How Much Weight Can You Lose On The Lemonade Diet

Using the lemonade diet for weight loss is a popular trend these days. Even though the lemonade diet is not technically a weight loss diet (it’s a cleanse that promotes whole body health) it is a fantastic way to drop a quick couple pounds.

The question I often get asked then is, “how much weight will I lose?”

Assuming you stay on the lemonade diet for 10 days, which is what most people do, you can expect to lose anywhere from 5-15 pounds. Some people will lose a little more but that’s the average.

Keep in mind that this is not all fat. During the lemonade diet you’ll be passing a lot of internal waste. You’ll also lose some water weight if you started the cleanse a little bloated. One tip for losing even more weight is to follow a healthy diet after the lemonade diet because you’re body will be used to a reduce calorie diet so it won’t be so hard to transition into a healthy low calorie diet.

If you’re looking for an easy way to lose up to 10 pounds that doesn’t involve the lemonade diet, see this blog post > How To Quickly Lose 10 Pounds Without Suffering

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  • Im Pamela. Tried to start the master cleanse yesterday but cheated and ate shimp and crab legs. starting officially today. My goal is to go from 185 to 170 in 7 days. Wish me luck. I plan on doing the cleanse again by the middle of march to hopefully get down to 160 or 157. I am taking thermogenics and working out. hopefully that will accelerate the loss


  • Im on my fourth day of the master cleanse and have lost 10ibs!:) my goal is 20ibs so i can be at 130ibs by my birthday 🙂 its not as hard after the third day and no cheating at all!! All you need is determination

  • My first day on the master cleanse I weight 259 and awaiting my results I am over weight by 80 lb but I will this time and wish that 42 will leave me by August 14 witch is my birthday wish me luck I will keep everyone posted

  • I am on my fourth day of the lemonade detox diet. I haven’t felt too hungry, tired or any major side effects. I am 240 lbs and I expected to have seen a drop on the scale by now, but all I’ve lost this far is 1.6 lbs. I have not cheated at all and I’m wondering if it took any of you longer than four days to see a change!? I am drinking about 6 cups of lemonade a day with the cayenne pepper, doing the laxative at night and the salt water flush in the mornings.

  • Hi I have started the master cleanse and I feel great. I did it back in 2010 and lost 30lbs in 8 days I was 205 and ended at 175 and now in at 164…I’m not happy with my weight right now I put in some pounds so I’m doing the cleanse again I’m really excited about it again… Will keep you guys in touch of how it goes….

  • i lost 70 pounds #THUUGGGGGG

  • My name is maria I started 6 days ago on the Master clense and I feel great! I started at 137 and are now at 129. I have 4 days left havent cheated on my diet or anything. Im so proud because im a giant food lover!! So for all of u trying it trust me YOU can do it.

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