Can You Use Lemon Juice From a Bottle?

Today’s questios are about using bottled lemon juice instead of fresh lemon juice when you do the master cleanse, and a question about the salt water flush.

Hello! I’m planning on doing the master cleanse and i was wondering if i can can use lemon juice from a bottle because i don’t have time to buy a lot of fresh lemon. And about the sea salt/laxative tea flush, can i take it any time of the day? will it still work the same? because i work at 6am and i dont have time to be using the bathroom in the morning. Is there any snacks that i can eat during the master cleanse? please help me!

The lemon juice is one of the most important ingredients in the master cleanse and it’s important that you use fresh squeezed lemon juice, ideally from organic lemons. When it comes to the salt water flush it is ideal take it throughout the day, but due to the volatile bowel movements it is alright to plan around your work schedule. If you’re looking for a few foods that won’t affects the cleanse I have a chapter on safe foods in my Master Cleanse Secrets book.

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  • Is organic bottled lemon juice just as good as fresh squeezed lemon juice? For master cleanse. If no then what’s the difference?

  • Am type 2 diabetic on oral medications no insulin, if my sugars go low, what should I, and can I do it for 10 days on, 5 Days, 10 days on

  • I used lemon juice concentrate today with my green juice and it did the trick, I feel amazing…maybe you don’t need to go over board with the fine details.

  • I’ve been doing the master cleanse or lemon diet for 8 years, I do it once a year every year. My question is would it be better to switch from filter water to Pure coconut water?Coconut water seems to be a go fit. What do you think.

  • Hello I accidently bought organic lemonade for the master cleanse? Will it still work? Thanks!

  • when lemons are out of season this looks like the next best thing, do a search for store on the website and it will tell you if one is close. Do not use the lemon concentrate, you want pure lemon juice. see below

  • i love eating lemon juice and even the pillings off of it yummy yumm

  • well i want to know what the percentage of lemon juice that it is better to clean with than resolve

  • Hi,
    For all of you asking if you can use the lemon juice that you find in the stores.
    I remind you that this is a detox diet. It would be preferable and recommended to use only fresh stuff. BUT, if circumstances don’t allow it, try to find the juice containing the highest percentage of lemon in it and at the same time the least if no additives.
    Another thing, Maple syrup can be replaced with organic honey just like the original master cleanse by Burroughs.
    Even with substituting fresh lemon juice by bottled one and maple syrup with organic honey you will get great results if you commit yourself to respecting all the guidelines. However, doing the detox diet with respecting the fresh ingredients rule will get you even further.
    Remember, it’s best if you start on your days off or in a vacation even. Drink lots of water (which should be an everyday rule) and nothing worthwhile comes without sacrifice. Be patient and good luck.

  • Hello I’m getting ready to start my master cleanser today. I have all the ingredients except the lemons. If I use the lemon juice will it do the same as the organic lemons.

  • I am going to begin the master cleanse this Saturday. I have two questions, can I use lemon juice from the bottle if it says fresh squeezed juice, will this affect the diet if I use it. Can I use bottled water, or does it have to be filtered.

  • Hello I’m so ready to start can I use lemon juice in the bottle or not please get back.

  • hello i want to do da master cleanse can i use jus organic lemons or regular lemons or just real lemon juice nd organic maple surp

  • I confirm ! They are Right. le boin coin is a nice pattern.

  • Hello. I have to jump start my summer “eat well” Last time I did this cleanse it was 10 years ago. I am very much overdue. It is just not that yummy, however, the results were great, I did it at the same time I have all of the amalgam and dis similiar metals removed from my teeth. I felt great and lost over 50 lbs. I got pregnant a few months after losing the weight and then three major back surgeries later I am 30 lbs from being over 200lbs again and at 5 feet 2 inches tall…that is just not what I want to do and certainly does not help my back. So here I go…back on the cleanse and it seems to prepare my appetite for a eating better. I will keep you informed. It was very helpful and I am excited. Lets get thirty lbs lighter, not bigger. Thank you for publishing this
    rah rah plan. It is wonderful! I do sub the maple syrup for molasses and that is the only change I made.

  • Starting it tomro Really excited but scared i really want to get to the body i want by june im 122 rite noww getin the stuff needed tonitee!!!!! Go0od luck to the people who are also starting:)))))

  • Hi I’m a young college student and i want to lose a couple of pounds for the new year I’m considering starting the master cleanse but i am a college student in the city and can’t afford organic lemon juice or organic maple syrup. are there any substitutes that i can use to stay in my small budget! help me please i really would hate to spend the rest of my 20?s over weight 🙁

  • today is the first day im starting the master cleanse i want to see if i can go for 40 days

  • heyy im using lemon juice in a bottle . is that ohkay ? email me back at

    the 0’s are zeros

  • I started a detox cleanse on Monday 2/7. I didn’t know I was suppose to use real lemons, I use lemon juice. Did the bottle juice not give me the benefit that I needed. I will start on the real lemon juice tommorrow.

  • add 1 cup of sugar 1 cup of water 1 cup of lemon juice 1 cup of cold water and put the water in the piecer and next put the lemon juice in the piecer with sugar and that is the best lemonade ever

  • hi there firstly i thank you for this wonderful health reform im really hyped up to use this system to detox my body and loss some weight i have a small problem i live in brazil and have looked for maple syrup but am unable to finde any only the syrup made from sugar cane having read your article this is a no no but how about me substituting with wild honey as that is plentiful here thanking dou douglas hunt

  • Hello! I was so eager to begin the Master Cleanse today, and had myself mentally prepared and everything… but, as I begin to create the ‘Lemonade’ – I realized that I accidentally purchased Grade A Maple Syrup!! 🙁
    Is it ok to substitute a different Grade of Maple Syrup?
    Please advise!?

  • I am starting the cleanse today and I have 2 questions: Can you chew gum (or mints)? Can you also drink plain water in between drinking the lemonade mixture?

  • One of the main things that I notice when reading is grammatical errors. If the person who writes an article does not know the difference between your and you’re, then I tend to think this person knows even less.

    For your credibility, you might want to have someone edit the front page of this website for such errors. People already think this cleanse is questionable (which I do not), and such errors make that perception worse.

  • I started the diet this morning. But because we live out of town on a farm, i had to substitute a few things. I’m going to town tomorrow and will buy the proper ingredients. I have substituted the maple for golden syrup, and cayene pepper for Ground ginger. We have lemon trees in our garden…so i squeezed a few this morning, and we have bore water, which i boiled….will this make much of a difference to start with till i can get the right ingredients? Not sure how i’m going to get past the first day, the aftertaste does make you shiver a bit….is it ok to chew gum? What about muscle loss when doing the detox? Can i drink a protein shake a day to maintain my muscle?

  • I’m going to be starting the Master Cleanse on Saturday. I’m sure I’ll be back here for more information. Wish me luck!!!

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