The Master Cleanse for Fat Loss

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic that’s plaguing just about every developed nation in the world. In America and Canada, obesity affects 1 in 3 adults. In Europe (traditionally thought to be significantly healthier than the USA), some countries are affected to the tune of every 1 in 4 adults!

Some people say, just exercise, eat little and you’ll be thin. This attitude discounts some very important issues in the fight against obesity: the correct kind of exercise, the correct kind of food, and the correct mindset for weight loss. And besides, if staying thin was as easy as exercising and eating little food, why is obesity still a problem?

Getting thin isn’t just about getting to a certain weight on the scale. It’s about losing fat that’s stored in your body due to the poor diet that’s poisoned your metabolism. It’s also about forming and keeping the proper mindset about your body. Forget what the media defines as idea The Master Cleanse for Fat Loss is all about forming your body into what it is naturally:

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  • I’m quite pleased with the inoiomatfrn in this one. TY!

  • So does the master cleanse actually remove fat from your body? It’s my understanding that first we lose water, then some muscle and then fat as the last resort.


  • Today is my first day and it’s the middle of the afternoon and I wanna take a nap… Is that okay ?

  • I am doing the master cleanse diet not just to lose weight but to detox my body and live a healthier lifestyle. I was just wondering if I did the insanity workout along with this diet plan if I would have a greater chance to lose weight? and if it will speed the process up or make the grand total of weight loss will be greater? I plan to post again on the end of my journey to tell everybody how it worked out!!

  • keninla, How long did you do the cleanses for and how often! Your results are inspiring!!! I am 18, and I am sick of standing next to my stick thin friends. I am tired of always feeling sluggish and crappy. Mentally an Physically I need to get the weight off! Any tips??

  • I m on day 4 and did not loose any weight it’s very depressing

  • About to start the master cleanse today! I really hope it works!

  • P.S. If you need willpower, just imagine how much more enjoyable life can be as a thin person and stick with the Master Cleanse. For me, the results were dramatic… I lost 50+ lb. in 6-months doing a series of 3-MC’s… words cannot express how pleased I am with the results.

  • I lost over 50 lb. using the Master Cleanse and have kept it off for over 6-months. The majority of the pounds came off while fasting and I was able to drop the additional weight because the fast eliminated my cravings for junk food. I am now at my ideal weight and feel great. I am so thankful for the Master Cleanse. It’s given me a whole new life.

  • i am on day 4 and i think i got the hang of it. i have added an extra flush in the evening since i do not like tea. i can’t tell if there has been any changes,but looking forward to day 10. i will determine at that point if i should continue to day 14,21, and 30. love the challenge it has been very rewarding. 🙂

  • i just want to lose weight and be heathly

  • Hey all! I am on day 5 of the Master Cleanse. Thank god. It is still hard because I prepare food for my boyfriend and daughter but after the second day it really does get easier. I think I am even going to quit smoking in a few days. I have lost about 9 lbs but it has stayed at that since the second day. I am going to measure myself every 4 days so I am not obsessed about it…and so it is significant. So yesterday I measured myself and more importantly I lost MANY inches!! Woo hoo. I don’t completely dislike the lemonade, but it is not a favorite. So what I do is I put my fresh squeezed lemonade in a shot glass, stir in the cayenne (about 1/2 tsp foe maximum fat burning) I put in 1tbl of the maple syrup (don’t stir). I do it like a shot and chug 12 oz of water. It has been helping. I am not hungry. The shot concept came to me because I used to be a bartender and you hardly taste the lemonade or cayenne because the maple syrup coated your tongue after. So you get minimal cayenne and get to have more of it, and less maple syrup so less calories. Lots of water in between. I have been doing my body weight in ounces daily. Day 5 woo hoo!

  • I would suggest some weight loss drink that could cut down your hunger and your daily calorie intake!

  • I really need to lose weight. Several of my family members was diagnosed with diabeties, one currently in a coma. I am worried that if I do not get control of my weight, I will be next.

    I tried Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, P90x and a number of other programs, this is a last effort. I need to lose at least 75 pounds to be in my idea weight. Please Helppppp!

  • I started MC today. I have been eating all day. Is it okay?

  • I would like information on substituting with cayenne pepper pills-I dislike the pepper in the lemonade.

  • hi, i am going to start my master cleanse in a few days and i want to loose a significant amount of weight but i have a problem of low will power,please help if you have some tips!!!

  • Jacque…were you doing any sort of exercise??? I have noticed for myself that I need to take a 3-5 mile walk everyday to optimal weight loss! Drink A LOT of water and if you aren’t doing the salt water flush it seems pointless, your body NEEDS to be cleaned out!! Do it at night, I find the drink disgusting but I know it needs to be done. The decaf herbal tea can be soothing when needed but I wouldn’t do it too often! And as far as cheating, try not too. The only thing I have ever cheated with is a small amount of dilluted fresh carrot juice or a green drink, make it yourself or go to a health food store. But remember once you eat it is going to be harder not easier to keep going, just stick it out, take naps if you can and always have the lemonade mix with you and drink some AS SOON as you feel hungry, don’t wait! As far as once a month I do a 14 day fast every 6 months ( I am trying for 20 days) every month I do a 3 day fast and usually around holidays or after vacations I will do a 5 day fast because I definantly am more likely to over indulge at those times!! The grade B stuff is more expensive but you really have to use it, look at it this way, it is still cheaper then eating for 10 days. But good luck to you!!!

  • I did the mc for 10 days and only lost maybe 3-4 lbs. What is this about the foods that you can cheat with, the tea and salt water. Can you give me some suggestions. Im thinking of doing the mc once a month for 5 days do you think thats a good idea. How important is it to use grade b organic maple syrup.

  • PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    I been in the master clean diet for 5 days and i star a 147 pound and i lose (0) nothing. NADA) why? i did the master clean diet before 2 times one for 7 days and other for 15 days and i lose pounds but now 0 lose ! i don’t know Way!!! maybe is the water body but to mush !!! not a pound that’s so weird… i star running 3 miles 2 days ago. and i go to run everyday!! i feel really disappointed because i am not losing any weight any more !!please give my some advise….

  • I am on the master cleanse for 2 days now i want to loose weight on my hips cause im a model and a model’s hips should be a 34 inches and mine is a 37 i have to loose it in no time cause i have to be in new york but the end of this month please give me some tips on what to do to be successful in the master cleanse i would really appreciate it!

  • I am going to start the MC tomorrow. July 9. I am 5’2 and 215 lbs. My goal is to cleanse my body and by completing the 10 days gain the willpower to change my eating habits and routines. My toughest obstacle is that at 3:00 pm everyday I need a snack.
    I took a picture today of my family and myself to remind me why I am doing this.

  • Hello,
    I have been on the MC for 9 days and have only lost 5 pounds and I sure its water. Can you tell me how to use the MC to lose weight. I am considering staying on the MC for an additional 10 days in order to see more weight loss.

  • Can you eat on this plan? Drink water? I know about the tea, salt water, whats that for?

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