night and find high quality bentonite clay with active charcoal to pull toxic stuff OUT. Do not continue any chemical/synthetic pharmacuticals during your cleanse. Room temp sea salt, pink salt or food grade Epson salt every morning. Yes, exercise in moderation! NO vitamins. The ingredients provide all vit/minerals you need. Yes grade C maple syrup, basically the same as B. Do NOT use grade A, its way too processed. Use 2ce the amount to add calories/save weight. Use molasses if you are diabetic. Coffee enemas help ridiculously to get toxic bile out, try at least 1 a day during cleanse. And 1 a week after for good measure. It really helps to plan your cleanse way ahead of time. Get people in your life on board for support! Be focused, its a life changer!! You can do it!~

  • Can I do the master cleanse if I have dibetics?

  • Uuhhmmm is anyone goin to answer?? I would like to knoe the same questions as these other people….

  • i cant find grade B, there is grade C maple syrup, is it ok?

  • Hi,
    I’m doing the master cleanse and I was wondering and researching if I can use the epsom salt for the salt water flush. Please give me some feedback.
    Thanks. =]

  • Hi. I am only 125 lbs and I am slightly worried about starting the cleanse- I don’t want to get sick because my metabolisim is VERY high (I have NEVER had to exercise – and have ALWAYS, aside from my pregnancies, been under 130 oh, and I eat WHATEVER I want) Can you give me any advice on this? Also, can I exercise ( I know, I just said I never exercise) I am in rehab and I am required to exersice to get those brain chemicals cranking again – at least 15-30 mins a day…so, I have taken up running – I run about a mile a day…I also smoke so how does all this work? Please help me- I would like to cleanse my body and use this time to help me out with quitting smoking and suceeding in my recovery.

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  • Hi I have never done a cleanse before and I was wondering if I can continue taking my daily multivitamins during the cleanse?

  • okey u can take the epsom salt but with warm water but only in the morning your stomach has to be empty wile u are doing the master cleanse

  • i want no if i take high blood pressure meadcation can i still take it on this and will the sea salt mess with me do i take the sea salt ever ight

  • Today is my 5th day on the MC and i’m quite proud of myself that I am still on it. The first 3 days were by far the hardest. Now I’ve been following the MC exactly, and I read that some people don’t have a solid elimination till a couple of days. Not to sound gross, but it’s my 5th day, and I have yet to have a solid one. Is that normal? I know everyone is different, but am I possibly doing something wrong? I don’t feel bloated at all. Can you help?

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