No Bowel Movements on the Master cleanse

by Raylen on October 3, 2011

Today I got a question about lack of bowel movements while on the Master Cleanse…

Hey Raylen, today’s my fourth day on the master cleanse, but I don’t seem to be making any bowel movements, it’s really frustrating, I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong, I read your book many times to figure out why am I constipated but it didn’t mention anything about that, I know it’s one of the side effects, but I still will appreciate it if you have any suggestions, thank you.

Not everyone eliminates pounds and pounds of solid waste on the Master Cleanse. For many people their bowel movements are mostly liquid so do feel like Master Cleanse cleanse isn’t working because your body is still cleansing itself.

Here’s some Tips For Eliminating Waste During The Master Cleanse


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