How To Lose Ten Pounds Fast

All people have the ability to lose 10 pounds fast by doing two simple things; cut 500 calories from your diet, and burn an extra 500 calories through exercise. If you do this you’ll be shedding about 2 pounds of fat a week, and it will take just over a month to lose 10 pounds.
Cut Out 500 Calories A Day

– Skip the latte, get a coffee – Most people don’t recognize just how many unnecessary calories you are consuming at Starbucks and other local coffee shops.  A Grande Caffe Latte at Starbucks will cost you 190 calories.  The calories and fat in the milk all add up quickly!  Skip the latte and get a coffee.  A Grande coffee only has 5 calories.  If you don’t add sugar or milk and you just saved 185 calories.  A Grande Mocha w/ whip cream has 330 calories so if you like the really sweet and chocolaty drinks you just saved 325 calories by switching to coffee.

– Cut the carbonated drinks – Similar to lattes, carbonated drinks like Pepsi and Coca-Cola can contain serious amounts of sugar and calories.  According to Pepsi, 12 fluid ounces of its product contains 150 calories.  Alternatively, you can choose Diet Pepsi or another diet soda and save 150 calories.  If you are really responsible, you’ll cut just go straight for plain old water.

– Substitute healthy snacks for poor ones – A Snickers bar is a whopping 280 calories and 1 ounce of Cheetos is 160 calories (assuming you don’t shove the whole bag in your mouth, which in a 3.25 ounce bag would be a spectacular 520 calories).  Instead of getting these quick fixes you can opt for 3 ounces of raw carrots for 35 calories and/or a half cup of grapes for roughly 60 calories.  If you had the Snickers bar, you just saved 185 calories.  If you scarfed down that bag of Cheetos you saved 425 calories!

Burning 500 Calories

– Get off the couch at night.  Don’t just plop down after you’ve had a long day at work.  Sure television may make you feel good, but it isn’t helping to drop those extra pounds.  If you take 30 minutes of your time immediately after work and pick up around the house you can burn an extra 100 calories.
– Take the stairs – Don’t cram in that elevator with all those other sheep at your work, be a leader and take the stairs.  The amount of calories that you spend performing an exercise varies by your weight since you need to exert more energy to move heavier objects.  Be that as it may, for a person weighing 145 pounds walking up and down the stairs will burn approximately 530 calories per hour.  If you take the stairs for a minimum of 15 minutes a day and weight 145 pound than you just burned an extra 133 calories.

– Take a morning walk – now that you’ve got that extra energy from the extra sleep, you should get up and take a brisk walk in the morning!  For a person weighing 145 pounds, you can burn 169 calories in the morning by taking a brisk 4.0 mph walk for 30 minutes.

Losing weight fast doesn’t always require drastic lifestyle changes. Remember a lot of little changes can add up to some very significant weight loss, and these little things are easy to incorporate into your life unlike the drastic changes put forth by most commercial diets.

If you have any easy weight loss tips please share them in the comments section.

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  • M from pune n looking forward for the MC programme.but my problem is from where to get maple b syrup n cayenne pepper n organic lemon…pls help

  • No not do it if you have any heart problem my heart stopped pumping blood at a normal rate and it nearly killed me

  • m on a mc diet. And thz is ma 2nd day. N m having a severe head n i c no diffrence:(

  • How many times of day do u drink the MC

  • Im on Day 6 of my cleanse, and last I checked my weight on day 4 I lost 12 pounds. It does get easier, because day 2 I was already in the mood to give up. My goal is 10 days and im already almost there… EVERYONE SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE PAGE, TO SEE ME MAKE IT TO MY DAY 10 !!!!

    Starting Day 7 Tomorrow !!!

  • i want to start master cleanse..but coz i m from AP i couldn’t get the master cleanse book any where..IL be grateful if any body can suggest a place in AP where i can i get the book..well,iv got the recipe of lemonade so is it OK if i drink the lemonade for a week??iv got the instructions from the site.its hard for me to get maple syrup so iv taken the raw evaporated sugar cane instead..can i use it in place of maple syrup??can anyone please suggest the color of cayenne pepper??i am serious with the diet program and hope IL lose 10kgs in a week!!

  • I am starting the cleanse today!!!! I am excited I am not overweight at all. In fact I am at a pretty good weight. I am doing this for the health benefits. I need to clean my system. I am hoping this gets it done!
    I encourage anyone anywhere to DO what BEST benefits your health! The discomfort of a headache shouldn’t stop you from getting this done!
    Stick to it! Be encouraged!

  • day 3. wow hungry is the understatement of the year. Had a mild headache this morning and extreme fatigue throughout the day… grocery shopping and preparing dinner for my kids is like the cruelest form of torture ( i must confess i snuck a bite of cheese burger) im at 6 lb lost and 8 more to go, im hoping tomorrow is easier. im craving leafy greens and meat! im definitely convinced after many years of dieting and obtaining a healthy diet that this method is drastic yes but so are the results.

  • I tried doing the master cleanse several days ago and ended up quitting for a few reasons.

    But I’m on Day 2 again and things are going much more smoothly this time around. My advice for people starting off is to try to eliminate caffeine several days before they start the mc. I tried giving it up about 4 or 5 days before, but ended up drinking a mug of green tea right in the middle of that… i think that was actually a good idea to be honest. it helped the headaches I was experiencing with the caffeine withdrawls and gave me a much needed energy boost, but because I just had one, I don’t feel like I experienced the same kind of discomfort when starting the cleanse.
    Also, I tried to eliminate all processed foods 4-5 days before I started the cleanse as well. That didn’t work out too well though, lol. However, I did incorporate a lot more salads and veggies in place of all junk. I couldn’t control my cravings enough to stop completely so I did splurge on some pizza, but not a lot!

    The first time I tried the cleanse, I experienced a severe migraine the moment I tasted the cayenne pepper. I’m talking about excruciating pain! So this time around, I got myself the cayenne pepper capsules and take it right before I go to sleep so that I’m still getting what I need from them, but any pain I might feel from them is taken care of by being asleep. I do still experience some heart burn, but it’s way better than the migraines.

    Now that I started the cleanse this second time around, it’s like night and day. I am experiencing the hunger pains, but nothing out of the ordinary. Actually, I’m having a lot better time with it than I expected! Very minimal discomfort, I just want FOOD! lol

  • I’m on a third day with the Master Clease & I feel great alredy.

  • Hi my name is shana this is my second day on the MC and I feel good already .I be wanting to eat but it’s Mind over matter can’t let the food take over me wish me luck cuz ima need it.

  • Hi I am going to start the master cleanse I only had one question regarding coffee.
    The first thing i do in the morning is brew coffee for the last fouty something years i know that is not allow but how could i handle this is like being on drugs and kickking cold turkey. I do what to stop dricking coffee I know is not good for me. I decided to go on it because of my wight in the beging but as i read your book I am going to do it because i need to get healty and need to cleanse. thank you i do not have a blog but could u please email the answer to me.

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  • BTW, another great idea is to take measurements. That’s a great way to see your progress, especially if you’re not really seeing it on the scale. I typically take quite a few measurement…thighs, butt, hips, wasit, chest & I think I’ll add arms this time too!

  • The photo taking is a great idea. I’m starting the cleanse tomorrow & can’t wait to see the results. Not just weight loss but it really boosted my energy & personal outlook when i did it last year. I put on a fair amount of weight this past year (I’m sure due to a ton of stress that is hopefully gone for good!) I’ve just got to get back in shape feeling better again!

  • Yeah, I agree with these tips. But the problem is how to stay motivated on day-to-day basis? What I’ve found to work on that is to take a photo before the diet and then proceed to take one every two weeks. If you are doing things right you can see some changes in your body already in that time.

  • I had a hard time the first few times I tried it because my main motivation was weight loss. Try changing your motivation to accomplish good health and you find it much easier, and the weight loss happens anyway!

  • hi im starting my mc today i think its going to go great but i plan on doing it for thirty days to see how weight i can loose i know i can do because i have to get this weight down but ima go walking an runnng everyday i hope to loose atleast thirty pounds by just doing this….after i finish my cleanse ima oonly eat turkey food an stay on a diet i wanna dop atleast four pants sizes…i only werar a13 in jeans i ont really have much to loose but a stomache…..ii cant wait t accomplish my goal….tell me what you think about do it for thirty days

  • Today I completed 18 days of the MC. Wow fantastic that I was able to go this far, but I felt nurished and enjoyed the flavor of the lemonade. I’ve lost 11 lbs. I inspired two other people to begin a fast also. I did everything except the salt water flush. I tried for 3 days then stopped. I hated it. I had no problem eliminating w/o it.
    I’m happy I lost the weight, I didn’t expect it since I’ve fasted before and not lost anything. I did it for purification and wanting to get the zest for life back. I’m 57 yrs got married two years ago and started eating ice cream every night and gained weight. I am going off the diet tomorrow and hope to stay more conscious of my intake of food. BEST OF LUCK Believe me IT WORKS!!

  • I’ve been on the MC diet for 4 days and I haven’t had a BM yet. I’m kind of worried. Should I be. I’ve been reading about this laxative sea salt thing, what is that?

    I’ve had a hard time so far cause everything looks amazing and I have no one doing it with me. All my friends are proud of my will power so that helps. I’m gonna finish I just have to keep telling myself.

  • hey everyone, i just now heard about mc yesterday and im so excited to start. i already bought all the ingredients. I know its going to be hard but im going to do it. Im 5’7 and weigh 180. my goal is to weigh 150. wish me luck (: and goodluck everyone and i hope you get to your goal

  • i just started n so far so good didnt do the laxative sea salt thing though, wish me luck! going for ten days ten lbs off!

  • Felt I should leave people some tips now that I just completed it…

    1) Yeah, it’s hard at first but use the time to do something productive instead of thinking about food you don’t need anyway. This can help take your mind off it.

    2) When you do think about food, joke about gorging on the most lovely dishes you can imagine! I constantly rattled off all the things I would love to be eating, in extreme detail, and it made me realize I could just laugh about it and it was ok. 🙂

    3) Most of our sense of taste is in our sense of smell. When you smell a restaurant nearby, imagine how much better it is that you’re drinking lemon juice and imagine it tasting like what you smell. I actually find this worked.

    4) If you really need to, pop a peppermint in your mouth for a few moments and spit it out — or rinse with mouthwash. I find this helps stop cravings as well.

    Dear public, I hope this helps. It did for me. 🙂

  • I just finished the 10 day MC and, let me tell you, it was worth it! You realize that you’re definitely NOT starving in the first few days like you think you are. The last 5 days were, by far, the easiest. In fact, by day 10 I felt like I could easily go another week. Probably the hardest part overall was simply not being able to sit down and share a meal with loved ones without them feeling guilty. No worries, the MC worked wonderfully and I will do it again one day. I actually made me feel 10 (not 5 but 10) years younger. 🙂

  • My niece is trying to lose weight…she is 18. She asked me about the MC…I told her it was the absolute worst “diet” I’ve ever been on.

    So I’ve decided to go on it. 🙂 I did it years ago, at least I started it…could not continue but then again…I was a smoker so no wonder I didn’t feel good.

    Now no longer smoke and have been struggling to get rid of the middle of me. So…on the way to the store to get the maple syrup and lemons. I have cayenne, but will probably get more. I plan on starting this on SATURDAY and will have all I need so I don’t have to leave the house. (dogfood)

    I’m already a vegetarian so it will be an entirely different experience for me. Before I was not and was a smoker. Guess we really do get wiser as we get older…

  • I have a co-worker that has successfully completed 10 days on this diet. I saw the difference in him and asked what was going on. Master Cleanse….I am going to try it out. He has given some really good pointers like, take the week prior and get yourself mentally prepared…cut out red meat and sugar…drink more water and eat more vegetables. He also said to start on the weekend to get use to the lemonade and going to the restroom. I am excited!

  • i am on the 2nd day of MC. and i am here in the office to keep food out of my mind. Its really hard but I know I can do it, just focus and be patient. i have two friends who are also having this diet. and I feel less bloated actually, this mornig when I weighed it’s 4 lbs. less and I think the effort is worth it!

  • i really want to try the master cleanse, and i was wondering, can you just use lemonade instead of lemons?? and also, why is the maple syrup important to add??

    i was also wondering, what are some ways to become less lazy? i find myself wondering this, then a second later ill realize that im sittin on the couch so ill start doin some excercise but i always give up fast!!!!!! plz help thnx, xoxo sasha.mendez ; )

  • Day 1 for me & its so hard… Im 5’5 and 222 pounds which is a shame but Im working on trying to lose 50 pounds. I guess I just need a little motivation.

  • If you juice the entire lemon, it will have a laxative effect. Just use the juice, unless you need that “outcome”. It is actually good for you, but on this diet, it is not recommended all day, every day. For people who think the cayenne is too hot, just use a few grains to taste. I find it makes the lemonade taste infinitely better, so I use as much as I can, but you know best for yourself

  • hi everyone i am starting my mc today. it actually taste pretty good! my goal is 40 days but im going to take it 10 days at a time. i will let you kno how it goes! good luck everyone!

  • This is day two of the mc diet and ice uses the bathroom si much but my body already feels less bloated. I know i can do this its just so hard. I will be trying 10days then to 20 if it works i am
    5’1″ and 137lbs trying for 125 lbs so wish me good luck and believe in yourselves bc we can make it

  • i have been doing the master cleansing for 8 days. i feel great. i don’t feel hungery and low energy. i can keep my normal working. the first 3 days were tough. i didn’t do the sea salt washing and the laxative tea until the 5th day. i definitely recommond to follow the instruction. for those who don’t like the tast of caynne peper, there is caynne cap i heard. check the store. i am going to do it for 21 days. i don’t know why, i have just lost 6 lbs so far. my goal is 15lbs. hopefuly i will make it after the 21 day cleansing.

  • day two for me, took smoove move last night and this morn, still havnt done bm yet, should i do that salt flush, ive always had trouble going to the bathroom, but come on, what could be wrong, im doing everything right, i really want this to work

  • hi sohpie………….
    i am afraid
    cz i dont know still how to use it
    let me guide please
    m pakistani
    n got tortured of comments of m felllows in university
    i m 19 years old n hav 70 weight
    do help me please……………….

  • Hi, I did a 15 day master cleanse and although it wasn’t a piece of cake, I believe I was able to get through it with the support of two friends doing it with me. Of course there were times when I wanted to quit, but having others doing it with you is great. You can push each other and support each other. My friends and I actually made a master cleanse iPhone app that has been available for about 5 days. We made it so people can have support whenever and wherever they are. Check it out and give us feedback!

  • I am on day 10 and feel fabulous! If you feel sick you aren’t eliminating good enough. Are you drinking the laxative tea at night and drinking (tip: use a straw) the sea salt water in the morning first thing?

    I’ve lost 8 pounds, I’d like to continue but am coming down with a cold – unless this isn’t a cold and just a detox symptom.

  • I am on cleanse day #12…I feel great, and have lost 11lbs. If you can stick to it, the benefits are awsome.

  • deliver to Sohpie

  • Dear Sophie
    When I gave up smoking I too gained 17kgs(around 34lbs)and carried that weight around with me, having to wear larger and larger size clothes. One morning when I awoke I decided enough was enough, so I checked out my local Weight Watchers and arranged to attend a meeting. I stayed with them until I reached my goal weight of 71kgs(around 142lbs)and have managed to control my weight over the last 9 years.
    It is so good to be able to get into nice modern clothes, so although the thought of losing so much weight is daunting, it is so worth it. It is life changing. I think the first few days are the hardest after that it becomes a habit.
    Good luck

  • I started the master cleanse Monday 11-8-09. And stopped 11-8-09. I started again today. I really want to do this clease. I need to do this. I’m afraid something might affect my heart. I have a leaky heart valve. Will this cleanse affect my heart?

    I stop smoking nine months ago, and I have gained at least 17 lbs. Somebody help me PLEASE!

    I want to make it work, but I am having a hard time.

  • Ive been on the master cleanse for two days now. I’m starving and I’m not going bathroom nemore than usual n I haven’t lost any weight !!!

  • I am starting the MC Tuesday. My goal is to do it for 20 days, but I definitely plan to complete 10. The various questions and responses have been enlightening and helpful. Thanks for all the tips. I will keep you posted. Happy detoxing!

  • I am about to start the Master Cleanse and am curious if it is advisable to juice the lemons with my juicer (rind and all).

    The lemons are organic, so I wouldn’t see why this would be an issue, but I just wanted to get some reassurance.



  • Hi, I started today the 10 day master cleanse . I am okay with everything except the caynne pepper. It is too hot!! Also taking that much caynne pepper is it going to affect my heart. before I had problems with cloging of the arteries so I have 2 stints and 1 balloon placed in my arteries.

    Also Why do I feel like throwing up?

  • See, I hate advice like this. I treat myself to a mocha twice a week tops, don’t drink anything but water, and I don’t snack. What about people who aren’t indulging like crazy?

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