How To Lose 5 Pounds In 1 Day

Elle wanted to know it’s possible to lose so much weight so quickly on the Master Cleanse…

OMG!, I know I said I wouldn’t weigh myself for a few days, but I couldn’t resist. Yesterday, at 6:00 pm I was 170lbs. That’s when I started drinking the lemonade. Right now it’s noon, and I’m 165lbs. What the heck! I got on and off the scale 10 times because I thought it was broken. How is that humanly possible to lose 5 lbs in less than 1 day? Wow.

Hi Elle, I’m glad you’re excited about your weight loss! Now hopefully what I have to say won’t bum you out. Even though you can lose weight fast on the Master Cleanse it’s just not possible to lose 5 pounds of FAT in less then one day.

Where did the 5 pounds come from?

Most of the weight was likely waste you eliminated. If you first weighed yourself after having eaten and with a full bladder then weighed yourself the next day with a empty stomach and empty bladder this could easily account for most of the 5 pounds.

Don’t let this disappoint you, you can lose a lot weight fast on the master cleanse but don’t expect to keep losing 5 pounds a day. Good luck!

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  1. Im 14 and I have a belly my mom and dad have commented on it a few times its really hard to hear but there right I need a plan and a way to lose weight fast im almost about to go into grade 10 and I want a new body …. a pretty body no more belly can some one please help me? ;(

  2. im so fat i wight 209 pounds i need to lose wight will that was along time ago now i way 105 pounds!!

  3. i lose 10 pounds in 2 days and im only 11 i just didnt eat alot and i drank water with apple cider vinger with no suger !!!

  4. So all you did was drink lemonade? Once I lost an entire 5 pounds overnight doing near 100 sit ups and walking all on a empty stomach, then the next day after eating I was 5 pounds less, I hope to keep this up.

  5. well did u feel or seem skinnier cause i want a flatter stomach i kind of have a flat stomach but i want a picture perfect flat stomach would this product help me reach that goal ?? :)