How To Feel Better Fast

Do you ever find yourself walking around stuck in a state of depression? When you slip into bad mood that you can’t seem to shake it’s like the whole world is conspiring to make you miserable – little things that wouldn’t normally bother you are like nails on the chalk board of your soul.

Not only that, but your foul mood starts to rubs off on everyone around you. Now you have a bunch of angry, depressed, feeling-sorry-for-yourself, people all feeding off each other.

It really stinks!

It’s at this point that some people go running to their doctor for a prescription depression drug which really isn’t necessary because there’s some very easy things you can do that will snap you out of a depressed state, and make you feel better fast.

So if you want to…

  • Get out of a bad mood
  • Feel better in the morning
  • Just feel better about today

You can do that almost instantly when you understand something called “Physiology”.

When you learn to master your physiology you’ll have complete control over your emotional state. You can also use these powerful techniques to snuff out food cravings if you’re doing the master cleanse and find yourself constantly thinking about food.

The video below covers a beginners technique (that’s simple, but still extremely effective). For the more advanced material you need to go to this website > There’s another free video on that site, as well as a DVD which I personally own and love, that I suggest you pick up if you want to learn how to feel better fast.

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  • ive already blabbed in the maple syrup blog but…i just wanted to add a little about the struggle of hunger…im on day 7 of 10 (down 15) and ive had to cook meals everyday, allday for my kids & hubby..but what gets me through the want is to realize that its not the last time i’ll ever cook shrimp and angelhair pasta!..OR that its not the last cookie on the earth and when im done i can have one…NOT ONE DOZEN..but one. our family eats fairly healthy but ive always been overweight and i’ve really realized how scary it is to put all that stuff back in my body!..I know that i can never eat goodies without it making me prob feel worse than not having any!…anyways..its been good to know that i met my challenge (i give up alot) and ive done it!! i think its fair to say that if you cant finish this cleanse…you didnt want it bad enough!!.. GOOD LUCK!! you’ll need it!! jk:]

  • Hi Ashlea
    I am on day 8 but still none of that black/stuff everyone talks about. So its going good but a little frustrated. Keep it up!

  • Hello! I am doing the master cleanse too!! I’m going to be on day 4 tomorrow!! How is yours going??

  • Hi Raylen,
    I am about to start the mastercleanser tomorow the 13th of june 09! i am really looking forward to it cos this is my first time!in the past 6yrs, i have gained over 10kg and i am now almst obesed. Really getting scared!i am realy hoping i can sucessfuly start and complete dis diet and loose alot of weight and also maintain it!I got ur guide and all. any more advice for me?
    Is there any one currently doing this mastercleanser diet?
    i need alll the encouragement i can get!
    Hoping to share a great testimony of my weight loss.

  • I just started the cleanse. I am only on day one and I am already having issues. I am really excited about doing this cleanse! I know that it will work wonders for me if I can get through it. I am a person that suffers from chronic constipation and and all the bloating and cramping that comes with it. Im hoping that if I can be successful this I will feel better. My problem is I HATE the lemonade! I hate it so much that it makes me nauseous when I drink it. It tastes awful to me … is this something I should suffer through or is there something else I can do. I am at a loss here…. PLEASE HELP!

  • Hi Raylen,
    I want you to know how much I apprecaite your website and blog! I started the Master Cleanse again today–YIPEE. I thought I’d mention that I am posting on my blog daily in case anyone else is on the cleanse at this time and wants to feel like they’re not the only person in the world doing it. Here’s my address: I did the MC in January and gained so much strength from it and I just KNOW that it will be just as good this time. 🙂
    I also appreciate your posting my comment earlier about how BodyTalk saved my life. I cannot encourage folks enough to check out BodyTalk for your health care needs. Get more information on BodyTalk at:
    Keep sharing the good news Raylen,

  • I have one question… Is it okay to chew gum while on the master cleanse?? I’ve found chewing gum takes my mind off of food…

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