How Much Weight Can You Lose On The Lemonade Diet

Using the lemonade diet for weight loss is a popular trend these days. Even though the lemonade diet is not technically a weight loss diet (it’s a cleanse that promotes whole body health) it is a fantastic way to drop a quick couple pounds.

The question I often get asked then is, “how much weight will I lose?”

Assuming you stay on the lemonade diet for 10 days, which is what most people do, you can expect to lose anywhere from 5-15 pounds. Some people will lose a little more but that’s the average.

Keep in mind that this is not all fat. During the lemonade diet you’ll be passing a lot of internal waste. You’ll also lose some water weight if you started the cleanse a little bloated. One tip for losing even more weight is to follow a healthy diet after the lemonade diet because you’re body will be used to a reduce calorie diet so it won’t be so hard to transition into a healthy low calorie diet.

If you’re looking for an easy way to lose up to 10 pounds that doesn’t involve the lemonade diet, see this blog post > How To Quickly Lose 10 Pounds Without Suffering

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  • Hey all I’m finishing day 1 I’m going to january 8th, I just have to stay resilient. I know I can do it, I’ve done it before. Okay, help me out,,,

  • Hey, Its been a week and im at 156 lbs!!! So far I’ve lost 10 pounds! hopefully next week im at 146!
    -Rachelle, I’ve been drinking decaf and sugar free coffee whenever I get an urge to eat so try that! I drink up to 4 cups a day.
    -Karla, I will be happy to do it with you! Im going for another 14 days!

  • I’m over weight at the age of 21. So what do you guess think about me going on an water fast ? I want to lose 40 to 50 pounds.

  • Hello, i have been on the MC for 4 days so far and i only drink water mixed with lemon, sometimes i take yogurt in the mornings because i do a 2 hour workout including spinning bike and dance classes, i would love to have a buddy on this because sometimes i feel like just grabbing a burger. I am 5’4 and 130 pounds, i have los 5pounds in 4 days!! I am really happy but I tend to think its just my imagination and that it isn’t working 🙁 I will do it for 21 days (like angelina jolie) because i want to lose muscle and fat… My goal is 20-25 pounds, i would really like to have a buddy in this! Thank you.

  • Hey everyone,
    I am finding this diet very hard I don’t know why but I never seem to get past the first and I really need to loose this baby weigh i have gained. I am 22 and weigh 207 pounds i have a 10 month old daughter and to be honest I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin I have tried this diet twice now and both times I failed. The laxative tea I drink works really well but I just keep snacking on things like crackers and then I go rite back into eating like before. I am very unhappy.Any advice for me?

  • I am starting this tomorrow…any advice for maximizing weight loss…and combating hunger pains??

  • im startin tomoz… the slf… how much water and isit warm or cold water and also where can i buy the tea? x

  • I started yesterday at 166 pounds and today I’m 161. In the past I would be able to lose weight quite fast. But 5 pounds in a day and a half, I’m super proud of myself! Especially for fighting the urges to eat. What I did is put a picture of me looking fat as my background and that is my motivation!

  • All done experimenting. I have tried at least 6 different weight-loss / cleansers. The Lady Soma Detox was the 5th one I tried. I found this to be the most effective in clearing my system out. It takes me a day or two for my system to get into the new routine but it has been smooth sailing all the way.

    I have tried some brands that just didnt seem to have the same clearing out effect that I was hoping for and getting with this product from Lady Soma. I will continue to buy it online.

  • Ok so I started the cleanse on Monday. Followed it perfectly until Tuesday night then ate a tilapia fish filet (I made it with vegetable oil) and shrimp cocktail and bell pepper. I am anemic and was feeling very faint even after having drank lemonade. I felt so depressed all night for eating that ( though it was very healthy and little). I haven’t eaten since. I’ve been doing the lemonade all day. I started at 193.2 on Monday and now I’m 188.6 so I’ve lost a little over 4 lbs. I’ll keep you all updated. Oh and I started my ten days all over today since I do want to complete the cleansing aspect of the fast not just weight loss

  • Re 17 and 200 lbs:
    I think that your mom has valid reasons for asking you not to do the cleanse. The best way to get her on your team for this is to get all the facts and talk to your doctor. Once your doctor has given you the green (mine did) and you have your facts, pleading your case will be a breeze.

  • I’m 17.
    I’m 5’8″.
    I weigh 200 pounds.
    I want to do this, but my mom says that I shouldn’t do it for 10 days.
    What do you think?

  • Dear Anonymous (Nov 30) Today is my first day on the cleanse and I feel great, however, this is about the 6th time I’ve tried it and was never able to get past the morning and afternoon. Today I feel great but I am more determined. At work alot of the ladies here were very discouraging to me yesterday when they found out I was going to do the cleanse, I wish I didn’t say anything to them :(, but I decided last night that I will let their negative words become “apart” of my motivation, but not the basis of my motivation. I will prove them wrong, and in the end feel alot better about myself and begin to transform into a new lifestyle with my eating, throwing out the old and embracing the new. You can do it little one, let the negative words bring about a positive impact in your life, turning it around to benefit you! Don’t let anyone take this from, you take a stand and fight for yourself and your happiness and your health. I’m praying for you! 🙂 Best of luck to you, and remember, if you fall don’t get discouraged and stay down, try again until you get it and you will!

  • Day 1 of the Master Cleanse!. Feeling pretty good… Sight headache in the early afternoon . Haven’t done anything like this since college. but it brings up the feeling of how much I like to challenge myself and be in control. I’m going to weigh myself the morning of day 8, then morning of day 16 and finally on Dec 22nd.. I’m going start back with yoga tomorrow and lift arm weights.. I’ll check back on Dec 8th with my results!!

  • am starting the mc tomorrow for 15 days! counting on you support….:)

  • Hi everyone, I’m starting the master cleanse tomorrow *hopefully* for a full 20 days but no less than 10. I have been struggling with my weight since I was a child and I pray this will give me the boost I need into a healthier lifestyle! I’m so encouraged at everyone’s comments blogs. Good luck to us all!

  • guys i realllly need your help, im trying to do the master cleanse diet ..well my first day was yesterday (im 15 years old with a weight problem)i went and bought my own staff and told my mom i was doing it she demotivated me which pretty much depressed me i ran straight for a big chocolate cake my problem is i cant stick to any diet because people’s thought about me affect me and i and up eating how can i stop this i lose weight please how did the people who have done this over come the 1st day hunger and lasted on this diet.

  • I’m starting the cleanse tomorrow Nov 30. Being that Christmas is right around the corner I will be realistic and will do the cleanse for 21 days. It will be hard with all the Chirstmas parties but I’m going to do it!! End date and goal is Dec 19th…

  • Hello Everyone,

    Do the lemons have to be organic ???

  • Hiya…well i’m on day 1….again. I did 7 days straight the week before last, then it was my Birthday etc!! Well I have to report that i did lose around 8lbs, and I felt so much thinner,the quick result was so worth the hunger! When I started eating again a couple of pounds crept back on again very quickly. But I suppose that is inevitable. I was very tired when I was doing the whole week, but going to bed early really helped….and kept me out of the kitchen.I am back on the wagon again. I find that to stick to this properly you really need to follow the instructions and make sure you drink enough. I make it up the day before and keep it in the fridge and then take it to work and keep drinking it all day. Don’t forget also that you can add more water to this to make it go further. I have just been diagnosed as anaemic so am keeping on with the iron supplements this time, hopefully will feel less tired if I keep on with these as well. I guess that should like to cheer everyone along and encourage you to stick to it. Losing weight requires sustained effort and consistency…feeling a bit hungry is all part of the deal I reckon..but I think that this is the best most effective kick start I have ever come across.Soo here I am starting feels a bit like giving up smoking (which i managed 2 years ago) just keep on trying and eventually it will work!

  • Smoothe move works! I bought it from food lion in the organic section. Its also in every walmart for about $4 I think. I drink it while im at work (third shift) and about noon I have to really go to the bathroom. It really does make things move smoothe. Stay by a toilet, cus it definately works.

  • Smooth Move tea is the best to use for laxative tea purposes. You can get that at any health food store and most grocery stores.

  • Im starting today! I am so ready to drop some pounds 🙂 Im traying to do 40 days of the master cleanse. Good luck everyone whos starting the lemonade diet.

  • Hey

    Im starting on monday but I have no idea what teas to buy , I mean laxitive teas… what is a example of a laxitive tea please …anyone?


  • Hey everyone Today is thanksgiving day and I haven’t ate anything should i start today or tomorrow. I’m so ready to lose a lot of weight doing this. I’m going to go for 15 days and see how much I can Lose. Hmu i need a partner of few partners to do this with. I want to lose this weight now!!!

  • i wanted to know what will happen if i dont use sea salt and tea… whether i still lose weight with drinking only lemonade?

  • Hi everyone im in day 15 but i dint lose much someone is there to help me and tell where i went wrong? and one more thing i wanted to know is that during a day we should have only lemon or can we have healthy food also? Please help me out 🙂

  • To the anonymous one, I have the exact same goal!!! I did two hours of working out everyday. People say its too much but guess what IT WORKS!!! I’m doing the lemonade diet too cus I only have, 16 lbs left to melt off so I can re-enlist. Can’t wait. Wish you the best of luck!!

  • Has anyone been happy with their results?

    I hope to lose 10-15 pounds over the course of 15-20 days. Has anyone lost more than 15 pounds during 15 days?

  • is it really true about not pre mixing the juice. I pre mixed it this morning and have been drinking from one pitcher… have i wasted day one

  • I just started today! Day one and so fare after 12 hours of feeling just fine…..its night time and im bored and wanting to eat. I dont feel hungry but im afraid of giving into the boredom

  • I have tried on and off for yeards to get past day 3, I am on a new road in my life after a 15 year relationship crumbed. I now know it was emoutional eating and stress through this relationship that kept me heavy. In the next 28 days I want to purge more than the waste in my body, but the waste in my head that has held me back all these years. I want to break horrible habits that have stayed with me for years, smoking and a unhealthy relatonship with food. Wish me luck… I will try daily to update.

  • Can I take fiber instead of laxitives? I heard fiber makes you feel full?

  • well this is my third day and I hope to go as long as I can I just to want to be at a normal weight for me I wish every body luck with this I know that Im going to need some.

  • started yesturday will try and not weigh myself until the 10 days are up, wish me luck I need to lose a lot of weight this is the boost i need.

  • I am starting tomorrow and am so excited to lose the extra weight and rid the toxins out of my body. I’m going to write in a journal if I get frustrated or want to cheat. I won’t cheat though, because I’ve tried all sorts of kick-start diets and it’s finally time to do one I will stick to! If anyone has any tips to get through, please let me know! I only plan on doing this diet for five days to see how much I lose, then if I am satisfied with the results, I’ll continue for two more days 🙂

  • On day 7 of 20 I hope! Last year I did 21 days & loved it. Trying to unload extra weight before the holidays and train myself that smaller portions are the way to go when I decide to eat again. I have my moments that I want to eat and it’s not really because I’m hungry. It’s because I like to eat! The problem is I like junk food. Had some head aches this time but I did realize I wasn’t drinking enough lemon aid. This is a hard cleanse/diet but it’s worth it. I realized after the first time doing 21 days that before hand I was eating too much fruit & dairy. Fruit is natural yes but too much will make you fat too because of the extra sugars. You will really cleanse your body of all the built up toxins. It’s a real eye opener as to how meat & other foods mess
    with your system.

  • I’m startn on Monday..hopefully I could do 20 days straight!. Wish me luck

  • Day Two of twenty-five. I’m trying to cleanse past Thanksgiving. I’ve been totally sluggish and lethargic lately. I just turned 27 and the dark circles under my eyes are out-of-hand. I’m not a stranger to fasting, but a stranger to ‘cleansing’. I need to look and feel better about myself. I need more energy, and I need to cut this addiction to the taste of food. I’m a pastry chef in a Louisiana kitchen that cranks out food so high in fats andsugars..that I’m this may be really hard. Here’s to healthy living and strong will!!

  • Hey everyone,i am finishing day 3, tommorow will be the believing of day 4,i have lost 7 pounds so far, if I keep losing at this rate I am hoping to lose between 15 -20 pounds by day 10, maybe a little more with exercise. the key to success is limiting juice intake,i only drink six cups a day, one 3 cup serving for lunch and another 3 cup serving at night, followed by two cups of peppermint tea.I feel a lot of energy, freind at work did it for 10 days and lost 15 pounds. I have only done the swf 1 time so far,i am a student and I work,and public bathrooms disgust me, so I will only be taking the flush or laxative when I am near my own bathroom.The lemonade tastes great to me, to all of you that hate the cayenne pepper, you can reduce the amount that you use, its not really a big deal.make sure the lemons or e are not bottled (fake lemon juice).finally the juice should not be made by the gallon,it should only be made to the amount that you will drink immediately,if made in bulk three enzymes from the lemon will die, defeating the purpose.the only alternative is premixing the maple syrup and lemon,(the maple syrup preserves the lemon juice), then add the cayenne and water when you are ready to consume.This is what I do, at work.Good luck everyone,i wil be checking back regularly!

  • The maple syrup is for your calorie intake. It also has the minerals and vitamins to help keep your body goin, since you wont be able to eat on this diet. My husband and I are both starting Monday. His dad makes maple syrup, homemade is the kind you wana use.

  • Im beonca and im 5′ 6 and im 250 pounds im the age of 22 and recently had a beautiful son….im starting this program tomorrow because I need it….I Have tried many times but wasnt able to get pass the second day…. I Have a food addiction and to be healthy I have to change my eating habits….I no its gonna a challenge but im ready this time im tired of being unhealthy and fat…….wish me luck im going for 20 days gods will…….

  • wat is the maple syrup for do you need it? or can you do the diet without it?

  • I am starting tomorrow hopefully this will give me a good cleanse and encourage me to eat more healthy

  • I am going to start tomorrow. Got all my ingredients today, and did not have dinner, instead chose to take a glas of the Lem Mix. to see what it taseted like and how I will like taking it… See I I can make it thru the night with just that.. I need to loose 50 lbs in 6 months and wanted something to jump start my weight loss program..

  • I’m just finishing day 8…..not sure how many days I will complete…..the most was 23 days…..once I get going….it is quite easy, I feel great, I don’t have to worry about “what to eat” and of course, losing weight!

    SWF in the am…..nothing afterwards until that finishes.
    1 glass of LAD in the am…..tea the rest of the day….
    1 glass of LAD in the pm…..tea the rest of the afternoon….
    1 glass of LAD in the late pm…..tea the rest of the night

    You have to drink at least 2 gallons of water/water related drink or else you will get headaches.
    When I ride, I drink one extra glass before & after the ride….maybe a GU if I feel really depleted.
    The neatest part is actually seeing the fat leave your waist & other body areas!!!!

  • Day 2 here. Lost 4 lbs since yesterday. Mostly build up and water weight. It’s hard working and going to school watching everyone eat while you starve. No crazy side effects just allot of bathroom visits. I coupled my cleanse with prune juice in the morning and afternoons to increase the cleanses efficiency. Hopefully drinking tons of water and chewing gum occasionally will help with hunger pains.

  • I really need help figureing out where i went wrong with this diet i exercised, read my book over and over. I thought i was doin really good until i weighed myself today which is my 10th day and i only lost 8lbs! Somebody please help me understand.

  • Hi everyone. Im on day 10 of the lemonade diet and i weighed myself this morning and i only lost 8lbs! Its really depressing because i have a goal of joining the military and i really needed to lose more weight. Somebody please tell me where i went wrong?

  • charlotte, im starting tommorrow, monday, too! we can be buddies

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