10 Pounds In About 4 days And A Little Encouragement

Mary took the time to comment about here experience on the Master Cleanse. In addition to already having lost 10 pounds with the help of the Master Cleanse Mary also has some good tips for making the salt water a little more palatable by using stevia.

Mary also asked if I had any words of encouragement. From what I see Mary is a strong motivated individual who will have no trouble finishing the Master Cleanse, but if she does need a boost I would say to visit this blog, or read through the Master Cleanse journal I posted a while back. There’s 100’s of inspirational comments that will help motivate you during the rough patches you encounter on the cleanse.

“I am on my second try on the master cleanse, this time not eating ANYTHING My first day is finished and I am not hungry.(Don’t anyone put a french fry in front of me!) For the cleansing and the salt water flush I use stevia to soften the harsh taste. I am a diabetic so the maple syrup is out. I have not taken any meds today and my glucose level is at about 5.1. This is very good for me. This is the first time I have drunk so much fluids in 1 day! usually I drink 1 or 2 teas and that is it for fluids for the day.

I will find it hard with the sw flush because there is so much water at one time. I don’t mind the salt with stevia powder added. I hate having no moral support at home for this. My husband consistently pushes me to eat. One day at a time if I can just make it to day 10! I will save a bundle on food! The first time

I tried the MC (last week) I ate cucumber in apple cider vinegar. I did manage to lose 10 pounds in about 4 days. I did notice that I don’t hurt as much in my knees and hands and I was able to walk about 4 miles today. The aches and pains slowly go away a little at a time.
Feel free to email me if you have any advice or encouragement. Would love to hear from you!”



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  • I was thinking about doing this cleanse or another apple cidar vinegar, have u tried any other? & witch would u recommend?

  • Is the reason you lost 10 pounds in 4 days is because you didnt take the maple syrup. I want to lose 30 pound in 14 days should I sub the maple syrup with stevia powder. The salt water is really difficult to drink . Did you put stevia in your lemonade? how many glasses a day? do you think I can lose this weight it is really important for me. I have lost my self esteem to diet? I want to lose this weight fast I did the lemonade 6 months a go and it worked, but I didnt lose as much as you did. I dont know why im am not strong and encouraged to start. Please help me and give some advice. can you also tell me how much stevia I need in my lemonade.

  • I just finished 4 days on MC. It was my first time and of course my family was worried but somewhat supportive. I lost 7 lbs in 4 days and feel lighter and more mentally strong. Although I did get headaches and felt a bit tired. It was hard to get 60 oz of the lemonade down each day, which might be why I had headaches here and there. I’m going to do this once a month, hopefully I’ll get farther next time. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself to finish 10 days the first couple times I do it. But I’ll get there!

  • Where did everybody go?

  • Stevia can be found in the wal-mart grocery store at least in Alabama. You can also find Truvia here and agave nectar is the alternate choice of sweetener in some drinks in bars here as well. I’m piecing together the products for the MC as there are some that are out of reach. I am trying to determine what to use in place of maple syrup as i’ve been counting my calories and exercising daily. I saw a MC diet that was done with raw coconut nectar which has 55 calories per table spoon i’m not sure how sweet it is, but its better for diabetics than the maple syrup. I think its hard in the beginning to wean yourself off sugar, but after about a week or so the taste of a zero calorie beverage isn’t all that bad. I prefer truvia to sweet n low, equal, or splenda… 0 after taste. I plan to start the challenge in about a week.

  • How much water to make swflush a day?
    How much water to make master cleanse a day?
    Can i refrigerate the master cleanse for a day or should i finish d drink fot that day?

  • Today is day 4 on the master cleanse diet. Im following the MC diet step by step including the SWF every morning. I also exercise every day to help aid the weight loss. So today I wanted to check my progress ..I weighed myself and I haven’t loss a pound..rt now I’m so frustrated and discouraged not sure if i should finish last 6 days..I have been faithful to this diet…pls help why am I not losing any weight? Is this liquid diet useless??

  • I stand by everything I said.

  • I am on my 14th day!! I have done the cleanse 2x before. But this time I was determined! My goal, I decided on the 5th day, was to go till I was in the 120’s again. But, along the way, I noticed I had so many more positive emotions. I felt better, and it was good training for when I exit the program. I was out of control with my eating. Now, I have learned to exercise when I’m bored, not eat b/c I think I want to. You will never say, gee I’m sorry I exercised instead of ate a tasty, but unhealthy food. I have no support for doing this program. It worries my mom, and my boyfriend thinks it’s reckless. Truly, the main reason I did this program was because I was trying to get the toxins out of my body. I want to be a mother someday. It is so important to get all the toxins out of my system. I had an injury a few years ago. Therefore my doctors have had me on many different medication cocktails. This program even reduced my normal level of pain throughout the day. I take less pain meds. That alone is enough to do this program. I did get hungry some days. But over all I had more energy, and I knew the cleanse was so good for my overall health. I became in tune with myself again. If you do this program, do it for yourself. You probably won’t get any support from your family and friends b/c they just don’t understand.

  • Hi, where I live, you cannot find grades in maple sirop, you find only maple sirop. I live in UAE and I’ve tried the mc for 10 days, but did lose only 1 kg, is there a way i can do it without the maple sirop and how to do the salt water flush? appreciate your response. ( i am desperate to loose weight!!)

  • I would just like to say that i completed the mastercleanse and before i started i could not walk 20 steps without having to use my inhaler…..i have been off the master cleanes for abouth 3 weeks and have not had one asthma attack!!!! i am going to go back on the mc because i was so peaceful during that time not having to think about eating…..i shoud mention that i cooked everyday for my family while on the cleanse but i had no cravings and was able to sustain..i am a diehard sweet eater and i would love to find the stevia product…..
    good luck to all of you…..

  • what do u mean u ate cucumber in apple cider vinegar while u were doing the mc
    or did u eat that after ur 10 days. i did the ten days and lost 15 pds. ive gained back 2 in two weeks, does the cucumber and vinegar reallly help

  • what is the cucumber cider apple vinegar and how much stevia do you add to the salt water, a taplespoon?

  • Raylen, What is the cucumber and apple cider mixture? I’ve never heard of it before.

  • This is my second day on the MC. I have tried before and did not last half the day. But…I have experience with juice fast and was able to stay on it for 12 days. So I know that it’s just a matter of mentally preparing myself. I’ve done this and feel really strong. Oddly enough, I don’t feel hungry. I am worried about leaving the toilet bowl though! Let’s see how that goes. Wish me luck! I am also wishing you all the same. We can do this!!!! Just think how amazing we will feel as each day goes by and even more amazing upon the completion!!!

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