No Bowel Movements on the Master cleanse

Today I got a question about a lack of bowel movements while on the Master Cleanse…

Today’s my fourth day on the master cleanse, but I don’t seem to be making any bowel movements, it’s really frustrating, I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong, I read your book many times to figure out why am I constipated but it didn’t mention anything about that, I know it’s one of the side effects, but I still will appreciate it if you have any suggestions, thank you.

Not everyone eliminates pounds and pounds of solid waste on the Master Cleanse. For many people their bowel movements are mostly liquid so do feel like Master Cleanse cleanse isn’t working because your body is still cleansing itself.

Here are some Tips For Eliminating Waste During The Master Cleanse


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  • Hey so on day 1 of the master cleanse I had very loose bowel movements the first day and then continued with the lemonade concentrate for the rest of the day. I am also drinking coffee with flavored creamer in the morning just because I need it. The second day I didn’t have any bowel movements just peed about maybe four times in a day. I did drink some regular water as well.

    Is there anything you would suggest I do to change so I get the FULL EFFECTS of the plan?
    Take out the coffee with flavored creamer?
    Include spring water and not tap water from the faucet?

    Thank you

  • I have been on the Dr. Oz 3Day Detox cleans and Nuthing but gas.this is day two. How long does it take to have a for this cleanse to work?

  • It’s day 3 for me nd I lost 7 lbs… I stopped having a bm too

  • I am also swollen and have not lost any weight.

  • Hello
    Can any one please help me? I been on the master cleanse for 6 days and the smooth move is not really working also I only get butt pee after the swf. Every since I was born I suffered with constipation could that be the problem?

  • Hi I have been on the cleanse for the past 4 days and I have not experienced many bowel movements. I have had 1 for each of the past 3 days with very little “output”, but none today. I have urinated a few times, maybe 4 times per day. Is this normal considering the amount of liquids I am consuming as well as the laxatives? Also, my stomach burns. What can I do about that? Thanks for your urgent feedback.

  • I have been on the master cleanse for three days and I still havent had a bowel movement. I work at night so when I get off I just do the salt water flush. I know im doing the cleanser right beause I have read the book over an over. So can somebody please let me know what’s going on because its been real hard not to eat anything for three days. I been feeling light headed, having very bad headaches, and nausea. I really hope this wasn’t a waste of time.

  • Ive tried taking the salt water flush but cant finish it without bringing some back up then dont do a movement and im worried i will get high blood pressure this way so i have just tried the laxitive tea morning and night but i still havent had a movent so im a bit worried about whats happening with the toxins in my body?

  • i would like to start the master cleanse… if i start will all ill be doing is using the restroom?

  • I am on day 5 of the master cleanse and doing good. Feel like I can do the ten days now.
    Did the salt water flush today as it was the only day I could as I have to work during the week, but will do it again on the weekend. IT was tough to get down but well worth it, also used the laxitive tea at night. It works in 12 hours for me..

  • I am technically on day two with two day leading into it.I haven’t had any food at all for these four days. I started using the sea salt flush on the first day and again today and have used the laxative at night. I still have not had an elimination at all, even with the salt water flush( just expelled liquids). I did drink a small glass of prune juice this evening but am worried that I should be doing something by now.I have had horrible headaches and aches and pains in back and legs. I have felt awful. And have to admit I succumbed to taking a ibuprofen for the pain, which I know was the last thing I should have done, but I figure I will just stay on the cleanse a few extra days if that helped get me through the first two hard day. Everyone says it is better after that. I must really be toxic if it hurt that awful…tongue is white and nasty but luckily the hunger attacks have pretty much gone away. Hoping there will be less pain tomorrow. I feel like it is going well except for the bowel movement…not sure if that is normal or not. Sure would like some input on that part.

  • hi, i ask u abt master cleanse, can i use maple syrup grade A plz tel me, thankx

  • Nancy, you should be doing the salt water flush each morning especially if you aren’t producing bowel movements. You aren’t going to get the detox benefits if you can’t eliminate. The salt water flush works wonders. Are you using the laxative tea at night? I did the salt water flush on the 2nd and 3rd day but after that I noticed the evening laxative tea was doing the trick by itself. Good luck to you!

  • Thank you Raylen I will definitely try out the tips you suggested, it’s my 6th day on the cleanse and still no bowel movement but I’m going to stick to it till the end for 10 days. Another thing I wanted to ask you was do you think I should do the cleanse for more than 10 days since I’m not eliminating anything? I’m doing this for weight loss so I really do want to lose atleast 10 lbs. Please let me know thank you.

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