10 Pounds In About 4 days And A Little Encouragement

by Raylen on August 22, 2007

Mary took the time to comment about here experience on the Master Cleanse. In addition to already having lost 10 pounds with the help of the Master Cleanse Mary also has some good tips for making the salt water a little more palatable by using stevia.

Mary also asked if I had any words of encouragement. From what I see Mary is a strong motivated individual who will have no trouble finishing the Master Cleanse, but if she does need a boost I would say to visit this blog, or read through the Master Cleanse journal I posted a while back. There’s 100’s of inspirational comments that will help motivate you during the rough patches you encounter on the cleanse.

“I am on my second try on the master cleanse, this time not eating ANYTHING My first day is finished and I am not hungry.(Don’t anyone put a french fry in front of me!) For the cleansing and the salt water flush I use stevia to soften the harsh taste. I am a diabetic so the maple syrup is out. I have not taken any meds today and my glucose level is at about 5.1. This is very good for me. This is the first time I have drunk so much fluids in 1 day! usually I drink 1 or 2 teas and that is it for fluids for the day.

I will find it hard with the sw flush because there is so much water at one time. I don’t mind the salt with stevia powder added. I hate having no moral support at home for this. My husband consistently pushes me to eat. One day at a time if I can just make it to day 10! I will save a bundle on food! The first time

I tried the MC (last week) I ate cucumber in apple cider vinegar. I did manage to lose 10 pounds in about 4 days. I did notice that I don’t hurt as much in my knees and hands and I was able to walk about 4 miles today. The aches and pains slowly go away a little at a time.
Feel free to email me if you have any advice or encouragement. Would love to hear from you!”



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